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Taste the freshness of the finest ingredient from Japan
Bryan Soh
Bryan Soh
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Was recommended by my friends about this Ramen Stall and it was my first time trying and it surely didn't disappoint.

I ordered the Tonkotsu Ramen Summer which is the spicy broth and the spiciness sure give a kick. The noodle is also springy. In addition, there offered free flow marinated bean sprout and half boiled egg.

We ordered 3 x Tonkotsu Ramen Summer (2 of it with Ajitsuke Tamago: Japanese Soft Boiled Egg) for $53.79.

I would come back again and try their Tonkotsu Ramen Autumn for their bonito flavoured broth with three varieties of mushrooms.

First time trying from this eateries and turns out to be great. There are generous amount of slightly charred Salmon and Aburi slices with the rice shaped in a circle underneath all of it.

They had $2 off for all the don so needed to pay $14.90 for it. The price state is net prices with no hidden cost.

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The only Sashimi buffet in JB. I would like to compliment one of the server who was attentive and helped us ask the kitchen staff to customize our order such as Mentai Nigiri without the rice.

The oyster, salmon sashimi etc are fresh too.

Such an affordable buffet should not be missed and should be at least try once.

Went with my friends to enjoy their 1 for 1 60 mins promotion buffet (U.P. $24.90) with each diner has to buy the additional drinks top up for $1.90++.

What is the difference between this buffet from other buffets is instead of having a large tub of ice cream for each customers to scope themselves, they allowed customers to take as many of the individual cup of ice cream. What's more, the quality of those ice cream is not those cheap quality but of good quality which you wouldn't expect in a buffet like this.

We ordered a total of 10 x pork, 10 x beef, 5 chicken & other vegetables and processed food from the self service bar.

The quality of meat is so good that I kept on eating not because is a buffet to get my money worth, but it's worth the quality.

We spent a total of $67.56 after the discount for 4 pax which is worth it.

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Ordered the Salmon Cream Omurice ($15.99) and I really liked the salmon. The portion of salmon given is generous. Downside of it was the rice that was covered with the omu egg. The rice should be drenched with cream and mixed before serving or have a sauce to mixed with as it is kind of bland. Overall, it is still great with the amount paid.

Other than the entree, they had free flow of appetizers to enjoy while waiting for entree. The Tofu Donut and Chicken & Kinoko Nabe were the dishes that stand out from the rest.

Additional $2.99 if customers wish to enjoy their free flow of soft serve yoghurt and flavoured drinks but hot & cold water is free.

Food is still consistent with all the time I have eaten in here. Tender meat and clear soup with runny egg yolk to enhance the udon.

Brought my friends along and they were introducing me to Takagi Ramen and Keisuke (which have free flow egg and bean sprouts). Waiting for them to invite me.

2nd time trying from this stall & this time, brought along my friend to introduce him the udon which I was enthusiastic about and it sure didn't disappoint him too.

I ordered their specialty Special Tonkotsu Udon whereas my friend ordered the spicy version which is Tonkotsu Red Ramen. The taste is still as good as I had previously which the meat is juicy and tender. I like how they keep the food consistent. I tried my friend's Tonkotsu Red soup and the spiciness really give you a kick and flavourful.

Went to this restaurant recommended by my friends. While waiting for seats, there are complimentary drinks and snacks outside.

Each dishes is presented very elegant. What surprised me the most is how large the oyster is. The oyster is almost the size of my palm. The oyster is fresh and juicy.

The sashimi was also great too. The salmon and tuna slices are very thick. It is equivalent to 2 piece of the usual slices in other restaurant.

For $6.90, the taste of the udon was exquisite. In my opinion, it is better the some of the Ramen Chain I know like Ajisen. The broth is clear and not salty. The 3 pieces of pork slices is fried perfectly. It was so flavourful and packs a punch. The egg yolk from the onsen egg blends well with the broth.

I highly recommend everyone to try this stall if anyone is around Bukit Timah and finding a place to enjoy a meal


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