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Kopi/ Teh

Kopi/ Teh

Featuring CAFE O (Raffles Holland V), Kopitiam (Velocity), Ah Khoo Kopi Toast (Our Tampines Hub), Heavenly Wang (Changi Airport Terminal 3), Ya Kun Kaya Toast (VivoCity), 1983 Cafe Nanyang (Changi Airport Terminal 2), Ya Kun Kaya Toast (Orchard Central), Ya Kun Kaya Toast (Northpoint City), Toast Box (ChinaTown Point), Fun Toast (Kallang Wave Mall)
Carrie Carrie
Carrie Carrie
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Oh my this cup was soo bitter. And a bit too acidic too. I only took one sip and couldn’t stomach it. I’ve had better at this branch before.

Was horribly disappointed by my Teh at Wang at Taka, so I needed sthg to lift my spirits. Never seen this Toast Box in Velocity before, shd be new I guess? Nice big space with lots of seats.

This Kopi blew me away. I didn’t expect much, since I’m a Ya Kun fan, which is not very consistent either. This cup got strong Kopi taste, not very sweet and everything was just right. Very hot too. I must come back again.

It wasn’t particular strong even thou I asked for gao. But it was good enough that I drank the whole cup.

This was watery and bland. I would be sure to order Gao from this outlet next time.

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This place was quieter than Ya Kun downstairs. This cup of Teh was very good, not too sweet but with rich tea taste. Nice place to sit and relax, but towards the end of my visit, the door leading to the outside was opened and remained that way, letting in smoke from the outside. I gulped down my last mouthful and beat a hasty retreat.

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A very popular place with the local residents. This kopi o had a strong smoky taste.

681 Punggol Drive
B1-10/11/12 Oasis Terraces
Singapore 820681
Tel: 65134381

An oasis in the heart of the city. This Ya Kun boasts beautiful views of Orchard Rd and lovely sofa seats. Come Christmas, this place will be awesome. Still a hidden gem, come before everyone in Singapore finds out. Kopi was good and strong. Excellent as usual.

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This must be one of the worst kopi I’ve ever tried. It was hot yes, but the kopi taste was sooo weak. Sweet too. Like sweet diluted kopi water.

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Hubby complained this was over cooked, but it was just right for me. Nice and warm too.

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This was really quite nice. A big dollop of egg mayo inside. But it was only in the centre, so I had to open it to spread the egg mayo out more evenly. Once I did that, the amt didn’t seem a lot. I liked the slice of crisp lettuce.

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I ordered the egg mayo sandwich set and didn’t know half Boiled eggs were not included in the set. Two eggs cost $1.80. I didn’t like them cos they were room temperature bordering on cold. I saw the staff dunk the eggs in hot water before serving me. And the shells were warm when I cracked them open. But inside was not warm at all. Very disappointed.


They warmed it up for me so it tasted really good. Even better when I giapped it in the egg mayo sandwich.


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