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Café Trippin’

Café Trippin’

For days you want to lounge around in a nice little café
Paige Lim
Paige Lim

For $5.40, you could choose a premium flavour and a sauce of your choice. I found the coconut cream to be way too sweet, but the sugar rush afterwards was euphoric.

It’s a pretty cozy place with decent vegetarian food options. This was a vegetarian dish. It looked colorful and appetizing, with nicely cooked eggs, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes atop a bed of mixed rice. I found this to be a bit oily for my liking, which could be due to the truffle oil. The ingredients were warm and tasted like comfort food, but was not in any way mind-blowing.

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This was all right - the tofus were fried to a crisp. Reminds me of Yong tau foo though.

This is, hands down, my favourite waffle in Singapore. It’s fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside. It’s very soft and light and airy, just the way I liked it.

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It was a creamy chocolate pie that was gooey and delicious. The crust contain some sea salt and it added another dimension to the taste. The whipped cream was quite sweet but pairs well with the chocolate pie.

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This was a creamy bowl of laksa spaghetti with fresh prawns and fish cakes. It was aromatic and every mouthful a gastronomic delight. The full portion was just nice in my opinion!

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I love everything coconut so I might possibly be biased. There was a distinct pandan flavour, infused with crunchy coconut bits and decadent gula melaka. I was sent to coconut heaven in an instant.

It would be more worth it to do a takeaway - $11 for 1kg was a decent price for a premium sourdough loaf. For starters, country sourdough would be a good choice.
I enjoyed the jam very much - I should have asked for the jam!

There are only 2 seats at the café but there is a communal seating area nearby. The acai was layered with bananas and granola, and I had almond butter as my topping. I like the almond butter here because it is crunchy and fragrant! The entire gastronomical experience was a very crunchy affair. I liked that the acai was very smooth, and left a nice aftertaste of dark chocolate.

This was quite an indulgent treat on a hot day. To my disappointment, there were only 2 quarters of the matcha waffles but the matcha accents were strong and aromatic. The ice-creams were creamy as well, albeit a little too sweet. It was a good dessert overall!

The waffles were fragrant and crispy, and the ice-cream was smooth and creamy. It was a delightful afternoon treat!

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The brownie was a delight to eat - the crispy exterior was well matched with the moist, gooey interior of the brownie. I liked how the chocolate melted on my tongue.

The cafe is a bit small and can only hold about 4 people at any one time, so this place is better for takeaways!


Loves Jesus, people and food :-)

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