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Featuring The 1872 Clipper Tea Co., Kakuida's, Dohkie, Tom N Toms Coffee, Pretty Good Smoothie (Holland Drive Market & Food Centre)
Chowing Chicks
Chowing Chicks

this was so worth the trip there and the cost!!! for a bowl of smoothie consisting of blueberry, banana, coconut water and lavender, it sure tasted comparable to an açai bowl but with a creamier and smoother texture that was pleasing to the tastebuds! probably could have had you fooled with the close similarity and the wide variety of ingredients alongside the generous servings will surely have me coming back again! they sell overnight oats as well as chia puddings all under $5 which i will definitely be hoping to try! the owner of the stall is so friendly and welcoming which increases the pleasantness of this trip down to holland village food centre! even elderly are seen to be purchasing these modern, hipster bowls of goodness so head on down to try it now if you are hesitating because it’s worth it!

Decent place for tea break! The tea was refreshing and the hojicha pastry did taste unique and not too sweet that it is overwhelming! Would prefer beard papa but the vibes and interior of the shop really increased the dining experience and may have even made the food taste even better! 🤪🥰


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The cinnamon pretzel’s texture was comparable to chewing cardboard and the sugar didn’t even stick on! 😾 However, the cafe’s location was really peaceful and calm and an overall nice place to wind down or get some work done in solidarity! Will come back soon to try the drinks!

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ordered the chocolate and sweet potato baked donut alongside their signature iced lemon tea using the 1-1 deal and albeit the mishap of D donut falling out of the bag and onto the floor, it was a pleasant surprise! The service was so so good and the donut, although very sweet, did hold through to its cakey texture while being slightly chewy and dense and did actually taste healthy! 😮 the tea was decent and all in all not too bad of a visit!

RATINGS: 6.5/10


Here we have the normal original cookie dough as well as the cookies and cream cookie dough with a soft serve added to each!

COOKIE DOUGHS WERE BOTH TOO SWEET and the soft serve, albeit being milky, was a much needed complement in order for one to go through half of this small petite cup of cookie dough.

The original cookie dough had too much chocolate chunks that decreased the tastiness of the cookie dough and although the cookies and cream one was okay, they both reminded me of more of oreo’s cream filling in the middle in both taste and texture, instead of cookie dough.

Value for money? No unless you have burrple beyond but even still... no! Unless you don’t mind the sugar rush later on and having to throw away half of your cup of cookie dough! I’d suggest sharing one scoop instead for health measures :-)

Wouldn’t go back! It’s pretty deserted as well the mall :(

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