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Kopi/ Teh

Kopi/ Teh

Featuring Tangs Market, CAFE O (Raffles Holland V), Kopitiam (Velocity), Ah Khoo Kopi Toast (Our Tampines Hub), Nanyang Old Coffee (Chinatown), Heavenly Wang (Changi Airport Terminal 3), 1983 Cafe Nanyang (Changi Airport Terminal 2), Toast Box (ChinaTown Point), Ya Kun Kaya Toast (Orchard Central), Ya Kun Kaya Toast (Northpoint City)
Carrie Carrie
Carrie Carrie
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There was no need to order Kopi C cos Kopi was already milky enough. Good coffee taste. Sweetness level just nice.

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Ya Kun’s Kopi Siu Siu Dai was getting too bitter for me these days, so I decided to get Kopi C. It was really good. This cup was slightly acidic but good Kopi taste. Milky enough to offset the bitterness of the Kopi.

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Lately been in love with yuan yang since I tried it at Xin Wang HK cafe. Ya Kim’s version had a stronger coffee taste than Xin Wang, which I prefer.

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A bit too raw for me but they were fresh.

This was very bitter and very sweet. I didn’t like it at all.

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Bread was nicely toasted and the peanut butter had a wonderful roasted flavor to it. On the watery side but thick on nuttiness.

I’m really starting to like Kopi from toast box. Siu Siu Dai wasn’t bitter and I liked the milkiness of it. Wasn’t sweet either.


Good strong coffee with just the right level of sweetness. Very hot. 👍🏻

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The cups seemed to be getting smaller, or was the price getting higher... nevertheless, this was a good cup of Teh. On the milky side today, but not sweet. Nice and hot.

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Good strong Kopi with slight bitterness. There were people smoking at the outside tables but fortunately they have an air con interior that was surprisingly cosy and cooling. No smoke smell inside at all.

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Didn’t ask for Siu Siu Dai but it was also bland. Half the metal container was ice. So after a bit of chatting, the ice melted and it tasted like cold water. No biscuits for this one.

Not much tea taste. Too bland for me. They did give a biscuit thou.

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