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Light Bites & Drinks

Light Bites & Drinks

Featuring Yoogane (Bugis Junction), [CLOSED] The Laneway Market, Vanilla Bar & Café, Sofra Turkish Cafe & Restaurant, The Pine Garden (Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10), Braseiro, Grand Shanghai Restaurant, Kai Sushi & Grill, Grand Hyatt, Satay Club (Lau Pa Sat)
Thiam Peng Tan
Thiam Peng Tan
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Looked totally unlike the photo. We thought they'd be battered and deep-fried, but they're normal meatballs. We thought it'd be nacho cheese, but see for yourself. Wasted.

Coffee-flavoured cake, coffee cream and rose perfume. Average and not among my Pine Garden favourites.

Very happy that it's real watermelon. Slightly suspicious there's syrup added.

First thing to strike you is the mere three lettuce leaves - the focus of this salad is obviously in the bowl. Medley of oyster, king, shimeiji, button and fried enoki mushrooms. The soft-boiled egg made it perfect. Very nice to wrap the salad in the leaves too!

Diced potato with chilli bak kwa and krispy frostee, which is their crispy pork floss. For once, the bak kwa was really the star, and surprisingly so, since I assumed I'd dislike the chilli.

An interesting tapas. In keeping with the theme, they've replaced the cutlet in a katsu with bak kwa. Using their "gourmet fusion" variety, which is a mix of pork hind and pork belly, but instead of barbecued, it's more like ham. It's deep-fried and it's sweet so it's difficult not to please.

Complimentary. Pork hind and pork belly fusion. Possibly the best bak kwa I've eaten. Also, proof that you should always eat bak kwa hot.

Never tried such a flavour (then again I'm not a bubble tea fanatic). It was sweet through and through. Just imagine pouring chrysanthemum tea and milk tea together. It could be your thing or it could be an unholy alliance.

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One of their totally mindblowing snacks. People go crazier over inferior brands. This remains modest.

Voracious foodie who often doesn't snap photos of his food, making him a bad Burppler.

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