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Spoons Of Delights
Spoons Of Delights

Second time back at here

This time round, i got the medium ($11.90) cup with mangoes, dragonfruit, maple pumpkin granola, toasted coconut flakes, coconut chia pudding, almond and peanut butter drizzle!

Great healthy dessert to eat on a scorching hot day!

Check them out at Esplanade Mall 01-K7! They are situated on the leftside of the Esplanade Outdoor Theatres! They are also on @burpple beyond 1 for 1 listing for L and XL cups!

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Heng Heng Kueh combines more than 40 years of kueh making experience, with fun and innovative creations to keep the tradition of kueh making relevant to modern palette! Savour their Award Winning Signature Creations that are vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, low sugar.

The kuehs here are made fresh daily, with no pork and no lard! Choose from a wide variety of kuehs! Mix and match 3 boxes for $8! Very affordable pricing!

Featured here are the following items:
💚Ondeh Ondeh: Chewy pandan rice flour dough with super oozy flowy liquid gula melaka syrup that bursts in the mouth full of flavour!

🌈Rainbow Kueh Lapis: Have this colour kueh lapis to brighten up your day!

💚Kueh Salat: Woah, this is my favourite kind of kueh salat! Because the pandan kaya layer is more than the rice ratio! I LOVE the kaya layer more than the rice layer! Very smooth and fragrant kueh!

💛Ubi Kayu: Soft chewy tapioca with freshly grated coconut!

They are located at 3838 Eating Place near Bugis+. Look out for the bright yellow sign with the Fortune Cat Logo! Be sure to head there early to get your favourite kuehs!

📍 3838 Eating Place
269B Queen Street 01-0235, Singapore 180269

⏰️ Opening Hrs: Monday - Sunday
Time: 8am to 4pm

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@haolaiwusg Steamboat & BBQ buffet!

Feast on all you can eat “Steamboat & BBQ” Buffet with over 90 dishes! They have an extensive selection of fresh seafood, BBQ and Shabu Shabu meat! There is chicken, pork, beef, lamb and many seafood! Choose from a variety of hot hearty soups!

I had the herbal soup and mala soup! Love the nourishing herbal soup! Mala soup was pretty spicy!

The presentation of the dishes and the interior of the restaurant was all so pretty! Bright neon lights with colourful murals. Some of the hotpot ingredients are served in traditional tea cups too! Interior was decorated with bright neon lights and flashy murals. Check them out if you are looking for an all new Hotpot & BBQ dining experience!

The buffet price is affordable! $27.80++ (weekdays) or $29.80++ (weekends) for a dining duration of 90 minutes. Cost of soup is separately charged at $8-$12.

📍37 Smith St, Singapore 058950
📍175 Bencoolen St, 189649

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Nestcha specialises in beverages that have birdnest, peach gum, and hand pounded honey lemon tea! They also have freshly made cake box for dessert as well! If you are a mochi fan, this is the place to come as well!

Featured here are the following items:

Mango Pomelo Bird's Nest ($12.90): Super tasty drink! This is not your usual mango pomelo sago, as other than the usual ingredients, it comes topped with birdnest as well as pudding! Lots to eat in every mouthful!

Orange Camellia Tea ($5.90): If you prefer something lighter, check out their ROCK THE HONEY LEMON TEA series! The drinks under this series are hand pounded, which really brings out the taste! Thirst quenching and super refreshing!

💜Yam Chicken Floss Mochi Cake ($9.90): I super love this! It was presented in a very bright purple colour! The cake layers were soft and moist. In the middle of the cake layers is savoury chicken floss with crispy crunchy seaweed! For the top layer, it is covered in taro orh nee and a qq chewy mochi! I enjoyed this so much!

Sea Salt Soya Mochi Cake ($9.90): This is similar to the yam chicken floss mochi cake, but instead of being taro yam themed, it is a salty sweet combination! ⁣

PROMOTION ALERT: Every wednesday, members get to enjoy 50% off selected cakes if you join their free membership! For the up coming weeks, Sea salt Soya Mo chi will be on 50% discount on 15 March, and for 22 and 29 March 2023, it wll be the Tiramisu!

Check them out at the following two outlets:
📍⁣ Chinatown Point, #B1-50⁣
📍 68 Haji Lane⁣

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You can customize your own acai cup! They also offer UNLIMITED toppings (for medium cup and above; for small cups you can choose 3 toppings) ranging from crunch, fruits, nuts, seeds, proteins and drizzles!

Featured here are the following two medium cups ($11.90) order we customised:
-Maple pumpkin granola + mango + strawberry + cacao nibs + coconut chia pudding + almond butter drizzle
-Raisin coconut granola + dragonfruit + blueberry + chia seeds + milk powder + honey

We were recommended to try out the combination of milk powder and acai! Apparently this is a very popular way of eating in Brazil! Try this out for yourself!

Check them out at Esplanade Mall 01-K7! They are situated on the leftside of the Esplanade Outdoor Theatres!

Second revisit to Dough Cafe!

This time round, I wanted to try out their mains (served from 1030am onwards)! Reached on a sunday afternoon at 12+pm and it was quite crowded, but the wait was still less than 10mins (the queue got even longer after we were seated; but fret not they have a 1 hour dining time in the aircon area, and we did see the staff "chasing" customers who have sat around in the indoor area for >1 hour to head to the outdoor seating area instead)

Ordered the Dough Platter ($28++), which was big portion enough for 2 not super hungry adults. This platter is the most popular item here, and it has 200g smoked chili maple glazed pancetta steak, 3 hashbrown cakes, scrambled eggs, pickled shrooms, balsamic brussels sprouts, and house spiced butter baby corn and carrot. I must say this dish was very well done! All the food were very well spiced and marinated! It is different from the typical big breakfast you get in other cafe which all taste rather plain tasting. Special shoutout to the Balsamic Brussels Sprouts! For a non-veg eater me, this was SUPER good, and I actually quite a few of it! The sauce for the glazed pancetta was also very nicely done! The scrambled eggs was however the most runny and liquidy scrambled egg I have ever eaten. I liked the salty furikake kind of toppings for the egg though! Gave it a different dimension taste!

Pistachio Raspberry Cube Croissant ($6.50++): Snagged the last of this item from the tray! Crispy flaky outer croissant layer! However, the fillings tasted more like bitter matcha than what I expected it to be. More pistachio than raspberry.

My last visit to this cafe was in Jul 2021, when they still didnt charge GST and service charge..Now there is!

We did not order drinks here though, as we were intending to head to Hvala for drinks and desserts! We weren't the only ones with the same idea in mind too, as we saw three other group of customers from Dough which also headed to Hvala after HAHA!

New Korean Bingsu place at Bugis! @nunsaram_cafe has opened a new outlet right at Bugis Junction!

Had always wanted to try Injeolmi Bingsu ($14.90 for the Large sized portion) so we tried it this time round! The Large Sized portion was more than enough for 3 adults who were not super duper hungry!

The bingsu ice shavings were super powdery! It was topped with soybean powder and ther was even chewy mochi on the the inside of the bingsu!

Nice environment here too, not squeezy!

Many other flavours to try like Mango, Strawberry, Green Tea, and many more! They also serve savoury food here too!

Walked by @kazosingapore and noticed that that they sell tarts! Hence bought some to celebrate family’s birthday! 🥳🎂

- taro orh nee tart
- lemon meringue tart
- chocolate hazelnut tart

1 for $3.60, 3 tarts for $10.50. Can mix and match the tarts!

Unique Space Theme Chinese Restaurant in Singapore - !

Be prepared to be blown off by the food here! Situated in bugis (along the popular liang seah street), this restaurant has a very insta-worthy space theme and serves tasty delicious Sichuan Chinese Cuisine!

Featured here are the following items:

-Fresh Golden Seabass Platter with 2 different soup base: This hotpot was served in a cute heart shape pot! For the same price, you can choose 2 soup bases! One of the soup base will be in the inner small heart! I recommend to get the 招牌藤椒锅Green Pepper Soup for the small soup base, and the 招牌鸡豆花锅 Chickpea flower Soup for the large ones! The non-spicy soup was super comforting, and the green pepper one wa super shiok to eat! The seabass comes without bones, and it was super fresh and tender!

-Gongbao Prawn Balls: Very insta-worth dish! This comes served with dry ice mist! Very apt for the space-theme! The prawns were very fresh and qq and the gonga bao sauce was sweet and spicy! Comes with cashew nuts too!

-Sweet and Sour Pork: This sweet and sour pork is very different from the typical tzechar version. This version uses lean pork and comes thin sliced! I enjoy this version so much! Lots of sweet and sour sauce to coat the fried pork slices too!

-Grilled Skewers: Got the juicy chicken and grilled mushrooms! JThe skewers are seasoned with their signature spices, and it is kept hot on the candle grill!

Greatly enjoyed my dining experience here!

It was not crowded when we reached for dinner time. However, the toasts were not available after 5pm (must come another time to try)!

So we ordered the following items to try instead:

-Minced Pork Rice ($6.80+): I actually pretty like this! Because it was the minced pork kind, and not the thick cut belly pork! So depending on your preference, you may or may not like it! For me, it is a yes, I will visit again to eat this!

-Guo Shao Egg Noodles ($7.80+): So happy we decided to order this instead of the minced pork noodles!This was pretty much like ee mian noodle soup, but the noodles kinda have a different texture, more chewy! The soup was a very comforting soup base! Comes with pork balls, crabstick and egg.

-Pork Floss and Cheese Omelette ($8.30+): This was surprisingly the most expensive item out of all the dishes we ordered. This taiwanese omelette was different from what I expected. It was not the crispy scallion pancake kind, but more of a chewy eggy thick kueh-like texture pancake. I think I am not a fan of this! But will return again to try the toast next time!

-Cold Soybean ($2.80+)

Cantonese style cuisine @WingSeongFattys Restaurant!

Have walked past this restaurant many years ago and was wow-ed by the huge amount of crowd! Fast forward many years later, I am finally here to pay this place a visit!

Featured are the following items:
-Seafood Hor Fan
-Fried Prawn with Salted Egg
-Chicken in Claypot
-Sweet and sour pork
-Braised Beancurd
-Fried Foo Yong Eggs

Overall the meal was quite tasty and affordable! Though the food may get slightly salty, so best to get plain rice to accompany the dishes!

Check them out at 175 Bencoolen Street, Burlington Square # 01-31, S189649. They have both aircon and outdoor seats! Do make a reservation for indoor air con seats to avoid disappointment!

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My number 1 favourite dessert spot whenever im in bugis is at ah chew desserts! Head there earlier before everyone finishes dinner to have a shorter queue! My typical orders are usually an iced dessert and a cold egg pudding! 💕

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IG and TikTok @spoonsofdelights

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