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Petaling Jaya

Petaling Jaya

Featuring La Juiceria Superfoods (Atria Shopping Gallery), Pizza Mansion, Restoran Capital Nasi Dagang Kelantan, Good Blue Men, Yin's Sourdough Bakery (Damansara Uptown), Tujoh, Catcher In The Rye Cafe, Milligram, Órale, Xiao by Crustz
Serena Ho
Serena Ho

The fruit tea was nice.

This is RM9 for hot and RM10 for cold.

Pretty smooth. Not too acidic. Looks so pretty sitting on the wooden coaster.

This is RM10 for hot and RM11 for cold.

The presentation is really pretty. Can’t really taste the coffee but you can taste a tinge of hazelnut. Not too sweet.

This is RM12 for hot and RM13 cold.

This place offers DIY rice bowl. The options are pretty ok. The portion is pretty good too for the price. I had the grilled chicken but it isn’t breast meat. I prefer if they offered chicken breast meat since its leaner and healthier. Taste wise is good. My only gripe with this place is the waiting time. Probably cause its more a cocktail bar than a cafe. I went during lunch hour on a Friday. With only one other table, the wait was really long. If you have limited time for lunch on a weekday, I wouldn’t advise you to go.

Small is RM15. Big is RM18.

Mexican soda with Mexican food. Of course!
Went well with my burrito.

This is RM10.

The first thought when the burrito came: so huge!
I thought I’d have trouble finishing it but nope. It was so good, it was all gone.
The burrito comes with brown rice, some raw cabbages. The chicken was sweet and juicy. Because I like spicy food, I added their hot sauce, which was really hot, but so delicious!

This is RM16. For the portion, I think it’s ok.

Their signature dish. The char siew was flavourful. A bit crispy on the end. Not quite sure that the price is justified though.

This is RM21.80.

This reminded me of cucur udang. Just crispier and smaller in size. This is their recommended tea time snack. It goes well with their chilli dip.

This is 16.80.

The skin was crispy but not exactly crackling. Flavourful but can be better.

This is RM20.80.

Juicy, fresh prawns on top of omelette. The rice is slightly fried, not plain white rice. Pretty filling because of the amount of rice. This is one of their recommended dishes.

This is RM19.80.

Fresh and juicy lala. Quite a lot of lala. The soup is ok but lacks punch.

This is RM30.

Another beautiful cake by this artisanal dessert place. Look at the gorgeous butterfly topper. This is a chocolate cake with a mix of different textures. Not too chocolatey, which is good for non-chocolate lovers, and not too sweet either. Perfectly balanced.

This is RM22.

Mostly pescatarian IG @lattemeetschai

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