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Featuring Singapore, Stateland Asian-Fusion Cafe, Tiong Bahru Bakery (Tiong Bahru), Hatter Street (Kovan), oblong, 2am : dessertbar, iSTEAKS Diner (The Star Vista), ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre, Ippudo (Mandarin Gallery), Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar
Edmund Phua
Edmund Phua
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The chocolate caramel is akin to chocolate ice creams found in convenience store, and the matcha and hojicha softserve really lack the flavour that I was looking forward to.

The Pompom won my heart over, with not only it's aesthetics but the taste. There was a perfect balance between tart and sweet with the fragrance of apple permeating with each mouthful. An enjoyable dessert indeed!

Opted for a savory waffle off the variety of items on the menu at Shen & Co, the Oriental is basically a waffles topped with a poached egg and salted egg sauce. The surprising thing about this dish was the fact it was 'jelak', the curry leaves and chilli helps to balanced out the heaviness of the salted egg sauce and poached egg combined together. The downside is that the waffles was quite soggy because it was entirely drenched in the sauce itself. Nevertheless, an enjoyable dish.

Probably regretted my decision immediately as the drink felt jelat after awhile, the cheese was really rich and I had trouble finishing it. Also, paying $1 for a brulee felt unnecessary. I'll just stick to their original version in future.


Here mainly for their gelatos, i decided on Matcha Gao, and Wasabi. The Wasabi Gelato isn't as exotic as it sounds, there is bits of white chocolate mixed into it to balance out the pungent flavour while still retaining the spiciness at the end. The Matcha Gao was really an enjoyable flavour for me as it adore strong Japanese tea inspired flavours. The taste of the matcha was really distinct with the bitterness kicking right at the end of the palette yet not overwhelming.
There are other interesting flavours such as Cereal Milk, Yakult Green Tea, as well as refreshing flavours such as Strawberry Sorbet and Watermelon Calamansi. I'll be back again to try their fusion pastas as well as other gelato flavours.


The Chiilli Crab Sauce is suprisingly well balanced, neither too sweet nor spicy, pairing well with the crumbly tart base. The only flaw of this dish is the extremely tiny piece of crab claw that has barely any meat.
Do keep a lookout for other uncommon items such as yam lava bun, a change from our usual salted egg bun, as well as the Deep Fried Savory Dumpling(Ham Sui Gok) which is shaped like a carrot.


The surprising thing about this sandwich is that the ingredients doesnt fall out when you bite into it, it stays compact inside the bread itself. While the steak was the main component of the sandwich itself, the honey bourbon mustard binded the flavour of the different ingredients together, making each mouthful really satisfying.
Other then sandwiches, Quiznos also serves up pizzas and other finger food, and many others in the near future.


Coming at a portion size of two, the fish fingers was fried to perfection, crunchy on the outside yet retaining the softness of the fish inside. Accompanied by the salsa and zesty sauce, every mouthful was delightful and enjoyable.

The Applewood Smoked Chicken(not featured above) was delicious as well, aside from being fork tender, the smokiness helps to elevate the flavour up a notch.

Aside from the good food, the service here is excellent as well, even though there was only one guy serving, he still manages to serve the customers while attending to their needs.


With food ranging from organic products such as cacao nibs, gojiberries to snacks like truffle potato chips, cashew nuts to Pringles sour cream and onion instant noodles, redmart has a wide variety of products to choose from.
Thank you @andwhyte and @redmartcom for hosting, @thefussyfoodie_ for extending the invite

If so, head down to Carlton city to give their Creme Brulee softserve a try! The cone is first filled with Hokkaido milk ice cream before topping off with a custard base and then torched.
I wasn't a fan of this probably cause it was Hokkaido milk ice cream but they have other gelato interesting gelato flavours as well such as red wine.

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Even though I had to leave early, I'm still glad to be Able to experience my first food trail with @eatmoresg
To many more food trails, and thank you @justin_ckj for hosting.

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