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Another day in the cbd; another salad place to be explored
Cherie Heng
Cherie Heng
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This smoked salmon salad with poached egg, cherry toms, avo, feta cheese and..... Its very addictive tzatziki yoghurt sauce just comes together and makes such a heavenly combination. The first bite in makes both myself and my friend squeal in delight - because its that good. And it inspires me to keep eating green.

Ps. This is on the menu and costs $19, its also on burpple! Do note that prices are not inclusive of GST and burpple 1 for 1 doesnt include Build-a-Bangin' Bowl.

They sure are treating us with the 1-for-1 protein bowls for just 10 bucks!!! In a place where salad is $$$. Happily dug in to this bowl of goodness: tender tomato stew beef, salmon lettuce, corn, tomato pasta! Wiped it clean

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Excited to hear how boufe came to town or raffles place (!!!) as the original outlet was slightly ulu. The salmon bowl is a big check as it serves all the goodness in a bowl with seared albeit slightly too charred salmon.

However some things don't work too- the noisy acoustics of the place (its hard to have a convo indoors), the slow queue, and ... that the haebeehiam pasta is way too plain for our liking.

Burpple one for one adventures! Salmon bowl is yums. ($15 for two mains)

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I love meeting friends at Cafe Milligram - for its chill vibes and brunch food! The beef quinoa bowl was v satisfying for all our palates - its chewy red quinoa, juicy steak, the well seasoned greens, mushrooms e.g.

A rainbow in the bowl makes to brighten up any day! Cant rave the same for the tomato cream gnocchi. Though i like the soup, the gnocchi was a lil too mushy for my liking. Extremely flavourful nevertheless!

($19 for both, with burpple one for one 😊)

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honey-fragrant and highly tender. Also pasta doused in sesame sauce was very appetising. Thank you to meal pal for this lunch treat :)

Its been a busier week so i'm thankful for this Salmon Pal with an assortment of pickled veggies (pineapple, onions, tomatoes), its not as sour as I expected though theres some diced chilli to watch out for. The truffle aioli sauce with the salmon sealed the deal.

The pickleville outlet looks spacious and seems like a nice hideout!

($3.50 with mealpal)

Always thought chicken breast is tough till i tried this one!! With the beetroot, avocado and coleslaw medley, this is a great midday treat, albeit the oily pesto pasta ($3.50 with mealpal)

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The combination was indulging me, with soba, crisp salmon, potato chunks, mushrooms and assorted greens. The salmon was slightly too dry for my liking but the rest hits the right spot. ($9.90) may be back to try the other meat assortments!


The citrusy taste of it just pairs so well with the greens and seared! tuna!!! Indulgent at $13, but worth every refreshing bite :-)

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The avo & roasted veg was a gr8 choice, and love the citrus zest of the soba with tender beef steak. Just that I'm still hungry after this. Thank you to Entertainer!!! :-) $7.5 after 1 for 1

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That barley quinoa + Parmesan mix + Wagyu beef for takeaway salad is pretty good, though I didn't feel too filled after this. Portions run a little small (see baby spinach) tho I'll deffo come back to give the mains a try!


In my quest to try all the salad in CBD.... my friend recommended me this one, which had bowls in Human ($13) / vegman sizes ($9). But proteins are only for humans!! (mini human for $8)

I think the sides are gr8, there's the purple beetroot hummus, perfectly warm and tender mushrooms, innovative egg white spinach, zesty lemon chicken. Plus having a view next to the river, though often covered by the queue, makes you forget just for a moment that you are in CBD. PS. Only wish there is cheese, else it's all goooöd


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