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Gladys Tan
Gladys Tan

Had my yong tau foo fix at Ling Kee Handmade Yong Tau Foo 玲记手工酿豆腐 in a coffee shop at 63 Kallang Bahru. The ingredients ($3 for 5 ingredients with noodles, $0.50 for additional piece) are fresh and the fried ones are re-fried on the spot. The fried homemade meatball is really good - it is crispy on the outside, slightly chewy on the inside and very fragrant. The fried eggplant and bitter gourd are stuffed with minced meat instead of the usual fish paste, which is delicious. A splash of chilli sauce and this is all it takes to satisfy my YTF craving!

Cicada Signature Hokkien Mee ($16) is packed with wok-hei and a generous serving of succulent prawns, squid and pork belly. The saucy noodles is a tad salty, but a dash of lime juice helps to cut through the strong flavours. The home-made sambal is quite good as well - I’m quite surprised to find a legit plate of Hokkien mee in a cafe like this!

The Fish Fillet in Sour Soup 重庆酸菜鱼 ($29.80 for large) did not disappoint - it is spicy, tangy and flavourful, and the delicious broth goes really well with a bowl of rice. I like that it has a spicy and tangy kick without being overpowering (i.e. not the kind that you will choke on) and there is a certain smoothness to the soup that makes it very palatable. The fish is soft and smooth, and it comes with a generous amount of enoki mushroom that adds texture to the dish.

I have not tried many 酸菜鱼but I did had a few previously, and this is by far my favourite. The large portion is more than enough for 3 pax. The menu at Chengdu is quite extensive but unfortunately we didn’t have enough stomach space to try the other dishes. Looking forward to coming back again someday!

Popped by Happy Congee 滿粥了, a stall within the foodcourt of ARC 380 (380 Jalan Besar), to try their Hong Kong style chee cheong fun and boy am I impressed!

I am not a big fan of sweet sauce as I generally like to have my chee cheong fun with soy sauce, oil and chilli only, but the Triple Sauce Rice Noodle Roll ($3.50) is surprisingly good! The freshly made chee cheong fun is super soft and smooth, and the rice noodle rolls are drenched in sesame sauce, soy sauce and sweet sauce. The flavours are well balanced and the sweet, savoury and nutty notes complement one another. The fried chilli is packed with the umami of dried shrimps and it gives the chee cheong fun a nice kick.

One of my must-eat items whenever I travel to Hong Kong is 炸两, which is you tiao wrapped in chee cheong fun. The Rice Noodle Roll with Dough Stick ($4) served here is not bad - the silky rice noodle rolls are drizzled in a light soy sauce with a hint of sweetness. Wished the you tiao is a little crispier, but this is still pretty good.

Overall, this is quite value-for-money given the wallet-friendly prices, quality and portion size - this is yet another hidden gem in Jalan Besar area:)!

Pork Belly with Minced Garlic 蒜泥白肉 ($6.80) consists of thinly sliced pork belly and cucumber drizzled in garlic sauce and chilli oil. The pork slices are very soft and they go very well with the aromatic and savoury sauce - great appetiser!


The 3-in-1 Signature Biang Biang Noodles ($6) is surprisingly mild (compared to 麻辣) but nonetheless, tasty. I like the chewy texture of the thick and broad noodles, which are tossed with tomato omelette and diced pork in a delicious sauce. Note that this is hardly spicy on its own and I had to add a generous amount of fried chilli to spice things up. Although the fried chilli is not very spicy as well, the chilli oil adds a nice fragrance which elevates the noodles. A pretty homely and comforting bowl of noodles I must say!


If I had to pick my favourite dish from Everdragon Family Restaurant 长龙餐室 (zichar place near Boon Keng MRT station), it would have to be the Fried Pork with Garlic ($13). The pork is super tender and crispy, and each piece is thoroughly infused with the fragrance of garlic. So delicious and addictive🤤!

Recently, I went to Peace Centre to play escape room and my friend and I were famished after the session (probably depleted too many brain cells😛). We decided to try out 红厨川味坊, a Sichuan food stall located within Friendship Food Court at the 1st storey of Peace Centre.

This is my first time having Sautéed Vermicelli with Spicy Minced Pork 蚂蚁上树 ($9.80) and it is quite good! The flavours are strong but not overpowering, and the chewy glass noodles and minced pork soak up all that savoury and spicy goodness.

The Fried Cabbage 手撕包菜 ($7.80) and Double Cooked Pork 回锅肉 ($10.80) are not bad as well. The cabbage is sweet and crisp, while the pork belly, beancurd, leeks and green chilli are thoroughly infused with wok-hei.

Although we picked this place randomly, glad the dishes turned out tasty and the portion is generous too!

Starting 2021 with my all-time favourite bak chor mee from Ah Hor Teochew Kway Teow Mee ($4/5) at 165 Kitchener Road (opposite City Square Mall)🥰

There are 3 things that set this apart from the other bak chor mee I have tried: 1) the fried chilli is super fragrant and fiery, 2) the fried flat fish adds a burst of umami and savoury crunch, and 3) the springy mee kia noodle is al dente and does not have a strong alkaline taste which I dislike.

Together with fresh fishballs, fish dumplings, fish cake, minced meat and lard cubes, this makes a really satisfying (and underrated I feel!) bowl of bak chor mee. Do check out this hidden gem if you are in the vicinity!

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The Wanton in Spicy Sauce 红油抄手 ($5.50 for 8) is really good as well. The pork filling is wrapped in thin wanton skin and doused in a spicy and vinegary sauce - so appetising!

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The Chong Qing Noodles 重庆小面 ($4) from Divine Chicken Pot reminds me of a less peanutty version of their Dan Dan Noodles. Notwithstanding that I opted for 小辣 (i.e. lowest level of spiciness), the combination of minced meat, chilli, spring onion and chopped peanut is still as fragrant and delicious as ever. As per all their noodles, the portion is very big which is great value-for-money👍🏻

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Kok Kee Wanton Mee is one of the food that defines my childhood, as my family used to go to the now-defunct Lavender Food Square to have it for supper every now and then when I was kid. I was quite sad when Lavender Food Square was demolished in 2014, but thankfully Kok Kee Wanton Mee reopened in a coffeeshop next to its original location last year!

The Wanton Noodles ($5) is quite pricey given that the portion is not very big and it comes with 2 wantons only, but Kok Kee has always been on the pricier side and that did not hinder the popularity of the old-school wanton mee over the years. Having said that, the wantons have since grown bigger as compared to the past, which is nice. The noodles are still pretty much the way I remember them - a delicate balance between soft and springy. The sweet and lardy sauce goes well with the noodles and a dash of chilli sauce, but I find it too salty when I last visited. I’m not sure if the recipe has been tweaked or is this a once-off thing. Nonetheless, this is still a pretty decent plate of wanton mee and definitely a nostalgic trip down memory lane for me:)

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