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Featuring New Ubin Seafood (Hillview), JB Ah Meng, IKEA Restaurant (Alexandra), Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao (Holland Village), Tian Wai Tian Fishhead Steamboat (Serangoon), Chin Chin Eating House, Ellenborough Market Café, Berseh Food Centre, Ming Chung Restaurant, Swee Kee Eating House
Gladys Tan
Gladys Tan
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I usually order the signature sliced fish noodles soup whenever I go to Swee Kee Eating House (aka Ka-Soh), but I decided to try out other items on the menu this time round. Ka-Soh Signature Pork Ribs ($9.50) remind me of a more flavourful version of Ding Tai Feng’s pork cutlet. It comes with a sweet dark sauce dip at the side which complements the savouriness of the juicy pork ribs. Pretty pleased with my new find at Ka-Soh:)!

I usually order the signature sliced fish noodles soup whenever I go to Swee Kee Eating House (aka Ka-Soh), but I decided to try out other items on the menu this time round. Ka-Soh Signature San Lou Hor Fun ($10.50) is a simple dish of hor fun stir fried with bean sprout and fish slices, but the taste is on point. It is super wok-heiy and garlicky, and the fish slices are very fresh. Pretty pleased with my new find at Ka-Soh:)!

I’ve been wanting to try The Salted Plum for the longest time ever and I finally managed to make a reservation on a weekday night💪🏻
The star of the night is definitely Joey’s Lala ($10), which is lala (clams) stir fried with Taiwanese pesto and pork croutons. The pesto is super fragrant and addictive - we polished every bit of that delish sauce. So good!
The Braised Cabbage with Bamboo Shoots and Minced Pork ($10) come off as slightly salty at first, but the strong flavours grew on me and it turned out to be a great match with the velvety sweet potato congee ($3). I like that the bamboo shoot did not have a weird earthy taste and its crunchiness complemented the soft cabbage. .
The Oyster Omelette ($15) comes with very big and plump oysters that are fresh and not fishy. The Kao Rou or Taiwanese Grilled Pork Belly ($15) is on the sweeter side and I felt that it could be a little softer, though the charred flavour is there. The Lu Rou or Braised Pork Belly ($15) is soft and flavourful, but the cut is a little too fat for my liking. It‘ll be nice if the ratio of fat and lean meat can be more balanced.
Overall, The Salted Plum did a pretty good job reinventing traditional Taiwanese dishes and is worth a try! As the place is usually packed, do come on weekdays instead of weekend (and make a reservation!) to avoid long wait time:)

The Minced Meat Dry Koka Noodles ($5) from 品一 Noodle House at International Plaza (#01-21) is tossed in a delicious savoury-sweet sauce and served with minced meat, meatballs and beancurd skin. A dash of fried shallots and lard cubes add a nice fragrance to the noodles. The Sze Chuan Vegetable Dry U-Mian ($6) shares the same sauce as the Koka noodle, with additional crunch and oomph from the Sze Chuan vegetables which go pretty well with the noodles:) Simple and good!

My family has been a regular at Cheng Mun Chee Kee Pig Organ Soup for many years and we usually order the pig organ soup ($6), vinegar pork trotter ($6) and steamed minced meat with chestnut and salted fish ($3). The flavourful pig organ soup comes with a good variety of pork belly, intestines, stomach, kidney, meatballs, salted vegetable and tofu. The black vinegar sauce of the pork trotter is on the thinner side, but still pretty appetising. The steamed minced meat is soft and savoury. Paired with a bowl of rice and tangy chilli sauce, the meal is simple and comforting.


The walls of Legendary Bak Kut Teh are plastered with photos of celebrities who have visited the restaurant over the years - thankfully the food lives up to its reputation! The pork rib is tender and the bak kut teh soup is flavourful without being overly peppery. The braised pork trotter is soft and there is a good balance of fats and meat. Special shoutout to the fragrant mince meat fried egg and pork cutlet! We also ordered many other dishes such as Tau Kee (beancurd skin), braised large intestines and royale chives. The bill amounted to $147 for 5 adults, which is pretty reasonable given the quality of the food👍🏻

The Bak Chor Mee ($4.50) from Parklane Teochew Mushroom Minced Meat Mee (Bras Basah Complex) boasts of springy noodles tossed in a delicious chilli sauce. It comes with pork dumpling and free flow lard cubes and fried garlic cloves. I seldom find fried garlic cloves in BCM and it works surprisingly well - the strong garlic flavour complements the noodles and gives it an extra kick. The sauce is not very vinegary so I added an extra dash of vinegar to balance out the flavours to my liking. A pretty good bowl of BCM I must say:)!

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The Laotan Pickled Mustard Fish ($39 for small - good for 2 pax) from Qi Lai Feng features fresh mustard fish slices in a tangy and rich 酸菜 broth - it’s super addictive and delicious! The crunchy pickled vegetables, fish cake, konjac noodles and beancurd skin soak up the flavourful broth and go really well with rice. I like that the soup is mellow and not overly spicy, despite the pepper and chilli inside the broth. 棒棒哒!

The Crispy Pork Jowl from New Ubin Seafood is a little pricey for an appetiser ($14 for 125g) BUT I have no regrets - the pork cheek is crispy on the outside and a perfect ratio of lean meat and fat that melts in your mouth on the inside. It comes with a miso gula melaka dip that is an addictive blend of sweet and savoury - we ended up dipping other food items in it as well, such as the potato wedges that came with the steak cubes. So good!

The Herbal Chicken Set ($11.80 inclusive of drink) from Han’s Cafe at National Library features a generous piece of chicken thigh braised in a thick, flavourful and fragrant herbal sauce that goes really well with rice. The chicken is very soft and tender. I can’t really decipher all the ingredients in the sauce as they have been cooked so through that they have become part of the delectable sauce:P I like that the sweetness of the herbal sauce is not overly cloying. Satisfied with my hearty meal:)!

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My family has been going to Old Lai Huat Seafood Restaurant for their signature Sambal Pomfret ($38) since I was young. The deep fried pomfret is covered in a generous amount of fried belacan that is super fragrant and crispy. The chili is so good I can literally finish a bowl of rice just with it. Although it looks very intimidating, the spiciness is actually quite manageable. Fish wise, the deep fried pomfret is crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. The Deep Fried Baby Squid ($12) is pretty good too - it is sweet, tangy and crispy and I can’t stop popping them! To be honest, the signature sambal pomfret is probably quite unhealthy but I guess we all can indulge in a little guilty pleasure once in a while🙈

The Dry Wanton Noodle ($4.80) from Wanton Fu is quite similar to the famous Eng’s Wantan Noodle at Katong. The springy egg noodle is doused in a light lardy sauce and you may add a dash of lard cubes, fried garlic bits and super hot chilli sauce separately. The noodle comes with boiled wantons - I like that the boiled wanton skin is thinner than the ones at Eng’s and the wantons are plump and decent. The Fried Wanton ($3.50) is excellent - the skin is super thin and crispy, the wantons are not oily and they go well with the mayo:) The environment is comfortable as the place is air-conditioned and the portion is pretty good for the affordable pricing:) So glad to have this new addition in my neighbourhood - no more arduous journey to the East just to satisfy my Wanton Mee craving😉!

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