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Bryan Soh
Bryan Soh

Had a staycation nearby and my friend suggested to try this restaurant. I ordered the Karubi Set 300g ($19.80), my father had Like Quattro Set 400g ($25.80) while my mother had Pork & Chicken Set 300g ($16.80).

The beef I had is thin which makes it cook faster and the marination is flavourful. The kimchi and soup was on the sweet side which is good to balance the savourness from the meat. Downside is the grilling pan is quite small so can only cook a few meat at a time.

The chicken is just thigh which I do not think is anything special. Overall, is a great meal and I would definitely would want to come again.

Had the Misato Oyakodon Set ($17.90), Sudachi Cha ($17.90), Matcha Bavarois ($9.90) & Sanshoku Warabi Mochi ($10.90).

The Oyakodon was eggy and has the rice used is short grain rice which is delicious.

Sudachi Cha is lime soba with a bunny radish on top. It is a creative idea which my friend liked it. I am not a person who eat cold dish as a main so not my cup of tea.

Matcha Bavarois is like a pudding which is delicious.

Lastly, had the Mochi which they made it themselves. The Mochi is like clear whitish and quite slippery to eat with the utensils provided. Would suggested they provide metal work instead. The matcha was my favourite with the bitterness of the matcha taste.

Spent a total of $66.62 which I find it worth for the quality of the food.

Ordered the Chicken Yuzu Chasoba, Teriyaki Chicken & Onsen Egg Plate, Maccha, Maccha Latte, Maccha House's Canapé Desserts. All of them is of good quality and live up to it price.

There is a pair set meal discount where if you order 2 mains, 2 drinks and 1 dessert, you will enjoy $10 off. We took up the deal and spent only $38

Tried their last season ramen which is the winter ramen ($10.90). I find that the broth is not as strong as I expect.

Honestly, out of all the 4 different seasons, I think this is my least favourite.

Had the Salmon Cream and Seafood Tomato Omu Rice. Both dishes are not bad and the egg is as usual the highlight

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Ordered their seafood ramen which consist of big prawns and snow crab for only ($19.90) which I find it quite worth for that price and seafood is fresh

Ordered the Tomato Cream Omu Rice ($14.50) & Beef Stew Omu Rice ($16.80) and I find the egg although in both dishes are fluffy, the egg in Beef Stew is not season enough hence lack of flavour. However, I still think is a great dish overall

Order their small bowl ($9) which at first I thought is minced meat noodle which mixing would be better. However, each component of the dish is to be enjoyed individual. I am not sure if there is a name for this noodle but it is great and not found in any restaurant setting but a food court


Had the Tenya Don ($8.50). You can have the option of more or less rice at +-$0.50. All the tempera is cooked to order and it is not bad. I felt that the rice is a little dry and should have some sauce in it to complement the dryness from the tempera.

Overall, great dish for a $8.50 meal at orchard

Ordered the Karaka-men but I couldn't taste any flavour or umami other than spicyness. Probably wouldn't come here again

Ordered the Chicken Stew Only Rice ($13.90) and Tamago-En Oyako Don ($12.90).

The egg from the Omu Rice had lots of flavour. However, I felt that having Chicken Stew is quite confusing. It seems like Chinese mixing with Japanese and this fusion is like confusion.

The Don was moist and chicken was tender hence no complain.

Ordered the Truffle Yakiniku ($18) and it was delicious. Japanese Pearl Rice was used which give the meal a sweet flavour and the beef meat was delicious.

However, I felt that the portion was small and was expecting more for $18

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