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All About Japan Cuisine

All About Japan Cuisine

Featuring Omurice Keisuke, Ginza Kushi-Katsu, Okinawan Diner Nirai-Kanai, Donya Japanese Cuisine (Bugis), Ma Maison Restaurant (Anchorpoint)
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There are four different types of sauce to choose from wafu, demi-glacé (Highly Recommendation - mine), chilli tomato sauce, and creamy white sauce (My friend's Recommendation) to dip. It also come with miso soup and four different types of salad to choose from coleslaw, potato salad (My friend and I choose), green salad, or boiled spinach with Japanese dashi stock. I added Cheese Sauce to dip with omurice for S$2.00. I felt bloated to eat for a set ($9.90) plus adding cheese sauce. Good thing have demi-glacé sauce to mix with omurice because omurice was mixed with chicken and corn and seasoned with ketchup dashi. I didn't try out their add-on sides into the omurice sets because I try their original omurice sets first time

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Salmon Mentai Don ($8.80) is one of best selling off the menu beside chicken katsu and Unagi Don. Salmon have served with grilled mentaiko sauce and rice drizzled with teriyaki sauce. Cheap deals for Japanese cuisine :)

Set Meal ($20.80) consist on Mini Panna Cotta, Steamed Wappa Gyoza, miso soup, dashi broth. It's great deal having ungai unique dish by using dashi broth and also condiments to mix it up.


Served with spaghetti and mashed potato. Pork Steak marinated well with garlic sauce and served set meal with mushroom soup, salad and ice cream.

($11.00 ++) Pork Belly stir-fried and complemented well with ginger. It's one of stir-fried pork belly dishes and got another flavour - kimchi. It's too bad for me and because I cannot take in spicy food. 😥

($12.00 ++) Okinawan Fried Bean Curd and Okinawan Egg didn't bring out with mixed vegetable well instead of bitter gourd. Okinawan Fried Bean Curd is quite good and medium soft texture.

I really like this stir-fried dish a lot and i really like bitter gourd complement with bean curd and egg well. It's bringing out okinawan's local taste and we choose small size ($7 +++) and another large size ($9.50 +++) for the side dish.

Normal pan-fried dumpling ($12.50) served in Japanese restaurant and my family will be typically ordered with other side dishes. Can be shared with family and friends for side dishes.

($14.80 ++) People prefer to eat spicy food and usually like to take spicy. I didn't like to eat spicy food and usually my sister like to eat spicy food and challenge different flavour for ramen and cold noodle.

($14.80 ++) Non-spicy for people usually cannot take it spicy and less fat sauce for healthy and alternative choice. Plum Sauce for dipping sauce is also healthy choice as it is quite sour taste and made less bloated after eating heavy lunch or dinner.

One of best selling set meal ($16.50 ++) for okinawan restaurant. You can get two best of best in noodle and rice meal at same time. You can get simmered pork belly which got set meal too. Their pork dishes are quite delicious and tasty in taste.


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