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Grace Lau
Grace Lau

Sourdough toasties with emmental, red cheddar and brie. We had pretty high hopes but these tasted just average. The bread was really well toasted but the cheese just wasn’t melty and gooey enough... the tomato chilli relish makes it a little nicer though!

Ultimate cheese toasties with brie, gouda, cheddar and mozzarella. This grilled cheese sandwich really meets expectations and it’s one of the better ones out there!

Beef pastrami toasties with mozzarella cheese and roasted peppers. Really decadent and substantial. Crisps on the side were light and nicely seasoned with salt and pepper too.

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One of the more popular dishes at Wild Honey is this spicy shakshouka. Tomatoey and flavourful without being too oily and acidic, this had to be one of the best shakshoukas I’ve had so far. Opt for the soft pillowy brioche bread and you’ll thank be later.

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An indulgence for the sweet tooth. Waffles were warm and crispy, generously drizzled with maple syrup and a dust of icing sugar. We really enjoyed the almond sesame brittle thing going on that goes amazingly well with the vanilla icecream and waffle. Load them all together and that’s perfection is a bite!

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Absolutely love the toasted brioche that literally crumbles and melts in your mouth! Load it with the truffle scrambled eggs and that’s perfection. The baked potato and mushrooms were delightful too. Can never get tired of this dish!

Do expect a long queue during weekend brunch, but you get seated quite quickly.

Seems like a dish that everyone orders here, and we totally get why! The rosti has a nice golden crisp from pan-frying, and the potato is shaved quite coarsely, giving a good bite in every mouthful. However, the sausages were rather salty, and the oil from them must have seeped into the rosti, making the rosti quite salty as well.

Consists of 2 thick and fluffy sweet brioche french toasts that are golden and crispy on both sides. Love the berry compote that goes perfectly with the toasts! The scoop of vanilla icecream came really handy when you’ve run out of the compote to eat the toasts with.

Huge portion of crispy french fries drizzled with some special mayo, furikake seasoning and heaps of bonito flakes. This was really savoury and addictive! Who’d knew a soft boiled egg could go so well with fries??

This dish was alright, nothing extraordinary. Probably wouldn’t order this again for $21. The star of this dish might have been the crispy Bayonne ham. Like any other eggs Benedict, devour it before the bread gets soggy~

The atmosphere of the place was lovely! Loved the warm lighting and decor. The staff there were friendly and really made sure that you had a pleasant dining experience with them. Food was served within 10 minutes!!🌟 Will return to try other dishes.

May seem a little pricey for a small portion of pasta, but it definitely fills you up. Cheese-filled dumplings swimming in a cheesy cream sauce, it’s screaming nothing but CHEESE! Love how savoury the dish was, and the beautiful presentation.

This was quite a large bottle compared to other cafes. It was really creamy with a very very mild coffee flavour. Would definitely prefer a white cold brew with more coffee and less cream.

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A student’s guide to good food 💁🏻‍♀️

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