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Cafes In Singapore

Cafes In Singapore

On a hunt for the best desserts, coffee & food 🤤
Leonna Chua
Leonna Chua

I love all things taro & I enjoyed this a lot, albeit it's slightly pricey at $5.60 a cup. Sorry for the slightly dark photo, the lighting wasn't very good at where I was seated.

It wasn't too sweet (you can't choose the sugar level for this) and the taro pieces were very fragrant. Personally I also find it not too milky, which is nice for me!

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Part of the 6 dishes + free dessert set meal we have ordered for 6 pax ($108 if I'm not wrong).

Generous portion, big and fresh prawns & delicious herbal soup.

Pleasantly surprised with all the dishes and my family thoroughly enjoyed our lunch there on a weekend! Enjoyed every dish ordered and used Burpple Beyond, which made it very worth it.

Not pictured here, but I loved the waffles too 🤤

Enjoyed this very much compared to Dessert Cloud Nine Soufflé (which is miso soufflé & we thought it tasted quite confusing/weird haha).

Also ordered a Must-Try on its menu which is green tea peach (?) with cheese for $9.50 but was nothing special.

Despite the limited choices, Lunar Coffee Brewer still remains one of my favourite places for softserve. Unlike other places, their softserve do not melt as fast (definitely a plus point).

With only 2 choices for you to choose from, namely the Milky Way (coffee) and Earl Grey, whichever you choose honestly doesn't matter. Because the folks behind them surely knows how to perfect these 2. Not to forget the generous portion at this price! 😉


Lola's tarts are definitely worth a try when you are there. IIRC, these regular-size ones are going for $5.50/tart.


One of my favourite go-to places for lemon meringue tarts. Fell in love since 2014, and am still in love.

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