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Desserts 🍨🍰🍦

Desserts 🍨🍰🍦

Featuring Sunday Folks, Cake Spade, iO Italian Osteria, One Ice Cafe (JCube), Swensen's (The Clementi Mall), Griddy (Our Tampines Hub), Food Emporium (Changi Airport Terminal 4), Buddy Hoagies (Bukit Timah Shopping Centre), BreadTalk (Westgate), Awfully Chocolate (Jem)
Komal Salve
Komal Salve
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One of the national day specials, this was a bowl-shaped pastry with custard in the bottom and the inside layered with kaya, sprinkled with powdered sugar. A nice sweet treat! I got 3 different national day specials for $3 using Grab pay.

This was so delightful! Baked beautifully golden brown and crispy with oozing stretchy cheese inside. I have seen that famous Turkish chef on Instagram making a huge version of this so I was extremely excited to try it! They're supposed to make this thin vermicelli noodles (like seviyan in Indian cuisine) from scratch and from them into this patty while filling it with this curd like Turkish cheese. It's then baked til golden brown and til the cheese melts wonderfully. According to the instagrammer chef, Burak Ozdemir, sugar syrup (with saffron) is poured over this baked dish which turns it into dessert. The dish I bought however has sweetened milk surrounding it so this restaurant probably used condensed milk or just sweetened milk. This additional dairy made it pretty rich so it's a must to share this. Definitely good for 4 people as I was struggling after finishing 1 piece. It was a great experience and I'm definitely getting it again! $10 for this whole thing. It's pretty worth it if you think about it since you can share with 4 people.

Extremely tender, sweet, buttery and beautifully caramelized on the outside... This is my new favourite dessert. Plus, there is apparently no added sugar or honey, which is completely unbelievable to me since it's SO SWEET!!! How do you even get that caramelization without sugar??? Amazing! No wonder this is such a popular item. So darn worth it! Only $2.80 each!

At $3.90, this may seem expensive, but the size is HUGE! It's like a bagel but softer and filled with chocolate chips, ganache and cream cheese. Worth a try!

The custard is so smooth and creamy! Not too sweet. But I still do prefer the blueberry jam one. That jam was so goooood!

Everything just melted in my mouth...this was actually so good! Please do try before it's gone as I'd never seen this at BreadTalk before. It's probably a limited-time-only item! The blueberry jam on top had little globules of blueberries which were a burst of extra flavour once they were bitten into. I don't like very sweet things so this was a pleasant surprise for me as the jam was not so sweet! Loved it! Even the custard inside was only slightly sweet. Just the right amount. Not the overly, sickly kind of sweet. I ate this Danish a couple of hours after purchasing it and still, the pastry tasted fresh and buttery and just really melted in my mouth.

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The brownie was nice and warm but the ice cream tasted like a generic tub of vanilla ice cream from Fairprice. At the price, though, it's worth it! It was only $4.90

This was an absolute favourite on the table, garnering squeals of delight from everyone upon trying it! Complete melts in your mouth and it's just so light! Must try! $14 and worth it!

$16 and the ice cream was oh so delicious!!! The lava cake was great too!

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Looks great and melts in your mouth! The cream cheese icing is a tad too sweet for me. $6.90

Light and fluffy. Aesthetically nice πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½

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