TBB @ Tangs is a nice shopping stop at Orchard for one to rest one’s legs and to ingest some sugar. It’s a quaint place with a variety of bakes and coffee. The pain au chocolat had a lovely flakey exterior with a little chocolate core. Maybe because I have a sweet tooth, I wished the chocolate would had been more for greater satisfaction. Nonetheless, I pretty much enjoyed this little bake while reading a book.

This place offers a variety of options for your ramen - clear broth, pork broth, texture of noodles for example.

Comes with free flow eggs and bean sprouts too!

I love healthy meals that fill me up. This is a simple bowl of noodles but I loved that the noodles were chewy!

I got it at $5.60 because I got 10% off for linking my DBS card with the food republic app!

Greek yogurt, honey, granola, almond flakes, coconut flakes, chia seeds, seasonal fruits with milk served on the side -

It was a bowl of yummy goodness.

The dried cranberries were a sweet addition but I found the yogurt to be a little too tart for my liking.

With Burpple Beyond, I spent ~$8 on this meal ☺


The chili was the bomb... it’s so good I don’t have any word in my vocabulary to describe it. It’s delicious, fragrant, nutty and spicy with a kick.

While the chili was the highlight of this meal, the chicken and the other fried pieces were palatable too.

It was indeed a satisfying lunch.


This is really one of the cheapest options for a quick lunch around town, where you can have a meal in an air-conditioned place.

The portion was just nice for me, but to some big eaters, may seem a little small. I love that the noodles were cooked al dente and the sauce was very tasty. And who could forget about the egg? Yes, the egg was like viscous lava that flowed out once poked with a chopstick. I mixed everything up (though some people might have liked to consume the wobbly egg on its own) and consumed it in big mouthfuls.

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This is Cha Ppong at level 2 spicy! The noodles look like maggi mee but taste like chewy spaghetti.

I enjoyed the spicy kick very much, along with noodles cooked al dente. Be warned, for the portion is ginormous!

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This... is not exactly cheap but it’s delicious, and makes for a satisfying lunch treat minus the slump into food coma.

Ingredients: Baked salmon fillet, zero-calorie shirataki noodles, teriyaki mushroom, broccoli, carrots, baked peppers and barley with furikaki and garlic crumbs and sesame sauce.

Verdict: It’s a colourful dish with an array of veggies and entices you to tuck in! The salmon fillet, shredded carrots, garlic crumbs and broccoli provide different textures to the palette and and makes the meal an interesting experience. Haakon does its healthy meals extraordinarily well, albeit on the pricier side for a normal lunch meal. Psst... using Favepay gives you a 10% cashback on your next visit!


Does this not look extremely healthy...? Though the looks of it might turn some people off, the noodles were springy and the soup was tasty. The bowl of noodles definitely kept me satiated for the entire afternoon. It is something I would go back to again and again, because I love comfort food!

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This stall always has a snaking queue during lunch time and has been acclaimed to be the “best chye png in Orchard”. The dishes are warm and fresh, and are not too oily on the palate. It’s the kind of food that reminds you of home. The homemade chili is amazing too!

It’s at level 5.

1 meat + 2 veggies = $5
3 veggies = $4.50
2 veggies + 1 fried egg = $4

I found this little mala spot next to the popular Aqua S, where I got myself a tomato soup base with various ingredients commonly found at mala stalls.

I got a cheese ball and I think it’s pretty unique! I don’t think mala stalls have cheese balls, especially one with cheese lava oozing from the core.

The soup was savoury and thick, and there is a distinct tomato flavour to it. The only thing is that it’s slightly salty so I got pretty thirsty afterwards.

For friends who don’t take spicy food, they have 3 other choices of soup base: pickled veggie, tomato and pork bone.


This a picture of a beautiful burger - a thick fried chicken patty laden with salted egg sauce enclosed between two fluffy charcoal sesame buns. They were pretty generous with the sauce - the salted egg sauce was oozing out of the burger and dripping from the bottom. I like that it was flavourful yet not surfeiting.

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On a journey to discover the best chiffon cake in Singapore

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