MY: Chinese

MY: Chinese

Featuring Toast & Roast, Ooi Noodle House, Kedai Kopi Lucky, Purple Cane 紫藤茶原 (Shaw Parade), Lai Po Heen 麗寶軒, Sun Fong Bak Kut Teh, Restoran Fast Food Fish Head 大記河魚飯店, Hua Mei Bak Kut Teh (華美), Restoran Ah Meng 阿明家乡小炒, Fahrenheit 88
Carmen Chan
Carmen Chan

Made an order, and was told I had to wait 1 hour during lunchtime. Which was already crazy to begin with, but I was crazier and decided to wait (while exploring ss15 and it’s other food first lol). The broth was very flavourful/sweet, they didn’t hold back on the pork lard and the pork livers & intestines were cooked very well (none of that tough, overcooked nonsense) which I appreciated. But I wouldn’t wait an hour for this 😅 If I were to visit again I’d arrive in the morning instead where there’s less of a crowd.
RM9 for small, RM10 for large (pricey IMO!)

Delicious crab, but pretty pricey! Not a lot of variety of other dishes as well.

Apparently one of the most popular and oldest BKT joints in Johor, having existed for 50 years! Sadly the bak kut teh broth was a disappointment - not as herbal or flavourful as I would’ve liked it to be. But the meat was juicy & tender, especially the pork belly. I think I’ll stick with my Klang BKT.

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Not the best I’ve tried, but it’s really not bad. At least good enough to satisfy my Assam cravings! Their otak otak is also worth ordering.

Simple but one of the restaurant’s signature dishes! Every table seems to have ordered one of this. Though a little bland, the belacan really saved the day. The belacan packs a punch and the meehoon is a good vehicle for that flavour.
We also liked the salted fish claypot pork slices and their shrimp paste fried chicken wings.

Please for the love of god, do not come here for their dim sum. Their xiao long bao didnt even look or taste like XLB, tasted very frozen, artificial and anything you can find in the supermarket’s frozen aisle. The glutinous chicken rice was also very questionable, had some black speckles and tasted burnt (or it was a special herb I haven’t had before idek).

One good thing they got right is the Tom yam noodles and fish paste. Has an asam kick to it as well. Without this, I would’ve given the place a 1 star 😬

Mala soup and ingredients not as good as neighbour Xiao Long Xing Jiang Hu. Definitely cheaper though!

Crispy duck cooked with tea. Great to accompany with lettuce, cucumber, spring onion and fried omelette pieces! Healthier version of a Peking Duck.

Clear broth with mushrooms, vegetarian fish maw, beancurd and vegetables such as carrot, broccoli, corn and yam. Very hearty and perfect for a rainy day.

Fei Fan may be slightly more expensive than Sukiya, but unlike the latter it has homemade meat balls, pork slices and even pork innards for those who love them! Soup bases are also different, more geared towards Chinese flavours. Definitely one of my go to hotpot buffets. Do remember to make a reservation though, because it’s gained so much popularity that it seems to be completely full every night, even on weekdays.

If you love ginger, this is made for you. The abundance of ginger and Chinese cooking wine really gives it that extra heat and kick.

One of my fave hotpots! Even if you can’t handle mala soup that is too spicy, this one hits the spot. Not too spicy but enough heat to melt your tastebuds in the best way. Quality of their meat and shrimp pastes are 💯 I hear the coconut water soup is good too!

My favourite men is ramen

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