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Hao Chi Chinese Food

Hao Chi Chinese Food

Featuring I want my noodle, TungLok Seafood (Orchard Central), Souper Tang, Mak's Noodle (The Centrepoint), Treasures Yi Dian Xin (Paragon), TungLok Teahouse (Square 2), Tuan Yuan Pork Ribs Soup, Golden Spoon Restaurant, Moi Lum Restaurant, Crab Corner
May Foodie
May Foodie

The chinese wine stock goes extremely well with the garoupa fish fillet. Fish was really smooth and the soup was excellent. Not to forget, the fried garlics in the soup were really fragrant.

Unique plate of dish with cripsy puffs at the bottom of the chicken meat. The chicken skin at the top was really crispy.

The sauce oozes out from the lobster claw meat is amazingly good. It was really crispy and there was a tad of spiciness.

One of the dinner set menu comes with this soup mee sua. This high grade mee suan doesnt turn soggy at all and its really good! Soup was tasty too. Highly recommended!

Hidden gem in the bukit merah market area. Wanton skin is thin and smooth, wrapped with mainly pork, water chestnut. Theres also an aftertaste of flounder fish. Noodles is springy, and the chilli and sauce is excellent.
Price: $3


They serve really fresh ingredients. Must try their laksa broth, its simply amazing!

过桥米线 that is famous in yun nan, China. Mix the vermicelli and ingredients in the piping hot soup and eat it.

Vegetarian laksa from greendot. A must try dish when you are at the restaurant!

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Love the dim sum at tunglok teahouse. This Siew mai was filled with juicy pork, with bits of mushrooms. The ordering system was kinda unique too as they have this automated tray system. An ideal place for family or friends to get together.
Price: ~ $15 per pax

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Cutie deep fried man tou buns filled with red bean paste. Red bean paste taste good, not too overly sweet.
Price: $6.30 for 3

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