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Gladys Tan
Gladys Tan

It’s been a while since I had frog porridge! We decided to venture beyond the usual Chinatown/Geylang options and try the highly-raved Hong Chang Eating House (2 Braddell Road) a few weeks back.

The star of the show is definitely the Claypot Frog ($8 for one, $13 for two, $16 for three, $22 for four). We opted for ginger spring onion style and the frog legs are super tender, fragrant and delicious, and it goes very well with the plain porridge. Regretted ordering 2 instead of 3 *cries*

Apart from frog porridge, there is also an array of zichar dishes to choose from, and we had Sambal Stingray ($10-$20), Thai-Style Clams ($9 for small), Butter Squid ($9 for small) and Sambal Kangkong ($6 for small). The chilli dishes are not very spicy but they are quite flavourful and goes well with the porridge - the sambal kangkong has a nice wok hei as well. However, you might want to skip the butter squid as it is quite tough/overcooked~

While the frog porridge is very good, I don’t know if I will brave the extremely long queue just to have this again:P Nonetheless, enjoyed this dinner!

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Finally tried the Mala Soup (麻辣汤) from Yang Guo Fu and I was mistaken to think that the queue would have died down 6 months after their grand opening in Singapore last year😂 Thankfully, the mala soup did not disappoint after the long wait!

I had the Mala Beef Soup and the Medium Spicy (中辣) level is actually very manageable. I find it less spicy and oily than the usual 麻辣香锅 equivalent, but nonetheless the broth is still very robust and flavourful. I picked my favourite ingredients and it amounted to $19.60, which is pretty reasonable given that I might have over-ordered😛 There is a wide variety of ingredients to choose from and I’m pleasantly surprised to find that they have frozen tofu (冻豆腐), something I usually find in hotpot restaurants only.

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with their mala soup and I can’t wait to try the dry version someday:)!

Look at this glorious bowl of pork liver soup ($5)! Each slice of liver is thick, sweet and crunchy. The liver is still a tinge of pink and there is no unpleasant taste. The portion is really generous and to be honest, we were struggling to finish it by the end of the meal:P The bak chor mee ($4) is decent, but I find the fishballs pretty salty. All I can say is this is one stall that does its liver well and it definitely stole the show.

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Beach Road Scissor-Cut Curry Rice has always been my go-to comfort food as this is one of my family’s favourite dinner/supper spots ever since I was a kid.

We ordered braised pork belly, curry chicken wings, cabbage and ngoh hiang for 3 pax and it costs $21.40, which is pretty reasonable given the generous portion. One thing to note is that the curry is barely spicy, so if you are looking for a fiery kick, this probably will not work for you. Having said that, the combination of thick curry and braised sauce is delicious, with a slight sweet undertone that complements the flavours. It is a sloppy mess when ladled over a plate of rice, but this is one tasty mess.

The braised pork belly is not the kind that melts in your mouth, but there is a good meat-to-fat ratio and the savoury dark sauce complements the curry. The chicken wings are stewed in a rich and aromatic curry sauce till they are fall-off-the-bone tender. The cabbage is very soft and sweet - this is actually one of my favourite dishes and we always order double portion of this. As for the ngoh hiang, it is not crispy at all but that does not bother me as the pork filling is well-seasoned and it goes well with the curry.

It’s kind of weird because the different components are rather ordinary on their own but it tastes really good when you throw everything together and drench it in that thick curry and braised sauce. Simple pleasures in life👍🏻

The Steamed Pork Rib with Black Bean Sauce ($6.30) is savoury and fragrant - can’t stop eating this!

The skin of the Ha Kau ($7.20) is thin and chewy, and the prawn is big and crunchy.

The Pig Giblet Congee ($11.80) is smooth and flavourful. The pork offal is tender and there is no unpleasant porky taste. The crunchy pork liver and crispy you tiao complements the velvety congee - I wasn’t very hungry to begin with but I polished my bowl clean🤤

Popped by the newly revamped Kopitiam foodcourt at Plaza Singapura recently and I found my new favourite stall, Ah Ma Chi Mian👵🏻

The Signature Set ($10) comes with Ah Ma Specialty Noodle, meatballs, fishballs and a drink of your choice. I tried both mee pok and mee kia and they are cooked just right. The noodles are super springy and there is no strong alkaline taste.

The pork slices and minced meat are soft and tender, the meatballs and fishballs are fresh and bouncy, and I love that the pork liver is not overcooked and still retains a nice crunch. All this is tossed in a savoury chilli sauce that is infused with the umami of dried shrimps and topped with crunchy ikan bilis.

Although this is a little pricey, the portion is quite generous. So glad I gave this a try and it turned out good!

Tried the popular fried chicken wings ($1.50 per piece) and it hits all the sweet spots in a good piece of chicken wing: 1) the meat is tender and juicy, 2) the batter is very crispy and 3) overall, super flavourful and fragrant. The chicken wing goes well with the tangy and garlicky chilli sauce too - pretty hard to stop at one😋!

I decided to give Johor Road Boon Kee Pork Porridge a try as Mui Siong Bak Chor Mee is closed when I went down on Sat (😩) and I can’t decide what is more surprising: 1) having to wait 1 hour plus for the porridge, or 2) how gooood it actually is😍!

I ordered Mixed Pork Porridge with Century Egg ($4.50) which comes with sliced pork, meat ball, pork liver, pork stomach and century egg. Although this is not the super fine kind of porridge, it is still very smooth, fragrant and flavourful.

The pork liver is slightly pink and crunchy, and the handmade meat ball is well seasoned. Each component is well-executed and there is no porky aftertaste. My only grouse is that the youtiao is quite soggy - wish there is more crisp to it.

I tried this without any expectations and I must say that I’m pretty impressed - glad the long wait paid off!

It’s been a while since I last had 串串 and I decided to give Chuan Shi Dai 串食代 at 74 Prinsep Street a try:)

We chose 2 soup bases, namely Spicy Soup With Less Oil 少油麻辣锅 and Pickled Vegetable Soup 开胃酸菜锅. The mala broth is quite shiok but the pickled vegetable soup is a little salty.

There is huge selection of skewers ($0.50 per skewer) and hotpot ingredients, and my favourites include marinated beef with chives, pork belly, tofu, dumplings, oyster mushroom and prawn paste (虾滑). The ingredients are fresh and they go well with the soup base. There is also a wide variety of sauces and condiments to choose from and you can customise it to your own liking.

This is my first visit to Chuan Shi Dai and the food is surprisingly good. I am super stuffed by the end of meal as 3 of us ended up eating 80 skewers unknowingly (goodbye diet...)😅 Till next time!

I’m a fan of braised duck tongue so I was quite interested to try the Deep Fried Duck Tongue ($9). The duck tongue is coated in a fragrant and crispy batter and a sprinkle of mala powder to give it a kick. Quite an addictive snack that tastes better as you chew on it!

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