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Thiam Peng Tan
Thiam Peng Tan

(Clockwise from left) Cempedak creme brulee, tiramisu, bread pudding, Portuguese egg tart. The first actually worked. The last was really bad haha. No photo of the banana crumble, but eat that!

Char kway teow and asam pedas stingray. For a small and quiet buffet restaurant, it's a lot of stingray. For fans of the fish, here you can take as big a cut as you want.

Oxtail rendang, chinchalok crayfish, mutton curry, blue rice and keropok. The crayfish was a treat - abundant and fleshy. The mutton was also awesome - tender and flavourful. Free-flow crispy keropok was shiok. The great disappointment was the beef. A part so premium and they destroyed it. Contrary to usual, the meat was so tough.

Beef was horrendous. Left out in the cold after slicing. No positives. Chicken was much better. Nicely seasoned and quite tender.

I've encountered this before and I'll say it again: I can eat free-flow kueh pie tee all day!

(From left) Duck, mushrooms, apple. It was fun eating them.

Unusual item at a buffet, but appreciated nonetheless. Ordinary though.

Crab claw, snow crab leg, prawn... And har gow lol. The latter was forgettable. The crabs were for some reason too salty (seawater?).

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They called it Katong laksa but it couldn't be scooped with a spoon so no it's not. Still, it's a competent version and I can eat this all day. Better than laksa at other buffets.

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They actually do their live cooking well here. The soup base for this I'd actually pay to eat outside.

From the fresh seafood section. A rare appearance because another table swept them and left other diners nothing. These looked too big to be crayfish, but lobsters seem too valuable to be free-flow. I'm not complaining.

Voracious foodie who often doesn't snap photos of his food, making him a bad Burppler.

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