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Bryan Soh
Bryan Soh

Order their small bowl ($9) which at first I thought is minced meat noodle which mixing would be better. However, each component of the dish is to be enjoyed individual. I am not sure if there is a name for this noodle but it is great and not found in any restaurant setting but a food court

Had the Tenya Don ($8.50). You can have the option of more or less rice at +-$0.50. All the tempera is cooked to order and it is not bad. I felt that the rice is a little dry and should have some sauce in it to complement the dryness from the tempera.

Overall, great dish for a $8.50 meal at orchard

Ordered the Karaka-men but I couldn't taste any flavour or umami other than spicyness. Probably wouldn't come here again

Ordered the Chicken Stew Only Rice ($13.90) and Tamago-En Oyako Don ($12.90).

The egg from the Omu Rice had lots of flavour. However, I felt that having Chicken Stew is quite confusing. It seems like Chinese mixing with Japanese and this fusion is like confusion.

The Don was moist and chicken was tender hence no complain.

Ordered the Truffle Yakiniku ($18) and it was delicious. Japanese Pearl Rice was used which give the meal a sweet flavour and the beef meat was delicious.

However, I felt that the portion was small and was expecting more for $18

Booked more than 1 month in advance and when I came, they mentioned that my name is not on their record. We were offered counter seat which we relectantly accept. After 20mins later, was offered a table seat probably due to no show or customer cannot make it.

Item was limited compared to other Japanese Sashimi Buffet which is understandable due to cheaper in price but service was slow. Throughout our dining experience, we wait more than our actual eating time. Good thing we went during lunch time. If it's dinner, meal is limited to 2hrs per table. With such slow service, I wonder how they able to handle dinner crowd

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Not sure what is the name but I had the Pork Katsu With Omelette Noodle ($7.90) and it is better that expected. At first, I thought like it would be just meh but I was wrong. The pork katsu was thin in batter but thick in meat. Also, the omelette and noodle was good. I didn't expect a supermarket food to be that nice.

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After so long, I finally am back to try the Keisuke at Bugis and I had the autumn ramen. Ramen is cheap and not bad.

Usually, I would have broth ramen. However, my friend wanted to try this restaurant and they are known for their Mazesoba. Mazesoba is basically dried ramen and they used soya sauce as their sauce to bring flavour to the ramen.

I ordered the original Mazesoba ($9.80) and the noodle is thick. The sauce is flavourful and it feel like I'm eating minced meat noodle.

They also provide a small amount of rice for you to mix around with the sauce available after eating the ramen

One of the must go place to have a sashimi buffet and what's more 4 for the price of 3 for lunch.

Initially, when I learnt about there is Keisuke in Jcube, I was expecting it to be a shop itself. Hence, my friends and I decided to go there. However, it turns out to be a small stall inside Don Don Donki and it does not have the free flow egg and beansprout which is what I associate Keisuke with. Hence, I decided to go to a stall called Do:Ton and get their Pork Okonomiyaki with Rice (6.90+1.50=$8.40).

I was surprised that the portion was quite huge with that price point. The Okonomiyaki was cooked with enough charred and sauce. Given the location and price point, I would say that it is a delicious yet affordable meal.

Had the Black Tonkotsu Ramen ($8.60) and as usual, it doesn't disappoint me with the thick charred pork slices.

Although it is stated they closed at 8.30pm, I only reached and only ordered about 8.28pm and they opened all the way till 9pm.

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