Novena/Toa Payoh/ Balestier / Farrer Park

Novena/Toa Payoh/ Balestier / Farrer Park

Featuring Pek Kio Market & Food Centre, Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak (Boon Lay Place Food Village), The Talad Drink & Thai Kitchen, Seoul Yummy (Square 2), White Restaurant (Toa Payoh), Mr YouTiao (Square 2), OldTown White Coffee (Square 2), Hong Kong Street Family Restaurant (Novena Gardens), Saizeriya (Bukit Timah Plaza), DON DON DONKI (Square 2)
Spoons Of Delights
Spoons Of Delights

Did you know that Han's cafe sell tausarpiah! Gave it a second try again and got the chicken meat floss, pandan and taro tausarpiah. My favourite is still the yam one! It is only slightly dry, though the yam taste could be stronger. I almost chickened out from getting the chicken meat floss because I was afraid that it will taste weird. But at the same time, I wanted to try how it tasted like. Alas, this savoury option was actually not bad? But it is dryer than the taro yam one and it jus flosses out everywhere quite messy to eat. And surprisingly, the pandan paste one was my least favourite

My weird combination of food for a meal at Mei Heong Yuen Desserts! I recall eating the 3-colour cakes (essential yam cake, carrot cake and pumpkin cake) at the chinatown branch years ago and I remembered that I was so unsatisfied with it because it was cold and not appetising. But this time round, it was served pipping hot and I enjoyed it so much! (Maybe also because I was famished haha) amongst the 3 I liked the pumpkin cake the most! Followed by the yam cake and then the carrot cake. It went well with both the sambal chilli and the sour spicy chilli (self service the second chilli from the counter). End off this meal with a mango roll ($3.5), something that I have eyed for a long time but always can't bear to pay $3.5. essentially a coconut jelly wrapped around fresh mango slices. Thumbs up for this meal!!

My third time back at La Pasteleria to try the different flavours of brownies! Tried the speculous brownie ($5.5) this time round! And as the name suggests, it is speculous flavoured. There were some speculous bits on top and in the middle of the brownies. However, I felt that the speculous taste was barely there. All I could taste was brownie brownie brownie and maybe only 1% of speculous flavours. So between the three that I have tried so far, the salted caramel one is still my number 1 favourite and this ranks the last now.

My second time trying out the brownies from La Pasteleria!🤗 (Because it is situated at a convenient location near MRT plus there are no long snaking queue). Tried Wally brownie ($5) this time round! And as the name suggests, Wally stands for walnut! The brownie had 4-5 walnut bits in it! There wasn't any flowy sauce in the middle of the brownie for this though (unlike the salted caramel one I tried earlier). Do note that if you are ordering through grabfood, there is an additional 50 cents charge for "packaging". (Which I found weird because it was the same packaging for takeaway and no additional 50 cents was charged for walk in takeaway. So it is like a 50 cents surcharge for using grabfood, which is a similar situation for all other grabfood merchants where a higher marked up price is listed on the grabfood app on top of delivery fee which you have to pay if you are not doing self pick up).But since I used a grabfood voucher for the purchase, the price differential was of a smaller issue to me 😅

Was attracted to this place because of their steamed seabass with lime and chilli $9.9 promo. Plus they were listed on Burpplebeyond and we get to enjoy 1-for-1 for the other dishes too! (Note the promo $9.9 steamed seabass is not included in the 1 for 1 promo). The main dishes that we ordered are: clear tom yum seafood soup, crispy kangkong, Thai omlette with oysters and stir fry chicken with cashew nuts (all $9.9 each).

The steamed seabass was fresh! But the chilli wasn't as spicy as what we had in Thailand (Songkla) before. The tomyum soup and the zhup for the steamed fish was quite similar though. So I will advise to opt for the green curry instead of the tomyum soup if you are getting the steamed seabass too! The kangkong was crispy till can't really taste the vegetable. Good for ppl like me who don't eat vegetables. I think I ate around 10 sticks that night 😂 and I love the spicy chilli sauce that comes with the crispy kangkong! We felt that it was slightly too fried though so it will be too much of it is only shared between 2 pax. For larger groups it will still be alright and not too jelat. I like the crispy fried Thai omelette egg as well! Got the oysters (although I don't eat oysters) because it was the higher priced $9.9 item and more worth it for the discount 😅 as for the stir fry chicken with cashew nuts, it came swimming in a pool of reddish oil and gave me a shock. Quite different from what I expected (and diff from the one we last ate at nahkohn Thai Vivo). But because big red chilli was used, it wasn't spicy at all. All in all we paid about $41+ for 4 pax for above dishes + rice and drinks. Affordable meal with Burpplebeyond. Use my code to get 30% off Burpplebeyond membership plans: LIJU445

Reached right when they opened hence pealrs were still not ready (i.e. couldn't order the brown sugar series drinks), hence I ordered the mango smoothie with lava ($5.8) and volcanic white sapphire ($4.8). The mango smoothie came with a cute whale, the "lava", but because of the cup cap used, it wasn't visible haha. I liked the chewy jelly in this drink! Some sliced fresh mango was also seen blended into this drink 👍🏻

Do check out the stall at city Square mall for these interesting drinks! They are located right opposite dondondonki.

Do note that their operating hours seem to start from 1130am now (instead of 10am as shown on Google map)!

Reached right when they opened hence pealrs were still not ready (i.e. couldn't order the brown sugar series drinks), hence I ordered the mango smoothie with lava ($5.8) and volcanic white sapphire ($4.8).

As for the volcanic white sapphire, it was the most ordered drink as seen from the IG photos. The coconut milk is mixed with Spirulina for the blue colour! (There is no added taste from the blue Spirulina) The drink comes with peach gum as well which is like jelly white fungus like texture.

Do check out the stall at city Square mall for these interesting drinks! They are located right opposite dondondonki.

Do note that their operating hours seem to start from 1130am now (instead of 10am as shown on Google map)!

Relatively new Japanese bakery in novena! Finally paid a visit because they are closed every wed while I always happen to be in novena only on wed 🤣 got the cinnamon roll ($3.2) which was a mix between croissant and cinnamon roll. I absolutely love this! A quiet and lovely bakery with dine in seats as well. They serve breakfast items such as toast and sandwiches as well!


Decided to give yocha's mix and match dessert a try since my Burpplebeyond membership is about to end soon. Got the set A1 honey aiyu jelly ($4.2) and a customised aiyu jelly + Q ball + lychee coconut jelly + passionfruit popping pearl + wintermelon juice ($4.2 too). 1 for 1 with Burpple beyond! I must say the wintermelon juice is reallllly bitter pls don't get that! The lemon juice liquid topping was much better.

Have been eyeing the fish and chips from master chippy for a loooong time ever since it appeared on Burpplebeyond's 1 for 1 list! Made my way down to braddell just for this! It is situated in one of the HDB coffeeshop. Opted for the dory fish and chip (original price $7.8 per dish) along with sides french fries and mashed potato (other basic side options include rice and coleslaw). When the food was served, I was amazed. The portions are hugeeeee! Both fries and fish. And it was the first time I could not finish my fries. There is no fishy slimy taste in this fish and chips too! Friendly service from the staff here as well!👍🏻

Read about La Pasteleria's new opening in novena and it was at the top of my list when I returned to the novena neighbourhood earlier this week. Took me quite some time to locate them. They aren't inside royal square novena but outside near courtyard Marriott's entrance and near twomenbagelhouse (I walked past twomenbagelhouse and was shockedddd by the long queue of youngsters, like 15+ ppl? Haha twomenbagelhouse is the next food on my list to try when I'm back in novena!)

Visited the place at around 1+pm on weekday afternoon and the brownies was still available! Got the seasalt brownies ($5.5) to try! Just to note, the caramel core wasn't the flowy kind even though I heated it up to eat the next day. But I thought the caramel and sea salt went super well! I super love the salty taste of the seasalt, complementing with the sweet caramel and less sweet brownie. The only problem I had was trying to apportion out the seasalt sprinkles and caramel to the whole brownie (and it kind of got too salty in the end as I was eating from around the square inwards lol). May be back again to try the other brownie flavours! But $5.5 was slightly expensive imo (but the normal price of most bakeries and homemakers now), so it shall be once in a few months indulgence?

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Visited bread yard last weekend! Surprisingly the place was CROWDED when it was a sat afternoon at ulu one north! Guess everyone will flock to good food no wonder how ulu the location is. was glad that we could get the Banana Foster ($16+) with Burpplebeyond! Along with the much raved Pulled Pork Benedict ($14+). I was veryyyyy satisfied with both dishes! The star of the pulled pork benedict dish was the pulled pork for sure! And I liked the spicy peri-peri sauce that accompanied it! The spice and everything was perfect. This is by far the BEST pulled pork dish I have had in Singapore!

IG @ spoonsofdelights Food is always on my mind 20% off burpple beyond

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