Taste the freshness of the finest ingredient from Japan
Bryan Soh
Bryan Soh

I ordered their set lunch menu which consist of an entree & drinks. For their entree, I ordered their Oroshi Miso Hamburg & Matcha Latte.

The rice offered is brown rice which is a healthy option which is good for health conscious people. The Hamburger steak is not bad too. However, the miso sauce was quite salty. I think it would be better if they could put the sauce aside in a bowl when serving instead of on the hamburger patty itself. The Matcha Latte is very authentic and good.

On weekday, their set lunch is $13.90++ which is $16.36 while weekend, eve & public holiday is $14.90++.

It is quite worth it given the quality of their entree & drinks

Had the Volcano Ramen Set ($16.90) which consist of a drink, side dish & ramen itself.

The last time I had Ajisen was when I was in secondary school. Eating at Ajisen brings back the nostalgia feel. The set was quite worth it for people who like to have side dish & drink other than their main dish.

My only issue is that they have gone stingy with the side dish as it was smaller than what I have in the past. Can't really blame them due to inflation.

Overall, it is not bad for a meal.

Ordered the Mountain Monster Curry ($26.80) and the portion is huge. Everything is humongous and delicious. Good for sharing with 2 pax or 3 pax for small eaters. Even their one portion is very filling.

Been trying countless and it has never fall me. I tried their Special Tonkotsu Ramen Red Ramen which is the spicy version.

The meat is charred and has thick cut than those Japanese Ramen Restaurant which I like.

My friend introduced me to this stall that sells Japanese Glutinous Rice.

It is a cheap, light and healthy meal which is good if you are watching what you eat. However, big eater or people who likes lots of flavour should not try this as it will not satisfy their taste bud.

My friends and I wanted to grab dinner at Clarke Quay before heading to drink and decided to try Ramen Keisuke Lobster King since we are around the vicinity.

I ordered the Lobster broth Ramen Clear Soup for 16.36 including service charge and GST.

Overall, I find the the Ramen is lackluster compared to the other Keisuke I have tried. The ingredients is not finely sliced and was lack of flavour.

I would say there is other Ramen which is cheaper but better than this. Hence, I would not suggest this to anyone and would rather head to Chinatown to have dinner instead if you are planning to have a meal before drinking.

I was already Suntec City and decided to get lunch nearby. I suggested to have Keisuke Ramen as it has been people's favourite. We have reached about 12pm and surprised a queue was already with an opening hour of 11.30am. Fortunately, it was just 2 of us and we given counter seat and we ordered Crab Stock Ramen & NIBOSHI Ramen (Japanese Dried Fish Stock) ($13.90) each.

Both the soup have a strong umami flavour which are rich and creamy. However, do note that it can be jelak if eaten often.

As most Keisuke Ramen shop, it comes with free flow eggs & bean sprouts.

Second visit to Misato and first time bringing my friends along. We ordered Chicken Katsu Curry Set ($18.80), Katsudon ($15.90), Okonomiyaki ($15.90) & Matcha Zenzai Mochi ($7.80).

The Chicken From Chicken Katsu is soft and batter is just the right amount without being too thick and heaty. The curry has the right amount of flavour. The Katsudon has a very nice egg aroma and Okonomiyaki has a good amount of season which makes both of them so delicious.

For the Matcha Zenzai Mochi, it is a bit of a disappointment. Previously when I had Grilled Mochi Zenzai, there is a sweet taste in the Mochi. This time, doesn't seems to have it.

I will still go again as the main never disappoint me. Do make reservations in advanced as without it, expect to wait in line about an hour during meal time.

My friends introduced me to this place which every Monday and Thursday, they have a promotion of 5 for $3 after 6pm. We ordered a total of 45 Sashimi and the quality is good.

Do note that reservation is highly recommended. We have booked at 6.30pm when the restaurant opened at 6pm. If not for the booking, we would have to wait for about 5 groups who was waiting in line to go in.

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They are having a daily lunch promotion which every 3 paying adults, the 4th person is free. We had a total of 10 pax and we paid total the price of 8 pax.

There have a plethora of dishes to choose from from Sashimi, Grilled and fried dishes. All the items Make to Order to ensure the freshness or pipping hot.

Other than the usual Sashimi, Nigiri and fried items, one of the premium item they offered was unagi skewer without the rice so that customer can enjoy more of the unagi. Also, they offered Tamagoyaki without rice too.

Usually for a Japanese Cuisine, the highlight would be their Sashimi if there is. However, the star of the show for this case would be the Tamagoyaki. The combination of egg with their sauce is very delicious which makes you want it more and more. I alone had about 30 pieces of Tamagoyaki.

The Unagi was also delicious and I'm able to enjoy it without have to induce it with rice.

After all the hype and opening of a few outlets in all part of Singapore. I finally got to try the ramen with high expectations.

I ordered the Black Tonkotsu ($7.90). The soup is not black as advertised. The broth is lukewarm and barely have the garlic taste. The ramen have a distinct chemical test.

It is average at best and wouldn't give it a try anymore. There is better and cheaper alternative.

After learning about how they emphasized their quality of food by buying most of their ingredients from Japan, I decided to give it a try.

We ordered Teriyaki Salmon Set ($18.90), Misato Ebi Donburi ($16.90), Grilled Mochi Zenzai ($7.80) & Yuzu Citrus ($5.90).

The Salmon it is flaky which I never had seen this kind of texture from a cooked Salmon. It is served with rice, Japanese ginger and miso soup.

Misato Ebi Donburi is topped with fish roe which you don't usually see in a Donburi. The Ebi is handmade instead of bought frozen and it compliments with egg and fish roe well.

I didn't know that the dessert will only be served upon request for this restaurant. I was thinking that grilling Mochi seems like a unique concept but wouldn't be a hit but I was wrong. Grilling the Mochi is much more delicious than I thought.

The Yuzu Citrus was an okay drink.

Overall, I spent a total of $58.15. Given the quality for this price point, it is a very good deal. It is the best Non-Sashimi Japanese Cuisine I every had.

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