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Featuring The Plain Jane, NINJA BOWL, Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar, Botanist, South Union Park, The Social Space (Chinatown), The Armoury, Amber Ember, Maxi Coffee Bar, Merci Marcel (Club Street)
Sarah Lim
Sarah Lim

Would never have guessed there was chocolate in this if not for the name. In fact the only thing chocolatey about it was the colour. Nothing sweet about this dish which was really more of a beef stew than anything else. Still quite a fun dish to have.

One dish they're famous for. Unique flavours that were savoury yet light. Generous amounts of duck meat too that made if really value for money with burpplebeyond.

This on the other hand, was not too worth then $20 price tag. Really just eggs with a very mild truffle flavour. And two pieces of hard toast. Wouldn't recommend having this.

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Oh my i really really liked this. Think silky ravioli parcels with cheese. In a thick cream topped with even more cheese. The small portion is just right for one person.

Strong coffee with a tinge of cereal milk flavour, the kind you get when you finish your whole bowl of cereal and slurp up what's left in your bowl. Super friendly service by the two stall owners as well. Highly recommended!


These were really tasty. Small bowls that pack a punch of flavours. Loved the tropicana which came with a sweeter creamier banana base than the berries which was a tad too sourish. These are milkier and so much yummier than the usual icy acai.

I can see how many would enjoy this. Avocado spread was tasty and bread was artisanal sourdough. Sounds pretty healthy doesn't it. Wished that egg were onsen instead of hard boiled though.

The mushroom risotto here is one of my favourite dishes, biased by my love of risottos in general. Al dente grains well coated with a thickish flavourful sauce. Comes with big chunks of tasty mushrooms too.

Can't exactly go wrong with a dish like that. I mean what's there not to like about fried buns and a saucy dip? While not the most flavourful and perhaps a tad bit watered down, was still a nice snack to munch on while waiting for the mains.

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Best part of the dish was the generous cheese sauce, which tasted like KFC's cheese fries. And best part of the meal was the burger. Pastas were all pretty mediocre and on hindsight, probably should've headed next door instead!

I can't remember its exact name but just that its supposed to be filled with cheese cheese and more cheese. Nice and best if shared. But would have done better with a little longer on the grill, as some of the cheese hadn't yet melted and was a wee bit coldish when served.

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And I still think their savoury waffles is an ingenious idea. Not the stringy oozy cheese but really just parmesan perfumed waffles. With a side of greasy bacon. Yum.


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