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Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats

Because there is always an extra stomach for dessert 😛
Lee Pei Yi
Lee Pei Yi
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Quite ex for a cup of bubble tea but I loved how the thick creamy taste of the milk was not too much to overpower the tea taste. 50% was also just right sweetness for me! Would much prefer this over tiger sugar haha

Such pretty eclairs I couldn’t bear to eat them!! The ispahan was made up of rose cream, chunks of lychee and whole raspberries, giving it a subtle sweet taste accompanied with hints of floral scent. The pistachio cream on the other hand was richer and more full bodied, with crunchy chopped nuts to add to the bite.

Liked both! Came here with burpple 1F1 and paid just $7 each for an eclair (UP $8-8.50) and a drink - we got iced earl grey latte and iced matcha latte (the matcha was gooooood, thick and creamy and sufficiently bitter but the earl grey was sadly too milky). But overall, FANTASTIC deal and chill afternoon in this quiet cafe, thanks burpple beyond!! 🤗

The bf calls me an AKK snob cos I only eat AKKs from here but how can anyone deny the fact that the AKKs here are just out of this world!!! The skin to filling ratio is truly SICK so that every mouthful gives like 70% of the smooth yet not too sweet filling and 30% of the chewy and not too sticky skin.

Pro tip: Must come by 2pm! Tried so many times to get this but they are always sold out due to the lunch crowd.

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White chrysanthemum with cocoa bits, hazelnut

First tried this at their East Coast outlet with the thyme cone and instantly became a fan - I knew I had to get this when I was at jewel despite the long queues on a weekend. I love how BOP’s botanical-inspired gelato is light without compromising on the flavour. A pity that the jewel outlet did not have the thyme cone - YOU GOT TO TRY THIS, the faint fragrance of thyme exuding from this crispy cone is a 💯

The inner lover of milk and all things creamy in me really shouted WEWWW aloud when I tried this interesting blue milk flavour. Don’t think I’ve had any flavour like this before!!!! And it’s not just yummy, the light blue colour of this scoop is also very pretty 😌

The pistachio ice cream is one of the better pistachios out there - the good pistachios have a nutty fragrance while there are others that leave you feeling ‘Ahh?? Liddat ah?’ because the deep green colour you see isn’t quite commensurate with the flavour you expect. So this one at apiary is quite good! But I don’t mind it being a little bit less sweet.

Will be back to try more flavours!

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$7.80 for a slice of matcha cake with a thin layer of sweet azuki paste and finally topped off with a shot of concentrated matcha sauce drizzled over. For those who like their matcha bitter, this place won’t disappoint! I only wish there was more matcha sauce so the cake would be less dry.

Located in a quiet corner of Chijmes, this cafe is modelled after a Japanese tea house with a modern twist. Although the cake is small, I’m happy to pay this price to sit and chill in such a zen place :)

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A very nice and chill cafe with decent cakes, although a little overpriced.

They are famous for the passionfruit meringue tart which was indeed good. The tart itself was of the right texture while the smooth cream filling allowed the passionfruit flavour to really come through. My only gripe would be that the tart is super small!!! Like even smaller than my palm :(

I personally felt the lemon meringue cake was even better than the tart! I was impressed at how the sponge layers were so moist and managed to bring across strong notes of the sweet and sour citrus flavours.

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I always find myself coming back to Creamier for more and more of their waffles and ice cream. With a wide variety of flavours to choose from, you will never be bored!! My favourite thus far has got to be the roasted pistachio - its creamy texture fully encapsulates the nutty fragrance (for the lack of a better phrase) of pistachio and bits of chopped nuts added an extra crunch. Pistachio is 开心果 (happy fruit) in Chinese and boy did savouring this while enjoying the buttery, eggy aroma of freshly made waffles wafting to my nose make me super super 开心 (happy)!!!

Also tried lapis which is a mix of some spices and cinnamon. I think this is an acquired taste but I REALLY loved it tooo. The black forest flavour comprised dark chocolate with alcohol-infused berries. Perfect for every chocolate lover!


Always on the lookout for good nomz

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