Petaling Jaya

Petaling Jaya

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Serena Ho
Serena Ho

The set meal is RM10.80. If you choose to have biryani, then there is an additional RM5. Instead of the usual thali sets whereby the dishes are fixed, you get to choose your preferred 2 curries, 3 vegetables and 2 condiments. The dishes tastes very much like home cooked food. I personally prefer the curry to be spicier but overall it was a very satisfying meal.

Pretty dense and slightly on the dry side. Not too sweet. There’s actually banana in it, which you can see. Since its a pretty thick slice, best to share.

This is RM10.

My first time having a canele so not sure how its suppose to taste. I found the crust to be pretty hard to cut into. The inner part should be kinda like custard, which I find it to be just that. It was pretty flavourful and fragrant.

This is RM6.80.

Iced latte. Pretty smooth.

This is RM12.

Also known as Australian coffee at certain shops. Like other Australian coffees I’ve had, this is a tad too sweet. But because it has a scoop of ice-cream, its a perfect drink on a hot sunny day.

This is RM16.

The cake was more dense than expected. Also a bit on the dry side. Definitely tasted better.

This is around RM8.50. Lost the receipt and can’t remember the price.

Their signature traditional Hainanese coffee. Really thick coffee, kopitiam style.

This is RM4.50.

This is one of their signature too. Fried pork lard on top of white rice. If you love pork, go for this.

This is RM4.50.

This is another one of their signature dishes. It comes with their signature garlic sauce, which is a bit sweet. They also topped it with pomegranates, an interesting addition. Love this interesting dish.

RM18 for small and RM34 for regular.

The omelette was not too greasy. Not much taste of the cincalok.

For plain omelette, RM9 for small and RM18 for regular. Additional RM7 for the cincalok.

First thought that came to mind: smells so good!

That thought was absolutely correct. The gravy was deliciously sour without being too much. Slices of starfruits with long beans, brinjal and ladies fingers.

There are 2 options for the fish: siakap or red snapper. The fish is deboned and lightly fried. So no worries about bones there. Can easily see why this is one of their star dish.

For siakap, RM40 for small and RM80 for regular.
For red snapper, RM70 for small and RM140 for regular.

It wasn’t a regular sized croissant so I feel the price is slightly high. Very buttery but not flaky enough.

This is RM9.

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