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Featuring Park Bench Deli, Fuel Plus+, Two Men Bagel House (Icon Village), Drury Lane, Shake Shack (Jewel Changi Airport), Earlybird, Morganfield's (VivoCity), Burger+, Potato Corner ([email protected]), Schmear
Michell Devina
Michell Devina

I like the truffle cheese fries more than the cheese fries. Cheese fries was too ‘jelat’. It’s good for sharing, i doubt you can finish it all by your own if you’re having other dishes too..

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New burger joint in town! Tbh, I was abit skeptical at first but wow the buns got me in it. It’s so soft and to my liking. Bulgogi burger was unique and great, better than the cheese burger. Maybe because there are too many other competitors for good cheese burgers. Love that they also serve mustard as one of the condiments.

Savoury and salty with juicy burger patty. 💦
Might choose this over the Shackstack occasionally.

A Jumbo size for this one at $1 (thanks to the Fave promo). Totally worth it.

Love the thick truffle taste! Fries are fried to perfection too.. i mean, can't go wrong with thin fries right? What more a truffle flavoured one.

Generous portion of all time fav weekend brunch dish - the TRUFFLE FRIES. 🍟

Looks good on the menu but pretty disappointed with the actual presentation. Taste wise is ok. But pricing is a little steep for such a simple sandwich. One might probably get more utility from buying Subway.

Authentic NY style bagel right here in SG!
I love the bagel that's crispy on the outside, yet chewy on the inside. 🥯

One of the pioneers of Singapore’s cafes. Love the breakfast fix.

Nicely toasted sandwich with generous portion of fillings + cheese 🧀

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