Dairy Free Treats

Dairy Free Treats

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Daisy S.
Daisy S.

Got 2 dairy free sorbets - Elderflower Mojito and Mango & Blood Orange. Both were a tad too sweet, and the mojito one a bit too tart for my liking

Fresh fruit slushie. Yummy! Enjoyed the tartness of the green mango, but I think lots of sugar was added to balance out the sourness...

So Starbucks launched a new non dairy milk alternative today - oat milk. Super excited as I've been waiting for this forever. Oat milk probably tastes the best out of all the dairy alternatives available (the others being soy and coconut). It's rich and creamy, yum 😋

I love how Arabica offers a variety of lesser seen non dairy milks. Tried both the almond and oat milk lattes in size tall. The almond milk had a naturally slightly sweet finish, while the oat milk was really creamy and smooth.
I'd come back, but man the lines are long. Now if only Starbucks offers more options than soy and coconut (yuck 😖) milk.


Mini Blueberry and Mango Sweet Bon Bons ($10.90 each). Layers of fruit juice granita/sorbet, non dairy whipped cream and fresh fruit. Delish, light and refreshing! We wanted the cherry and grape flavours, but they're not in season. We'll be back to try the rest of the flavours, and get the full sized version instead!

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Yellow Box honey, honey jelly and aloe vera with a sparkling finish. Delish! The store lets u sample the honeys, and I went with Yellow Box as it had a clean, simple taste, rather than one of the more complex ones. Reminded me of honey from the honey bear squeeze bottles of childhood 🧸

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Dairy free dragonfruit soft serve, made from pure fruit. Delish and refreshing! They have a dairy free mango flavour too, which is next on my list to try. From the bazaar pop up outside Tampines station.

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The best vegan soft serve I've had in SG! This has an almond milk base, and u can faintly taste the almond flavour mixed in with the chocolate, peanut butter and banana.
The vegan flavour is rotated monthly. I'm going to miss this so much when it's gone! I've already been back three times this month!

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Finally tried something else from the menu besides the chia parfait! Layers of açaí, coconut sorbet, granola and my choice of cookie butter. Delish! This is definitely a lighter option compared to the chia parfait. Love the cacao nibs sprinkled on top!


Light, not too sweet smoothie made with açaí, banana, chia & honey. Yum!

These pearls were really enjoyable! Cocoa flavor was light and really only came through while chewing on the pearls. Got the black tea with 50% sugar, and it wasn’t sweet at all. Will try the honey black tea next time. Cocoa pearls available on Tuesdays only. One of the most affordable bubble teas I’ve had!

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Finally a dairy free milky bubble tea! Was pleasantly surprised at how this turned out. Tea flavour was strong, so the taste of the soy milk was not so apparent. Heard they use only fructose as sweetener, so 50% tastes similar to 25% from other bubble tea brands. Pearls were also smaller than usual, and very chewy. This drink feels healthier than other bubble teas! Don’t feel as guilty indulging 😋

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