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Ellejay K
Ellejay K

Though the cookie only has two flavours (choc or matcha), there are lotsa ice cream flavours to choose from!!! Premium flavours +$0.50 while Specialty flavours +$1 (or maybe it’s the other way round 🤔). Cookie was moist/crumbly/chewy. The ice cream was bland :( Could have more lava I feel haha. They serve tea w interesting names. Hot tea costs $4 while cold is $4.50.

I can see you doubting the title of this post HAHA but yeah my pictures don’t do justice to the aesthetics of the plating and deco. Overall good quality food and nice ambience. Great for meetups/studying (sockets available at some tables and I think there’s wifi buuut depending on what time u go there might be some ny/njc/hc etc students). Slightly expensive tho and if you’re a bargain hunter but don’t have the Entertainer app like me, u could purchase the voucher from Fave which allows u to have one main + drink for $13.90. Note that only selected drinks are applicable and three of the mains have to add $3. But overall still quite worth la. Here’s what we ordered:

1) Crispy Battered Fish with Mentaiko Sauce and Cabbage Slaw $18
Batter was crispy and fish was not bad; an okay portion. Salad was okay. But it looked slightly sad compared to my friend’s soy glazed salmon with kimchi friend rice. ಠɷಠ

2) Soy Glazed Salmon with Kimchi Fried Rice $17
Picture says it all. 😍👅 Served with three small fried wantons stuffed with kimchi. The salmon, according to my friend, melts in the mouth.

3) Matcha Berries Mochi Waffle $12.50
Matcha waffles were chewy/tangy/gooey, which was interesting. Served with a rich chocolate soft serve which I’m guessing it’s one of their sogurts? And of course there were berries — strawberry slices and blueberries. And lil marshmallows. And some nice crumbly biscuit (probably digestives?? I’m bad at identifying tastes haha).

4) Roselle Tea $5
Too sweet/concentrated imo.

5) Solero Split Soda $6.50
Haha was enticed by its description. Ah that used-to-be-80¢ ice cream (is it still??). It does have that taste, but a bit too concentrated for my liking. Expected the drinks to have better presentation.

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Coffee Set 1 — $8.80+ (hot beverage + cake/tart)
Caramel Latte Macchiato
Blueberry Cheesecake

Coffee Set 2 — $6.90+ (hot beverage + breakfast pastry)
English Breakfast Tea
Pain Au Chocolat

Blueberry cheesecake was nice and quite a generous portion. Chocolate croissant was also quite huge, and crispy, flaky, buttery, chewy all at once. Chocolate was minimal though.

Very nice and spacious environment. Tables cater to different group sizes. Child-friendly too — there’s a children’s section and colourful plastic cutlery for kids. And a baby chair. One thing to note is that there are many inconspicuous bumps (steps? slopes?) on the floor that serve to stumble u so be careful! Oh and nice toilet.

After GST and service charge it added up to abt $17.

Finally tried this twirly clump of calories!!! 👅👅Ordered Roasted Pistachio 🥜 and Earl Grey Lavender 🌫 One-for-one using burpple beyond so total bill was $12.

Both had many layers of flavours and tasted like their names. Roasted Pistachio was served with 2 biscuits while Earl Grey Lavender had strawberries and some sweet peanut biscuit. Both had a chocolate covered biscuit as a base for the ice cream and there was honey and chocolate syrup — surreptitiously disguised as the design of the plate — drizzled around the centerpiece.

Waffles were adequately hard and fluffy. The ice cream melts very fast though...or maybe I am a slow eater.

Friendly and quick staff :-) One downside is that the place was v noisy 🙉


Crunchy but delightful waffles drizzled with honey ($6). The soft serve ($2.50) was a great complement. Ambience was chill and nice too 🌿

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