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JB Makan Time

JB Makan Time

For yummy finds across the Causeway.
Paige Lim
Paige Lim

Aaa sublime bliss of having chocolate ooze out of the lava centre and onto your tongue...

This is a tart that makes me salivate simply thinking about it.

You know you gotta have this when Sg sells it for $6+... There is a range of flavours that Sg doesn’t have, such as kimchi flavour.

Butter toasts are just some of the foods that can never go wrong in this life.

We had lunch here and boy, this place was packed with Singaporeans. I could see why though, because it sells delicious roasted meats at affordable prices. The meats were fatty and those who lean towards the carnivorous side would have a hearty meal at this restaurant.

I think the sauce was the selling point for each dish - slightly herbal, slightly sweet, and very addictive.

There was a crowd at around 12pm and we waited about half an hour for 3 seats.
Service was prompt and good, and the staff offered us cold and warm water while we waited for our turn.

We only had dessert here though there were other brunch items. We got Churros with Salted Egg Yolk Dip & Dark Chocolate Dip to share. The total bill came up to about 25RM for both, with the salted egg yolk dip being slightly more expensive than the dark chocolate dip.

What I enjoyed about the churros is the complementary texture of both the interior and the exterior - the crispness of the skin went well with the soft cake-like dough on the inside. I liked it so much that I could almost eat it on its own.

The taste of the dips were great too. The salted egg yolk dip was savoury and had a slight tint of a curry taste, but I would have liked it more if it had been more viscous so that it would able to cover the churros.

This is a restaurant offering Cantonese fare at JB City Square (L3).

I love how affordable all the dimsum are at this place. The prices are all in the range of 5-10RM for each set of 2 to 3. The custard lava would be better if slightly more viscous, but it is still fairly good.

There are other options such as fried rice and noodles as well.

Loves Jesus, people and food :-)

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