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Featuring WANTON Seng's Noodle Bar, City Hot Pot Shabu Shabu (One Raffles Place), Ah Ter Teochew Fishball Noodle Bar, Beauty in The Pot (KINEX), Shi Li Fang (Orchard Central), Nan Hwa Chong Fish Head Steamboat Corner, G7 Sin Ma Claypot Live Frog (Upper Bukit Timah), Kowloon Bay HK Cafe, Qi Wei Ji Bao, Peach Garden Fine Chinese Dining (OCBC Centre)
Jerlin Tan
Jerlin Tan

For the 2nd serving, we top up $5 for cutting the duck. The waitress wrapped the duck skin which save us the hassle. The duck wrap is not bad but we still ranked Tunglok Irish duck No 1.
#PeachGarden #Burpple #RoastedPekingDuck

We ordered set A (Lobster Salad, Pan-fried Foie Gras in Cantonese Style and Deep-fried Bean Skin Roll with Prawn & Seaweed) and set B (Lobster Salad, it comes with their Chilled Abalone with Plum Sauce, plated with the Fried Crispy Egg Plant with Pork Floss). Great taste though lobster portion is very little. The surprise item is the fried crispy egg plant which I thought it's french fries!
#PeachGarden #LobsterSet #Burpple

I even bet with him that if it is genuine, he gotta treat me steak and if it's not, I gotta treat him steamboat. I won in the end.✌🏼We ordered 2 roasted chicken @ $1.70++ each (u.p. $68++) which was cheaper than the tea 😂. The portion looks little but surprising we were full after we finished the chicken & wrap. We even joked that the chicken used were spring chicken cos there's not a lot of meat.
#PeachGarden #RoastedChickenInPekingDuckStyle #Burpple

Tunglok Xihe duck is from Ireland's Silver Hill Farm which is known as the "Wagyu of duck". Loved the 3 methods of eating the duck especially dipping the crispy duck skin into the blueberry sauce & popping rocks dip. 🥰 The Braised Spinach Beancurd with monkey head mushroom is surprisingly delicious but the rest are mediocre hence the minus 1/2 ⭐. There are 4 methods to cook the remaining duck meat and we chose the cereals method. The meat became a bit hard after cooking twice and the bones make it relatively messy for consuming.
#TunglokXihePekingDuck #Burpple #Chopesg #PekingIrishDuck #BraisedSpinachBeancurdWithMonkeyHeadMushroom #PanFriedBun #PanFriedDumpling #BraisedLionHeadMeatball

I have been keeping count of the steamboat affair with WB cos I promise him one steamboat every quarter, but this is the 5th steamboat we had this year. 🙄 WB rated this 5/5 cos as long as it's steamboat. 🤦
#ShiLiFang #Hotpot #Burpple


Ordered 5 since buy 3 get 2 free, only 2 sauce to choose from so we had both 姜葱 & 宫保 and we ate till song song.
#G7Sinma #FrogPorridge #Burpple

Brought WB here as he loves hot pot, sort of compromising with him since I told him no steamboat for the next 3 mths. We ordered the small portion Ang Go Li and kang kong which is just right for 2 pax. The soup was flavourful and MSG free. 😋
#Burpple #NanHuaChang #FishheadSteamboat

The ingredients are quite standard but the Wagyu beef has slight gamey smell which I dislike. The only consolation is the instant noodle is extremely chewy, I wondered which brand did they use.
#Burpple #BurppleBeyond #CityHotPotShabuShabu #WagyuBeefSet

Redeem 1 for 1 using Burpple Beyond otherwise original price of $22.30 per set is extremely pricey.
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