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Zhichar / Hawker Food

Featuring Kok Sen Restaurant, Ri Ri Hong Mala Xiang Guo (People's Park Complex Food Centre), Ah Hua Kelong (Riang), Albert Centre Market & Food Centre, Chey Sua Carrot Cake (Toa Payoh West Market & Food Centre), Food Republic ([email protected]), Balestier Market, Da Zhong Cafe (Hainanese Village Centre), White Restaurant (IMM), Old Chang Kee (Bugis Junction)
Emma Fangs
Emma Fangs

Red Lips Mala Tang (麻辣烫) at @jewelchangiairport
Originally from Shanghai, you can tick the items you want, similar to build your own pokebowl. I ordered mushrooms, vegetables, pork belly, cheesy tofu and lobster roe ball and thick beehoon for $9.60.
Some of the items such as lobster roe ball or cheese tofu is only 1 pc per order.
The Mala itself is more of a sweet spicy, it does have a kick and the peanuts gives it an additional crunch to the dish. Slightly numbing taste.
I would say suitable for people who eat 小辣.
Very enjoyable snack (note: not a meal)

Located at Potong Pasir within Jin Biao coffee shop is Man Man Mala Xiang Guo. What is special here is that they have eggs when they fry is like char kway teow eggs into your mala as well as fried potato and youtiao! They will fry the youtiao till it is crispy and it soaks in all the goodness of the Mala pot.

The spicy level here is low. The zhong la is like xiao la. It is more la (spicy) than ma (numbing). Very shiok! Must try when you are in the area.

There are 2 Jin Biao coffee shop, this is the one behind the playground and it doesn't have a zhichar stall. Blk 137, Potong Pasir Ave 3.

For the amount of ingredients ordered plus rice and Maggi was $20.90. The fragrance of chilli and the numbing aftertaste is a good combination. For this store, it is more ma (numb) than la (spicy). I like it that it isn't too oily.

Where is your fav mala place?


We were told to go for steamed kaya toast but couldn't resist the toasted version. Cold slices of butter on warmly toasted bread with the sweetness of kaya - always a favourite!

Fried fish Lor Mee for $4. Look at the amount of crispy fish for $4! Half an egg was given too. The beauty of Lor Mee is in the crispy fish and the sauce. It should be thick but still light enough for enjoy. Definitely a comfort day food.

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Chanced upon this roast meat stall at blk 44, Owen Road's kopitiam. It's so good. Two combination roast for $6!
Very tender duck, crispy and soft pork! -
Don't miss it if you're nearby!

While this dish has a chef hat, personally, we found that the flavour was very salty and overwhelming. It's two big prawns cut into 4. For $18, it did not meet our expectations.


The chicken is alright. The texture is very average, can be more tender. Skin was damp and nua instead of crispy.

This was the best dish on the menu. We love the thick gravy of the ytf and it came with tofu that was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Other items include the brinjal and other related vegetables with fish paste.

Well done, flavourful and good texture and variety.

Pretty standard, Kai Lan is crunchy but yet soft to chew. The Roasted pork was alright. Nothing fantastic.


Attracted by Maoshanwang but it was quite disappointing. $3.30 for 1, $6 for 2. The crust is mildly buttery and crispy but the durian filling within was quite little. The durian paste is warm, has a mild sweetness of the msw but lacks the richness of a good msw.
Verdict: don't try 😂

There is naan like you 🎵

Total damage: $10 and two happy tummies 😋

I love the naan here at Tekka Market! It is worth it for the price. Crispy on the surface and nice floury centre ❤️ and the uncle always very happy haha.
Love my carbs hehe.

Two garlic naan ($2 each),
butter chicken ($3.50),
aloo gobi ($2.50).

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