Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea

On the hunt for the most worth it bubble tea.
Ems Huang
Ems Huang

Visited @bawangchaji_sg for the second time @funansg

Tried their Forever Spring Oolong Tea ($4.90). It comes with a cheese foam on top.

This shop is pretty serious about their tea and there are no toppings available!

The tea itself is fragrant, light and with a slight bittersweet aftertaste.

I am not a fan of cheese milk foam but this was surprising light, lightly salty sweet and enhances the overall taste of the tea.

Definitely will visit again.

They do have a small sitting area but it's always pretty packed.

📍Ba Wang Cha Ji 霸王茶姬
Funan L2 (took over Milksha's space)

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Light tea taste, will be bitter if no sugar added

Their Tea is ok refreshing, at least can taste the Earl Grey 😂

Strawberry milk was really very much like pure strawberry milk you get in the supermarket.

Personally find the price a bit expensive for the tea quality. (with pearls $4)

Seasonal Grape Boba! Too bad no grape yakult drink. Had it with sg milk tea 50% sugar.

The grape boba tastes like hi chew grapes.

Not bad, my fav is still the chrysanthemum pearls! Maybe grape will be a permanent flavour too?

Grape cheezo boba tea but without cheese.

Ice blended, 50% sugar with chunks of grapes.

I like the tea and chunks of grapes but the price is $9.50 is really quite high.

Much needful on this really hot day! 🔥.
Priced at $6 and above for a standard (medium) size drink, @steepedteabar
is a similar concept to #chichasanchen where the drink is made from #teapresso
We tried the Grape Oolong (less sugar) and the High Mountain Pear Oolong Tea. The High Mountain Oolong Tea is quite bitter and hence suggest that you don't go sugarless. Personally, I have also tried to go for less sugar for HeyTea' pure brewed tea and it was soo bitter.

The Grape Oolong tea's taste is lighter and less bitter. Overall, both drinks were very refreshing and perfect for this weather.

Will probably visit again to try other tea!

Thank you @burpplebeyondfans @burpple for the 1-for-1 deal!

$8 Ice ceremonial grade matcha, less sugar. Has a mild sour aftertaste. Think its an acquired taste. Guess I was kinda expecting it to be a little bit more of a dry and sweet aftertaste.

Price is comparable to the Arabica but Arabica has a richer matcha taste that pairs well with the milk.

Wouldn't buy again at this price point.

Sun Moon Lake Black Tea ($3.50), cold, less sugar, no ice. The tea is fragrant and light, different from the black milk tea. If you don't like astringent or siap tea, this is the tea to order, it's really light but still fragrant.

Not sure if it was cold and without ice which meant they had to cold brew it, we waited at least 20 mins for our order. Similarly, for other orders, the average waiting time is about 10 mins. So, while the queue is long, I do think it is partly attributed to how long they take to fulfil the orders.

Personally find it strange that the plain tea with no topping is like $3.50 but the price more than doubles when toppings are added.

Will buy again when there are no queues.

Decided to try @machimachi_singapore on a day off. There was nobody queueing at 1130am but they were sure streaming in.

Black Milk Tea ($4), less sugar. Personally, I really like this as the black tea is really fragrant and it has a slight bitter and astringent after taste (茶很香,带着一点苦涩). The milk was light and smooth. Less sugar works for me.

Service is very very slow, they take about 10 mins to make a cup of bubble tea, no wonder the queue is so long 🤔😏

Tipsy Grape Beer, a seasonal special from @heyteasg 🎉.
Made of Kyoho Grapes, Chang Beer and Aqua Green, this small cup cost around $9.60 in stall and $10 for #grabfoodsg
I love that there were chunks of grape in the drinks which came it the chewy texture of other types of bubble tea with toppings. You can taste the refreshing notes of the aqua green that pairs perfectly with the light malty taste of the @changbeerglobal. The grapes adds a sweet note to the drink. The drink is light and refreshing. Though it is not very strong, it was still decent.
My friend commented, 'Why they never use tsingdao beer.'
Good point. We ordered @grabfoodsg and it came in a car hehe. But this is available at Heytea's ion outlet.
Try the seasonal special before its gone!

Tried the White Rabbit Candy Smoothie from @unice.sg!

Love that is is not too sweet but still milky and creamy enough to taste like the candy. A tad too much ice though. For $3.50, it is worth a try.
Northpoint basement 2
Nearest MRT: Yishun
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Tp Tea is famous for their Tie Guan Yin Ordered the Brown Sugar Tie Guan Yin Milk Tea at 50%.

The tea taste is super gao (rich/thick/strong) and a little bitter. Goes well with the brown sugar milk tea.

Personally i think i prefer hot tie guan yin. Cost $4.20.

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