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Featuring Muchachos, Saveur (Far East Plaza), Chunky Lobsters (Oxley Tower), The Pelican, Pietro Ristorante Italiano, Rookery (Capital Tower), Pimp My Salad (PasarBella @ Suntec), Big Fish Small Fish (Bugis Junction), Harry's (Clarke Quay), Jerry's BBQ & Grill (Club Street)
Rachel Loke
Rachel Loke
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The chilli crab sauce tasted very similar to the actual dish! Slightly spicy, not too sweet, defo for those who love that chilli kick! The serving of fresh crab meat was decent, and the linguine was cooked al dente. Something worth trying here too!

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Another one of my signatures, this lobster burger surely was legit! Love the generous serving of the lobster meat (think it was a whole lobster?) which was very fresh too! It also comes with bacon and cheese. Defo worth the hefty price tag!

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A generous portion of snapper fish baked with mushrooms, asparagus, cheese, cream sauce, and covered with a huge layer of puff pastry! The fish tasted fresh and I love dipping the crispy puff pastry into the melty cheese/cream sauce! No wonder it's their signature dish. Would love to have it again (when my wallet allows 😅)!

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Topped with feta cheese, honey baked ham, rocket salad, sunny side up and mozzarella cheese, this pizza is said to be their bestseller. Well it has the standard ingredients that make a good "local pizza", and I don't deny that it's tasty too. I like that their handmade crust is thin yet still retaining some chewy bite to it.

That translates to pan fried rosemary chicken with white wine mushroom rosemary sauce. The chicken was tender, the asparagus was a nice surprise (since it wasn't mentioned in the description), and the sauce was pleasant and not too creamy. Decently delicious though not extraordinary.

This bowl consists of a baby spinach base, cherry tomato, roasted carrot with cumin seed, Japanese cucumber, oven baked salmon with dill and capers and Japanese sesame. Was quite disappointed that the bowl wasn't that filling. However, the ingredients were still fresh despite it being dinnertime already. Used the Entertainer App here, without which I doubt I'll come back again.

This was part of the weekday lunch set which comes with a starter (either salad or soup). The fish was pretty substantial and the batter crisp and well fried. Towards the end it got a bit too jelak somehow.

I've always loved quesadilla for the cheese, and being a fish lover, I naturally chose this. It comes in two halves and wow, it's a really substantial portion! Was quite full after finishing one half already! The fish was chunky and spread throughout, while the melty cheese certainly didn't disappoint! Recommend this if you want a change from the usual pork/beef Mexican food.

The party was succulent and thick, buns fluffy and crisp on the outside, and fries decent enough. Thought it was a little overpriced for this though, since nothing really screams fantastic about the burger...

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I believe this needs no introduction - the 20" (or is it 21") super huge pizza that can feed 4-5 pax, depending on how hungry you are. If you order this size, you can choose 2 flavours, which we got the one with Parma ham and the "Morning-" something flavour. (Oops I can't rmb the name)

I personally like that the crust is thin and crispy, which makes it more palatable and less gelat to eat. The toppings and ingredients are pretty fresh and tasty too!

Got this at a steal through the MealPal app, and it was pretty legit! The lobster meat was indeed chunky and tasted fresh. However was a little disappointed that the portion was a bit small. Perhaps it may be slightly bigger if bought in the original price?

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At first I thought the laksa sauce sounded exotic and interesting with popcorn chicken, but it wasn't exactly like the actual laksa sauce? And it was quite little too so towards the end it became just an ordinary dish of popcorn chicken...



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