Café Trippin’

Café Trippin’

For days you want to lounge around in a nice little café
Paige Lim
Paige Lim

It was a massive piece of beef burger. I found that there was too much sauce but it was still good. I enjoyed the beef patty — it was dense and moist.

Found a nice little hangout called The Wired Monkey a stone’s throw away from Rochor MRT station. I love the vibes here; it’s cosy and chill. The air-con here is pretty strong too. The interior design isn’t complex, with a mish mash of coffee cups in a cubicle that made for an aesthetic art piece in the cafe. There is a small display of bakes and I would usually go for the lemon loaf because it’s tart and sweet at the same time, and goes superbly well with an iced americano.

My friend and I got the Swiss roll [$4.50] and the cheesecake [$7.50].

It’s not that hard to bake Swiss rolls but to do them well is another matter altogether. The sponge cake was so fluffy, and delightful to eat. I would have loved it even more if the cream were to be less sweet.

The cheesecake was dense but not cloying. The crust was crunchy and the sweetness just right.

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Claypot rice with US shortplate shabu slices. They were very generous with the shabu slices, and the rice was evenly coated with a sweet sauce that I can’t put a name to.


Served with minced pork, scallops and prawns. I normally wouldn’t order porridge outside to share, but this was a pretty massive bowl filled with wok hei goodness. Each scoop of porridge fills up my tummy and warms my heart. 10/10 must order!!

Homemade laksa with crayfish and prawns. I heard this was a secret family recipe. The laksa broth was very flavourful and the spice level was palatable. The crayfish was a premium addition. I felt a bit sinful slurping the broth but I couldn’t stop myself.

Wok hei rempah fried rice with baby prawns and scallop, and lots and lots of crab meat (note: real and authentic crab meat). This was my favourite dish of the 4 that we had ordered that night. It was not too spicy, and each grain of rice was coated with some sublime sauce that made me go “oooh” with delight. 10/10 would order again.

This cafe is nestled within Laselle and was pretty empty on a Friday afternoon. This rice bowl contains steak and prawns atop a bed of Japanese rice. I liked that the prawns were really fresh! The steak was a bit tough but overall still ok. I enjoyed it.

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Crispy tempura fish fillet on white rice, topped with crunchy cucumber cubes and avocado; then drizzled with delicious slightly sweet and spicy kimchi mayo and BBQ sauce. Quite a satisfying meal.

It was an expensive slice of cake, but so rich and good. The Bailey didn’t come off too strong, but the cheese was luscious and creamy without being too surfeiting. The cookie base complemented the cheese very well.

It was a simple plate of waffles with scrambled eggs and honey bacon strips. I loved that the waffles were crispy and light. The whole dish felt very homely in a good way, and the cosy environment also helped to elevate the dish.

This was beautifully plated with an array of nuts that really worked my jaws! There were almonds, pecans and hazelnuts. The coconut yogurt was smooth and the slight tart flavour went well with the sweetness of the dark chocolate granola. It was a tad sweet for my liking. Overall, a very filling meal due to the nuts in this dish.

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