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Featuring City Hot Pot Shabu Shabu (One Raffles Place), Beauty in The Pot (KINEX), Gyu Jin (Japan Food Town), Spice World Hot Pot, Hai Di Lao Hot Pot (Novena), Pot Yummy Yummy, Chicken Hotpot (ChinaTown Point), Hai Di Lao Hot Pot (Century Square), Shi Li Fang (Eastpoint Mall), City Hot Pot at One Raffles Place
Ash L
Ash L

Pretty yummy but portion was v small
Works out to around 12$ (9.90++) for lunch set. Just wanted to try sth different today

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Really enjoyed this!
25$ p set

Beef was good but can’t believe they serve ice cream from Magnolia from the plastic tub... went for the mid range premium beef at 40 plus plus per pax and missing shabu Sai somehow

21.99 plus GST for the pork option. One of my fav haunts for hot pot lunch ! V yummy but can’t find the chilli sauce that I had earlier

Prevent decent food and service. Can be a pricy at 70 p pax this time

one of the best as usual. But would still prefer the days where there were less outlet. Free flow of white rice at least. Now leaning back to HDL...

Haidilao at Century Square!
Used to be a sucker for mei ren guo but I think my experience has been on an upward trend w HDL. So will sticky w HDL prolly!

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Nice food :) awesome lunch I had.

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Conveyor belt hotpot w individual pot.
Good service and food looks clean.
After 30% promo off eatigo. Paid 52$ for 2 for dinner.