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Featuring New Ubin Seafood (Hillview), IKEA Restaurant (Alexandra), Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao (Holland Village), Tian Wai Tian Fishhead Steamboat (Serangoon), Chin Chin Eating House, Berseh Food Centre, Ming Chung Restaurant, Ah Hor Teochew Kway Teow Mee 亚河潮州粿条面, Bao Today (Marina Square), Tiong Shian Porridge Centre 長城粥品 (New Bridge Road)
Gladys Tan
Gladys Tan
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Tried the Balinese Duck Noodle ($12.50) from Wanton Seng’s Noodle Bar and as usual, the springy egg noodles, thin-skin wantons and flavourful soup that is served at the side do not disappoint. The fried duck leg is crispy on the outside and I wish it could be juicier on the inside. Nonetheless, it’s still a pretty decent duck leg and an enjoyable lunch:)!

If not for the recent news that Moi Lum will be shutting down on 16 Mar 2019, I would never have guessed that this heritage restaurant has been around for close to 100 years😱! Before it closes for good, we headed down for a hearty lunch comprising Claypot Tofu, Sweet and Sour Pork, Sambal Kang Kong, Salted Egg Prawn and Majestic Roast Chicken ($140.50 for 9 pax). The food is generally decent (except for the sweet and sour pork which lacked crunch and was somewhat underwhelming) but what really stood out was their signature Majestic Roast Chicken, which was super juicy, tender and flavourful👍🏻 Glad to have one last meal there before it goes down in history!

I’m a fan of vinegar (I love it when I have the option of dousing my yong tau foo in chili and vinegar🙈) but the Bak Chor Mee ($3) from Lian Teck Fishball Minced Meat Noodles is surprisingly good without the usual dose of vinegar and ketchup. The sauce is light and brings out the flavour of the aromatic chilli. The noodles are very springy as well. Will opt for this whenever I’m the mood for something light and tasty:)!

New Ubin Seafood never fail to impress:D! The Garlic Baked Crab ($68 - 800g) is super tasty and the fragrant garlic cloves complement the sweetness of the crab meat without overpowering it. The USDA Black Angus ‘Choice’ Rib-Eye ($96 - 600g) is grilled to medium rare perfection and the juicy steak cubes are great with the house-smoked sea salt flakes and fried rice caramelised with beef drippings. We ordered two vegetable dishes - the wok hei infused Sambal Kang Kong ($20 for large) and the super rich Smoked Pork Curry ($29 for large) consisting of smoked pork belly with eggplant, cabbage, lady’s finger, beancurd and fried egg - both dishes are quite spicy, fragrant and best paired with steamed rice for maximum enjoyment😛 Last but not least, we had the Hokkien Mee Special ($30 for large) which features a fragrant bowl of Hokkien Mee stir fried with pork belly, squids, prawns and clams - a must-order item every time we visit:P On a side note, this is my first time visiting the Zhongshan Branch (it’s on the 1st storey of Ramada Hotel) and the restaurant is comfortable and the service is great👍🏻 Great place for a premium zichar treat:)!

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The XO Fish Bee Hoon ($7) from 香港街珍幸记 (881 XO 鱼头米粉) at Potong Pasir is really good - the soup is rich, sweet and super alcoholic (for the lack of a better word😝), the fish is fresh and the portion is very generous. Comforting and satisfying to the very last drop!

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Leveling up the Zichar game for Friyay😎 It’s my first visit to Golden Cafe Food Place and all the dishes are very well executed and delicious! I especially like the Salted Egg Sotong - it is savoury, creamy, fragrant and not overly oily:)! The Moonlight Fried Hor Fun is also infused with wok hei. We ordered 5 dishes for 5 pax and it came up to $13/pax, which is pretty reasonable given the quality of the food and comfortable (read: air-conditioned😂) setting of the restaurant:) Another place to add to my list of favourite Zichar places around Tanjong Pagar area!

The Twosome Noodle ($9.50) from Wanton is a really decent and value-for-money bowl of wanton noodles that comes with a generous serving of crispy roasted pork belly and caramelised char siu:) Extra bonus points for the hearty portion of springy egg noodles!

It’s been a while since I last eaten at Chin Chin Eating House and their Hainanese fare is still as good as ever! The signature Hainanese Chicken Rice has all the essential elements of a good plate of chicken rice - 1) tender chicken, 2) fragrant rice and 3) chilli that packs a punch💪🏻 We also ordered a couple of dishes to go with the chicken rice. The Mutton Soup ($7) has a rich herbal taste and is very flavourful, and I love that the soup also has crunchy black fungus and whole garlic cloves that melts in your mouth:) The mutton is flavourful without a strong gamey taste. The Hainanese Mixed Vegetables ($10) is bursting with wok hei and the cabbage, black fungus, beancurd skin and fish maw go really well with rice. Lastly, being an eggplant fan, I couldn’t miss the Eggplant with Salted Fish ($10) and it did not disappoint! The eggplant, minced meat and salted fish are stewed in a claypot and it is super tender and savoury. Overall, this place offers quality Hainanese food at affordable prices, and all the dishes are really delicious and homely:)

Rounding up 2018 with my favourite comfort food - Koo Kee Yong Tow Foo Mee set ($7.30, inclusive of extra eggplant) from Food Republic at Wisma Atria! The set comprising springy egg noodles tossed in lard and minced meat, fresh YTF ingredients dipped in chilli sauce and kang kong drenched in fermented beancurd sauce is simple but satisfying:)

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Decided to brave the lunch queue on Friday to give Dumpling Darlings a try and it was the BEST DECISION EVER🤤 The lunch set ($16) consists of your choice of noodles, 4 dumplings and a drink. The Sichuan Pork Noodles is super delicious - although it is not spicy, the springy noodles are tossed in a fragrant combination of minced meat, soy tare, bacon sofrito, fried shallots, sesame, spring onions and seaweed and is bursting with umami. My friends and I tried a total of 3 dumpling flavours: Original, Fried Pierogi and Smoked Duck. The dumplings are wonderful. Fried Pierogi dumplings are stuffed with smoked bacon, truffle potato, caramelised onions and cheddar - the European spin is surprisingly addictive. Smoked Duck dumplings are filled with smoked duck, shiitake, caramelised leek and Hoisin mustard, and they go really well with the balsamic vinaigrette - this is my favourite actually! The Original dumplings are like normal dumplings filled with minced pork collar and napa cabbage, but taste is on point nonetheless. The $16 lunch set might not be the most affordable lunch option around the CBD, but for me, the quality and creativity invested into each dish are worth it:)

Popped by Eat 3 Bowls on Friday night and I literally felt like I walked into a classroom scene in Taiwan, complete with classroom desks and chairs, school bags, noticeboard, blackboard and exercise book menus😃 How cute is that! We had the Braised Pork Rice Set 招牌卤肉饭套餐 ($8), Chicken Rice Set 鸡肉饭套餐 ($8), Beef Noodles Set 红烧牛肉面套餐 ($13) and Braised Intestines 卤大肠 ($5.80) for sides:) I must say that the food here really reminds me of the ones I had in Taiwan and it’s safe to say that they are pretty much the real deal, given that restaurant is owned by a Taiwanese:) The 卤肉 and 卤大肠 were super soft and literally melt in your mouth. Extra points awarded for the braised intestines as they were cleaned very thoroughly so there was no weird taste. The 鸡肉饭 reminded me of the ones I had in Chiayi, where plain looking shredded chicken are tossed in a fragrant sauce and served with rice. Having said that, what fared the best for me that night were not the popular rice bowls but the 红烧牛肉面😍 The soup was robustly flavoured and delicious, the beef with tendons were so soft that they fell apart when I picked them up and the noodles are cooked to the perfect texture and springiness - didn’t expect the beef noodles to be so tasty. This is definitely a place I will return to to satisfy my Taiwanese food cravings:)!


It’s always a family treat whenever Dad brings home a packet of fried Hokkien Mee ($12 for 3-4 pax) wrapped in opeh leaf from Original Serangoon Fried Hokkien Mee for supper:) The Hokkien Mee is fragrant, moist and deliciously fried with prawns, sotong and pork belly😍 Apparently the opeh leaf enhances the wok-hei, but it’s pretty good even when we had it on a plate at the coffee shop!

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