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Burpple Beyond ✌️

Burpple Beyond ✌️

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Dex Neo
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Not bad if you need to get your fruit tea fix at Lavender, though the flavours weren’t as bright or exciting as others I’ve had. I’d avoid the lemon yakult though, as mine eventually separated into half a cloudy mix at the bottom which was slightly unpleasant.


Made with nut-based milk, these smoothie bowls are exactly what the doctor ordered for a hot day! Found them while roaming Botanic Gardens and this was wonderfully refreshing while still feeling healthy. The texture leans slightly icier but it still has that creamy, full flavour. We came on a public holiday, but you can get these 1-for-1 with #BurppleBeyond usually!✌️

Wow. Flakey, tender fish encased in a crisp squid ink crust. But what I really loved from this dish is that refreshing baby spinach, bean sprout and warm mushroom salad! Bursts of freshness and earthiness from all those greens was the perfect contrast to the moist barramundi.

Even better, you can get this in their #BurppleBeyond set ($49), which comes with 2 sides, 2 mains and a tiramisu to share. Amazing value and a definite revisit for me. ✌️


Can you take the heat?🔥 Even with my decent spice tolerance, anything above medium spice leaves me with a dead tongue! But get past that and you’ll be rewarded with crisp skin and juicy flesh. I’ve tried the Extra level before, and boy does that slow burn hurt (and that’s not even counting the Insane and Off The Menu levels), but somehow I still keep coming back for more. 😂


It’s been a while since I’ve returned to Mad For Garlic, and this time I’m back with 1-for-1! 🙈 The pizzas here were delish, featuring a thin crust and curious flavours. Both the Garlic Snowing Pizza and this Thai-inspired pie impressed, and if you’re like me and you love spicy + coriander, the Mad TomYum Pizza is probably right for you too. Pretty worth it with 1-for-1, but drinks are pretty expensive (water is chargeable too), so come prepared!


This is a pretty safe option; the light truffle scent goes well with the white cream sauce and mushrooms. Would have liked the pizza base to be a little less biscuity but it’s alright in a pinch, especially since you can get this at 1-for-1 with Burpple Beyond!


New along Arab Street is this cafe-esque spot for salad & grain bowls. They were all out of the chicken proteins when we got there so we tried their salmon, prawns and dory options. The salmon slice arrived in a dark brown hue, clearly being marinated in their mirin soy seasoning for a little too long, so it was slightly stiff though flavourful. You get to pick up to three sides (we’d recommend the carrots, mushrooms, corn and pickled beetroot as the safer choices) and one carb base too.


This was a pretty good snack to wash down with a beer; crisp, salty chunks of tender chicken. The Thousand Island sauce served alongside with it seemed a little weird, but nothing to complain about this. Available with #BurppleBeyond.


Some bar bites to go along with your booze, this isn’t really the pizza you’d expect though it does taste alright. Pizza sauce with melted cheese on top of focaccia is tasty enough, though really quite filling so make sure you share this with a buncha people! Available with #BurppleBeyond.


With Burpple Beyond, we got both waffles w/ice cream at a nifty $20! Waffle was pretty crisp yet moist on the inside, which of course goes well with the ice cream. My favourite has got to be the dark choc for its deep flavour while keeping the sweetness on the lower end. All good though probably won’t get the salted egg yolk sauce that was a little gritty.


This was a pretty typical big breakfast plate: eggs, sausages, beans, a grilled tomato. Only seemed to be missing bread of some kind. Eggs were done well (little bit oily though) but the rest of the ingredients were pretty average.


Today’s brunch choice was easy thanks the the awesome #BurppleBeyond 1-for-1 deal on their breakfast/pasta dishes! Popular with the Burpple community, this cheesy pasta dish was surprisingly not too heavy and was definitely a delight with a slightly crusty charred top. While the truffle wasn’t particularly strong, bacon lovers will enjoy the thick cuts of juicy, piggy goodness in this.


Community dude at Burpple that loves food and exploring culinary escapades on our tiny island.

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