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Tteokbokki Buffet, it’s yummy and it’s affordable given the location @ suntec. It’s a Korean style hotpot with also fried finger food, fish cake, kimchi etc. After hotpot will be fries rice which u take all ingredients yourself & staff will do the fried rice for u in the same pot.

Came for this after hearing class 95’s foodie choice. Not too bad, wanted to try the chee Chong fan but sold out coz we’re late (around 7pm)

Ingredients & fish are fresh & meaty, worth a try.

Both meats are awesome, fatty and crispy duck skin, egg got stolen by toddler 😅
Service is not really good, small area but the staff always look like shortage of manpower.

Hubby ordered medium spicy, and most of us couldn’t take it. U can request to add some water/stock as it might get salty after boiling for some time. Overall is yummy, and definitely worthy with Burpple beyond. Will b back again.

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Chanced upon this Japanese food town by hubby, and he swear this is a dish I must try and indeed, it’s not that awful as I thought! Will come again coz Jap food here is cheaper compare to SG, with the standard of quality as well!

Like to come here for their fish soup bee Hoon, and they have pig trotter vinegar occasionally (mostly not available / sold out) this is a spicy version with fragrant vinegar, not like some with vinegar too sour to drink.

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Their salad always have fresh and crunchy leaves, opt to change all sashimi to salmon with $1 TOP up, amount varies on different outlet though.

Always love their Chirashi Don. Yumz!

I don’t eat saba fish coz of the smell, but this is so good that I wish to revisit again! Cosy ambience at this small shop.

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Hot plate pork & Bulgogi Hotpot. My all time favourite Bulgogi as it’s sweet and flavourful. Glass noodle & Rice Cake included in the soup, served with rice.