Café Trippin’

Café Trippin’

For days you want to lounge around in a nice little café
Paige Lim
Paige Lim

This honey macademia pie was fragrant and very sweet. Best paired with green tea.

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“The Mala Chicken’O will be available from Jan. 2 to March, 2020 and consists of spicy mala chicken fillings, bamboo shoots, peanuts, onions and mala spices, encased in a buttery pastry.” This was quite an interesting item on the menu! There was a numbing sensation from the mala, so I think it did live up to its name... the chicken pieces were tender too. The only weird part was that the bamboo shoots were not crunchy and had a funny bite to them.

Grilled semi firm cheese, confit bellpeppers, onions, grilled sourdough, arugula & fries. The fries... were done so well and were the highlight of the meal for me. I also enjoyed the grilled sourdough!

I loved the ambience of this place... clean and fresh. This little pastry came with a warm butter and strawberry jam which was not cloyingly sweet. The earl grey scone was fragrant, with crispy edges and warm insides.

Ingredients: Almonds, goji berries, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, banana, dark chocolate, granola

It was a crunchy and nutty party right in my mouth, and I enjoyed it. The acai was a tad sweet and watery in my opinion, but that’s fine to me. The cafe also has free WiFi and is a good place to read a book when it’s relatively empty (late afternoons).

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Banana infused into buttermilk waffle, banana slices, walnuts, in-house salted caramel sauce, vanilla gelato

This is not for the faint-hearted - it was incredibly sweet but I would say that the flavours of the sweet caramel sauce and the banana slices melded together wonderfully.

Buttermilk waffle cubes, twirl of houjicha soft serve, brownie cubes, cookies and cream stick and garnished with purple flower.

It’s a pretty girly dessert that’s delightful to the eyes and to my tastebuds. The brownie cubes were chewy and moist! The houjicha ice-cream was fragrant and I could taste distinctive accents of the houjicha in the ice-cream. I enjoyed this thoroughly!

Sweet banana parfait, almond brittle & fluffy cognac cream. Contains nuts, alcohol & beef gelatin. Not for the faint-hearted.

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Butternut squash pumpkin with a dollop of bourbon cream. Creamy and delicious!


Sirloin char-grilled to medium (preference), house-seasoned fries, homemade sauce and coleslaw.

The coleslaw was a bit tart but quite unique in its taste. Meat was a bit tough... I should have opted for medium rare. But the homemade sauce was delicious! It stood out for me. I couldn’t really taste what it was but it tasted a little cheesy and a little savoury.

Crab, onion jam, grilled tomato, roasted asparagus, poached eggs, smoked paprika hollandaise, brioche toast.

Wished that the crab meat was more substantial and that the egg was more runny!

Japanese inspired fried banana in panko and nuts served with vanilla ice-cream. It looks like a zhng-ed up goreng pisang but it is actually more than what meets the eye. The bananas were sweet and they melted lightly on the tongue when I took a bite out of it. The fried batter also tasted fresh and light! A very delightful dish, though the portion was a bit small for the price.

Loves Jesus, people and food :-)

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