All About Japan Cuisine

All About Japan Cuisine

Featuring Matchaya (The Cathay), Rakki Bowl, Tamoya Udon (Liang Court), Okinawan Diner Nirai-Kanai, Kyushu Pancake, Sushi Tei (VivoCity), Ramen Bari-Uma (Tanglin), Sumire Yakitori House (Bugis Junction), Shin Kushiya (VivoCity), DON DON DONKI (Orchard Central)

Tea Mooncakes ($68) (gifted) include Yuzu Sencha Tea Box

Matcha (×2) (3.5/5)
I didn't expected that their paste for Matcha was quite average but still have mild taste for Matcha tbh.

Hojicha (×2) (2.5/5)
I couldn't able to try Hojicha much tbh 🥲 but its quite contain inside nut.

Yuzu Lime (×2) (4.5/5)
So I got impressed by their unique flavour instead of their usual flavour (Matcha / Hojicha) its quite strong ans refreshing yuzu aftertaste for my tastebub.

Sakura Lychee (×2) (4/5)
My sister told me that its quite good as Yuzu Lime compared their usual flavour but it's quite balanced and experimental with adding new flavour.

Yuzu Sencha Tea (4.5/5)
I just drank tea today so I write food reviews right now. Its tasted quite weird for first try? But it's quite mixed taste for sour and bitter tbh. I didn't pair tea with mooncakes 🥲🥲🥲

Matcha Crepe ($7.80)
its such creamy and milky for matcha sauce for my opinion. but the crepe was quite weird taste probably for me. barely managed to eat finish for dessert as I felt bloated as i got overdose with eating too much dairy 🥛. (7/10)

Kuro Kuma ($8.80)
its such sweet stuff for my tastebub because of strong taste for caramel (covered up with whole cake) and barely taste chocolate taste tbh. i like chocolate mousse as its quite creamy and soft texture inside the kuma’s head. (7.5/10)

Matcha Latte Kuma Ice Cream ($6.60)
hmmm 🤔 mixture of bitter, sweet and milky taste for in my opinion. but it’s quite overdose for my stomach. plus kuma ice cream melted and dripped away 😢 so u need to be fast 💨 for taking photo tbh and managed to take photo for group and individual (so luckily) (4/5 bc cute factor 🥰 for kuma ice cream and if without cute factor - 3/5)

Hojicha Latte Kuma Ice Cream ($6.60)
same review as matcha latte 😉

Matcha Latte ($6)

So its gonna similar reviews with lucky cat. oh yes u just need to stir drink a bit (3.5/5). for sugar and stirrer will located at level 1. (Self Service for this)

Salmon Ochazuke ($16)

I didn't expected that it's quite delicious and warm during cold weather (apparently still raining 🌧 while walking to the cafe from mrt exit) but I felt that I'm not feeling well in terms of mental 🥲 so I almost could not able to eat finish and didn't have much appetite 🥲 so it's quite comforting meal tbh but no appetite just ruin whole week 🤧 (salmon remind of @thesalmonxyf and already told her alr) (8.5/10)

hmmm still good for filling but it's quite hard for the dumpling skin :")

my sister didn't like this dish as it just didn't tasted so good (like a bit overcooked for chashu

hmmm idk why i didn't really went down for ramen shop and preferred seaweed ramen soup over different type for ramen soup. hmmm i felt that it really normal but it's a bit bloated if eating finish so it's quite thick soup based tbh.

Didn't expected that their Green Tea Swiss Roll with Auzki Bean ($6.90) to be good and decent 🥰 but their red bean filing was too little alr 😬 and wanted to be dine in for trying their cake and drink during tea time (always queue up on the weekends 🥲) (will be updating the pricing)

Strawberry Sakura Tart ($8.80)
I felt that sakura flavour was quite plain similar to sakura soft serve but adding with strawberry, it gave off some of sweet taste but I didn't fancy whipped cream hidden inside the tart.


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