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Burpple Beyond ✌️

Burpple Beyond ✌️

Get 1-for-1 deals with Burpple Beyond!
Dex Neo
Dex Neo

I love me a good pot of mussels, so this was definitely on my wishlist (especially since they’re on #BurppleBeyond). Their mussels come from France and are sweet, briny and fresh. They might be small, but each morsel is packed with flavour and depending on the sauce you pick to go with it, great with the fries too! I’d definitely recommend the Au Curry; a light red curry that’s slightly creamy and compliments the saltiness of the mussels well though I’d avoid the underwhelming Marinières (a white wine sauce).


Put that knife aside, it isn’t needed here. These beef cheek chunks are fork tender and oh-so-good! It’s a classic pairing of beef, sauce and mash, but satisfying nonetheless.

We heard this was a popular item from their holiday menu, which means it might not be there for long! And don’t forget to use that sweet #BurppleBeyond deal to get this 1-for-1! ✌️


This may be a place for drinks and people watching by the bay, but the food is no slouch either! This massive haddock burger basically feels like you’re having fish & chips; great golden brown crust and moist fish. Even the fries were great, with a crisp exterior not unlike fries from Long John Silver. What’s even better? You can get 1-for-1 here with #BurppleBeyond! ✌️


The successor to Uncle Kiisu, Babasan’s menu definitely has dishes you couldn’t even have dreamt of! I was seriously wondering how they would pull off ‘crispy pork belly stuffed with mee siam’, but I have to give it to them – this was really good!

A tender slab of pork belly hugging the tasty mee siam within. The pork was quite tender and skin was crisp which went super well with the tangy, spicy mee siam gravy! If that sounds too heavy for you, a side of kimchi is provided to cut through that richness. Our bill was also amazingly affordable thanks to 1-for-1 here with #BurppleBeyond! ✌️


An oldie but a goodie, One Man Coffee’s French Toast is a pick-me-up any time of the week! Fluffy brioche, candied walnuts, salted caramel and fresh fruits (dat caramelised banana mmmmm). Sounds like it might be too sweet, but I thought it was quite well balanced, or just get this to share, you won’t regret it either way. Psst, 1-for-1 here with #BurppleBeyond!


The absence of a crowd really doesn’t do justice to the tasty food served here! When we went, there were barely anyone else but trusting the good reviews on Burpple, we took a chance and came out belly happy!

The generous amount of salmon was super moist and skin seared to a nice crisp. It lay on top of a cheesey brown rice risotto-esque base that was yummy too. Coupled with a side of well-dressed fresh greens, made for a satisfying meal. And don’t forget to use #BurppleBeyond here!✌️(also, head to Tom’s Palette for dessert after!)


This was yuuuuum! Everything a Thai omelette should be; fluffy, crisp and also comes with raw bean sprouts underneath to help with the oiliness.


This set is super worth it and actually probably too much for 2 pax (just nice for 3 maybe). You get to pick an appetizer, main and a drink. This Tom Yum Noodles was my main and was alright. It’s more gravy than soup and quite intense. Don’t let it sit out too long cause the rice noodles will just absorb all that tom yum!


Hei Kim is kinda in an area where you don’t expect a cafe, somewhere along Kembangan where there isn’t much else. But the food was pleasantly surprising, with this brined chicken dish winning me over! It was ridiculously tender, yielding to just a little bit of pressure from my fork. The buttery mash was awesome as well though it leans towards the thicker side. Only slight point against this was the salty red wine sauce.

Best part? 1-for-1 on #BurppleBeyond! ✌️


I love it when places with chirashi dons join Burpple Beyond and this is the hot newcomer in that category! Theirs features a set which includes a don, tamago mentaiyaki, salad and miso soup which definitely makes it a full meal. I won’t lie when I say I wish there was a little more fish and a little less cucumbers, but the mix of salmon, tuna, swordfish was still quite satisfying. Add on the yummy sides and this is a spot to revisit if I’m ever back in the area.
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The hot new spot on #BurppleBeyond, I headed down with high expectations. Happy to report that not only is the food great, it’s super value for money!

Their signature roasted chicken was expertly done – crisp skin and tender meat. Using BB, you’ll have to get the large which comes with two chicken legs, but we devoured it all. Instead of rice, it comes with a super tasty quinoa that I think was prepared with broth, cause it was just so tasty. Top it off with a wobbly egg, chicken rice sauces (there’s even ginger oil!) and you’ve got yourself a perfect lunch. Will definitely be back to use the rest of my deals! ✌️


Not bad if you need to get your fruit tea fix at Lavender, though the flavours weren’t as bright or exciting as others I’ve had. I’d avoid the lemon yakult though, as mine eventually separated into half a cloudy mix at the bottom which was slightly unpleasant.


Dex Neo

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