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Featuring The Dark Gallery (Millenia Walk), Oberstrasse, PocoLoco (Upper Thomson), Fruce, Souperstar (Eastpoint Mall), North Bridge Road Market & Food Centre, Wee Lou Let's Go Hotpot, Long Xing Fish Soup (Teck Ghee Square Market & Food Centre)
Ivy Lai
Ivy Lai

Very fresh steam fish and the price is absolutely no where to find!
All for just $12. Very big chunk of fish meat and it is not over steam. No fishy smell most importantly. A must go to stall when u visit the hawker!


The baby ribs is really well worth the money. Nicely cooked at the correct tenderness and juicy. Enjoy every bite of it. ($16)

The beef stew ($18) is a totally dissapointment. With that amount and they only gave u 5 small little pieces of beef. Beef is tender with absolutely no taste. Seems like it is boiled in a pot of water and add into the stew upon ordering. The stew is watery and I do not find anything good abt this dish.


Came here for the wine since I just need a drink. I would say they hav decent nice house red!!
Fruity and chocolatey sweet wine.

The batang here is really fresh n Q. The owner serve u a big piece of fish and it is thick cut!!! Not forgetting a big handful of vegetables to go with. The Q can be long, the waiting is not that long as the movement is quite fast.
Thumbz up !!!

Very nice dark choz ice cream that is not too sweet. Am a die hard fans for dark choc and really love this ice cream!
1-1 platters, cannot choose what flovors for the ice cream and the other free platter is pastries, you can't hav 2 platters ice cream.

1-1 deal. $10.80 for a beef set. $3.80 for a soup base, so that makes it 2, which is not included in the set nor the 1-1 deal (pretty ex for a small pot of soup). All the meat, pork ball n the dumplings are frozen! The fish is super hard after it was cooked,!! Soup base is not fantastic with that price paid. Total dmg: $20.
Not coming back again, N I Wil definitely not recommending anyone here.
Ps: a set consists of 4 piece of beef, 4 pork ball, 2 fish dumpling and a handful of veg. So If u are a big eater, is, definitely not for u!!!

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$5.50 for a large cup. Ok this is a definitely sweet drink even thou I ask for zero sugar. Asked the person who made this, told me that the sweetness come from the honey avocado and the coconut drink. Well in the first place, they should hav inform when placing order cuz I ask for no sugar, or change the name of the drink to honey avocado coconut instead.
Nope!!! Not a drink for me, too sweet to begin with.

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This $8.40 comes with a soup of your choice, a traditional popiah and a hot tea.
The traditional popiah is well made with a generous amount ingredients and crunchy peanuts. Classic mushroom soup with lotsa mushroom bits every mouthful.
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