Western food

Western food

Featuring Fatboy's The Burger Bar (Upper Thomson), PABLO (Wisma Atria), Souperstar (Guoco Tower), The Living Cafe, The Providore (Downtown Gallery)
Rachel Ang
Rachel Ang

Along with mushrooms, green peas, and Great Southern truffle oil.

I am a huge fan of risotto. However, this dish was mildly disappointing, as it did not have much flavor. The duck confit was rather bland, and so was the risotto. It would have tasted much better if there was a stronger flavour to savour.


With sundries tomatoes, bird’s eye chili, fresh basil and extra virgin olive oil.

This dish was not as great as I had hoped! While the servings of crab were decently generous, the dish was rather dry. It would have tasted much better if there was some tomato cream sauce with a dash of chili. Instead, it was just a rather peppery pasta that prompted a lot of drinking of water.

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Served with baharat spice, couscous, aubergine chutney and mint yoghurt!

The chicken was cooked just right, making it very juicy and tender. The skin was also roasted well, and the whole dish was generally quite tasty.

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Pappardelle pasta with slow braised beef check ragout, sautéed mushrooms, kale and shaved parmesan.

The pasta tasted home-made, and it was neither too soft nor too chewy. The beef ragout was absolutely delicious! The mushrooms were great as well! I would return to providore just to eat this dish.

This set comes with soup, traditional popiah and either a drink or a small bun!

While the set may seem rather small, it is surprisingly quite filling. The clam chowder is rich & tasty. The popiah was not as flavorful as I hoped it would be, but the peanut sauce was great. The bun was supposedly spinach flavoured, but it tasted like an ordinary bun to me.

Would return for the soup!

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I love anything with melted cheese in it.

The outer covering of the mozzarella cheese sticks was nice & crispy, but the cheese itself was mediocre at best. The mozzarella cheese wasn’t as hot, stringy and melted as I had hoped for.

Looking for a healthy yet tasty rice bowl? Look no further!

The barramundi is very fresh and cooked just right. To add flavor to this rice bowl, it comes with 2 sauces on the side - pesto sauce and gazapo sauce (some sort of mexican tasting tomato sauce). The pesto sauce is rich and flavourful, while the gazapo sauce adds a nice tang to the rice bowl. There is also a small serving of avocado, tomatoes, cucumbers and onions.

Overall, a very wholesome and yummy rice bowl. Will come back again for more!

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If you love mushrooms and pesto, this is the pizza for you!

This pizza has a very crispy crust, and is filled with generous amounts of mushrooms. The mushrooms are just the right texture - not too chewy, but not too soft. The best part of it is the pesto sauce! Very rich and hearty - one of the best pesto sauces I’ve ever tasted. The eggs are also cooked to perfection, with a runny yolk in the centre.

This is my 3rd time eating it, and it has never let me down!

This piping hot mac & cheese was really really yummy. The cheese was burnt just right and it came with a thick, rich and creamy sauce.

The portion may look small, but would recommend that 2 people share this, especially since it has a creamy base.

Definitely going to return for more and try the version with smoked duck!

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