All About Japan Cuisine

All About Japan Cuisine

Featuring Matchaya (The Cathay), Rakki Bowl, Tamoya Udon (Liang Court), Okinawan Diner Nirai-Kanai, Kyushu Pancake, Sushi Tei (VivoCity), Sumire Yakitori House (Bugis Junction), Shin Kushiya (VivoCity), DON DON DONKI (Orchard Central), Hakata Ikkousha Ramen (CHIJMES)

Strawberry Sakura Tart ($8.80)
I felt that sakura flavour was quite plain similar to sakura soft serve but adding with strawberry, it gave off some of sweet taste but I didn't fancy whipped cream hidden inside the tart.

Soybean Pudding ($4.80)
soy “dust” was quite hard and don’t really enjoy but the red bean just nice 👍

Traditional Red Bean with Warabi Mochi ($5.80)
warabi mochi really don’t have any taste but red bean soup really quite sweet tbh

a la crate

- shiitake mushroom 🍄 ($2.40) (x2)
- kaboocha (japanese pumpkin) 🎃 ($3.20)
- tsukune (homemade chicken meatball (without raw egg went out of stock) ($3.60)
- Lamb Leg ($4.80) (father want to order this 🙃)

Flamed Salmon Sashimi Maki ($15.60) got different set for this dish (ikura - spicy 🥵 & bonito flakes - non-spicy) devil 😈 vs angel 😇 sushi feast

shin buta platter ($17.20) for selected pork skewers
- black pepper kurobuta pork
- aspara maki (regular grilled dish that i ordered)
- cheese maki (got that cheese 🧀 pull)
- buta negi maki
- negi shio ton toro

Sake Overload ($22.60) consisted of salmon belly,  salmon and salmon roe (egg) such a feast for salmon 🍣 dish 😱

Zaru Udon ($8.80) she went to order second time for dinner time lol and she’s not sick of eating same thing for one day. for me, if the food got extra on afternoon time, i just continue to eat finish on dinner time.

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she also ordered Tonkatsu and Ebi 🍤Cold Udon with Tempura 🍤 and i did asked her how it tasted gd or nt 🤔 she told me that it’s quite rubbery for udon 😂 and not that fantastic 😅 and she went to order udon for second round during night time at somewhere. so talking about tempura, @cherrieecrafts ordered same main dish as my sister on march’s holiday and tonkatsu’s eyes 👀 look quite creepy and weird▪️◾️ ▫️◻️(u use dark mode and unable to see black square emoji) the eyes 👀 looked much better ▪️▪️▫️▫️when we ordered same main again on last thurs.

my sister ordered chocolate mint frap (she’s a fan of mint related stuff).

so for food’s review otherwise, i ordered iced matcha latte ($13.90) and given a free designed coaster on all different drinks. i felt that matcha latte was quite milky 🥴 (they used farmland milk) and sweet taste tbh. i also ordered Magical Matcha Terrarium Garden ($24.90) with sweet and brown syrup. i felt that matcha was quite 👌 and a bit of bitter taste inside the matcha sponge cake. 🤔 i felt that the cake ingredients was quite dry but tbh without ice cream scoop, it cannot complemented well. i wished that ice cream scoop can be bigger 😏


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