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Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats

Because there is always an extra stomach for dessert 😛
Lee Pei Yi
Lee Pei Yi

This is my second favourite out of the 4 desserts we ordered! My favourite is actually the salted caramel French toast but sadly, we devoured it so quickly that no photo could be taken HAHA (but please do yourself a favour and order it!!) The waffle here was thick and crispy on the outside but still fluffy inside. Unlike all the other desserts, this had 2 scoops of ice cream which in my opinion, is more optimal so you can have a bit of ice cream with every bite of waffle 😊

This complemented the other sweeter desserts we had ordered with a slight touch of sourness. I liked that there was a generous serving of blueberries and strawberries but the waffle here somehow wasn’t as crispy as the other in our chocolate and banana waffle.

Ordered this as part of the BB high tea set (1 sweet dessert + 1 drink, one for one!). It came as a stack of 3 pancakes topped with matcha mousse and served with whipped cream and a scoop of vanilla ice cream (hiding behind!!) Although it appears super aesthetic, somehow the matcha mousse was lacking in any real matcha flavour. I much preferred having the pancakes with the ice cream and matcha sauce on the side.


Seasonal flavour that will be gone on 31 Dec! Like today!! There was a layer of coffee-soaked sponge amidst the many other layers of chocolate crepe and mascarpone cream. I liked that this was not too sweet. But somehow this cake didn’t hold as well as their other flavours normally do and so it was threatening to disintegrate multiple times while we were eating!

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Wasn’t intending to get this initially but the sales lady saw us checking it out on the counter and started introducing all the cakes to us. We looked at each other, our eyes lit up and he made the call - YES, LET’S GET. Love love love this cake with its gula melaka fudge at the top and glutinous rice filling in between layers of sponge cake. The texture of the cake is really moist and not at all dry and crumbly. Will be back to try the other cakes like the ondeh ondeh and the durian which also look really good!

A hefty price tag for a slice of cake but this is seriously a life-changing strawberry shortcake!!! Most strawberry shortcakes get jelat after a while but this one stays light and enjoyable even till the last bite 😋 What amazes me the most is how the fresh cream can have such a full, luscious creamy taste while remaining airy and fluffy! This might be the only place I eat strawberry cakes at in future...

Matcha soft serve wasn’t particularly intense like I would have liked it but I was glad that it wasn’t too sweet! There was a single shot of kuromitsu (Japanese black honey) at the side which I had fun squeezing in. The almond slices also provided a contrasting crunch to the soft serve.

I was here on a weekday evening and the cafe was nice and quiet. There are comfy sofas for bigger groups to chill too!

Pistachio and dark chocolate fondente 😌 what this gelato lacks in creaminess, it makes up for in flavour! The richness of the pistachio and dark choc was really unrivalled (and that’s comparing it to all the gelatos I’ve had in Italy!) but that being said, the dark choc did get sooo dark and rich that I was a bit sick of the bitterness towards the end. Good gelato nonetheless but I still wish it could be smoother and creamier instead of chunky!

Pro tip: it costs the same to get a cone and a cup! I’d say go for the cone any day (the scoops are bigger here too)

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Someone bought this for me from the Tiong Bahru and when I first tried it, I went OOOH. Think flaky crispy crust filled with a smooth egg custard centre! 😍 I quickly googled Tiong Bahru egg tart and this super old school bakery popped up. It makes me so happy to know that such charming, old school bakeries like these still exist. While the egg tarts may not be as fragrant or as buttery as the ones at Tai Cheong or Honolulu, for $1.40, I have no complaints. I’ll definitely visit the store myself one day and eat these egg tart babies while they’re hot!

Fabulous deal with #burpplebeyond! We got elderflower mojito, skinny dark chocolate, salted caramel and hojicha and I enjoyed all of them thoroughly. The elderflower mojito sorbet was the most unique and it was as light and refreshing as the actual drink itself (though my friend found it a bit too sour). The hojicha was also really really good for a matcha lover like me cos it was super thick and luscious with some notes of bitterness. Initially, I thought the salted caramel was neither salty nor sweet enough but I soon realised that the fine balance that Denzy has cleverly achieved helped to ensure I wouldn’t get gelat. Skinny dark chocolate was also another example of rich bitter dark chocolate that you’d find yourself reaching out for scoop after scoop.

Belly and pocket are both happy thanks to burpple beyond 😌

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Hidden in a nondescript corner of Katong Shopping centre is this little old school bakery that you can smell even before seeing it! This banana pie was delightful with a buttery crust, shredded coconut and chopped almonds on top and packed with sweet, smooth bananas with a slight sour tang. This whole experience was made even better with the cute uncle boss! When I asked him if I’d have to keep the pies in the fridge if I’d like to store them overnight, he cheekily replied me in Mandarin “yes, but I recommend keeping it in your belly instead!” Indeed, with such delicious pies, I found it hard to keep them anywhere else!


Super rich and decadent brownie!!! This is every chocolate lover’s dream 🤗 The sea salt caramel bits are hiding in the brownie and it goes like ‘surprise!’ when you least expect it. It’s not that big but still good to share with a friend because of how fudgey it is

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Always on the lookout for good nomz

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