Sweet Treats 🍭

Sweet Treats 🍭

Don’t test my blood glucose after this
Wei Ting W
Wei Ting W

I really like the wide variety of toppings in this dessert! Our base was the classic grass jelly, and it was topped with taro balls, sweet potato balls, yam Q, red beans and black pearls. We had additional hearty purple ball($1.20) and mini matcha ball ($1) as well! 😋 It was my first time trying the hearty purple ball, and I really liked it! It has a nice QQ texture, and wasn’t too sweet. Such a pity that there were only 2 pieces and $0.60 per piece might be a bit too pricey 😰 Nonetheless, I would consider adding this topping the next time I eat at Blackball!

Thank you Burpple for this Eatup! 😋

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White Rabbit Candy is the one of the latest food trends, and Blackball is serving their own take on this viral trend! Back on their menu is the Milky Lollies Soft Serve, which is inspired by White Rabbit Candy. And this is only available for a limited period only.

This soft serve costs $4.50 and it’s topped with Blackball’s signature tapioca pearls. While I love desserts, I was a little apprehensive that this would be too sweet for my liking. Also, Blackball is known more for their traditional Taiwanese desserts, so I wasn’t too sure how their soft serves would fare. But I was really pleasantly surprised because this was good!! There was a hint of White Rabbit Candy taste, and it was not too overpowering. The soft serve was not overly sweet as well! 😊👍🏼

Thank you Burpple for this Eatup!! 😋


Creamier has moved to a new outlet in Toa Payoh! The new outlet is more spacious and has more seats, but it was still very crowded when I went on a Sunday night. I’m a HUGE fan of chocolate peppermint, so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that there was not one but two variations of the flavour - oreo mint and peppermint chocolate!! 😍 Oreo mint is mint ice cream with oreo bits, while Peppermint chocolate is a dark chocolate base infused with peppermint. While both were really nice, I decided on the former because I really like how refreshing the mint ice cream was! And it was paired with warm, crispy waffles and drizzled in maple syrup and chocolate 👍🏼 We had to wait around 20minutes for the waffles though....but it’s well worth the wait!!

Swensen’s is known for their ice cream (It started out as an ice cream parlor after all!), and Sticky Chewy Chocolate is one of their bestsellers! There were so many people ordering this. I really enjoyed this ice cream sundae! The chocolate ice cream was rich and sticky, and it was served with generous amounts of hot fudge sauce! 😍 And surprisingly, it was not too jelak for me 😅 I guess with this, there’s no such thing as too much chocolate 👍🏼

Durian cendol!! 😍 This comes with a generous serving of kidney beans, green jelly, loads of gula melaka and a big scoop of durian! The durian was rich and creamy, but it could have been fresher. I guess maybe because it’s not in season now? 😥 Overall, I enjoyed this penang cendol, but $7 is a little too pricey

This is hands down one of the best carrot cakes I’ve ever tasted! Carrot Walnut cake is one of Cedele’s best sellers and it’s not hard to see why! It’s super moist and cinnamon-y, and just look at that thick layer of cream cheese frosting!! 😍 I also love the generous amount of walnuts 😋 Really really good 👍🏼

O’ma spoon is one of the best places in town to get bingsu! Injeolmi is one of their signature flavours, and I like how generous they are with the chewy rice cakes 😋 This is a great choice if you’re looking for something icy to share! They also offer mini portions for around half the price, which is great if you want to try multiple flavours, or if you’re eating alone! They also serve drinks and toast 😋

The durian snow ice here is rly 💯!! The portion is really generous and the snow ice is dense and creamy! I like how the durian is not too artificially flavored, and it really does taste like durian. It also comes with pure durian purée as well 😍 (and you have the option to add additional D24 purée for $2) I enjoyed the other toppings as well! Really satisfying dessert! 😋

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Nunsongyee serves one of the most authentic bingsu in Singapore! I’ve been a fan of their bingsu ever since they opened their first outlet at Burghley Drive (which has sadly closed...) But they still have an outlet at Bugis! It was quite crowded when I went on a weekend night, but there was still ample seating space. Injeolmi Bingsu comes with roasted soybean powder, chewy rice cakes and sliced nuts. I really like Injeolmi Bingsu, because of it’s nutty flavour and how it’s not too sweet or overwhelming! Also, the shaved milk was soft, pillowy and melts in your mouth! Highly recommend this! 😋

If you’re looking for a rich and decadent chocolate tart, this is it!! This has a dense layer of chocolate, topped with light and fluffy marshmallow. It’s one of my must orders at Wimbly Lu! If you want something in addition to their famous ice cream and waffles, do get this 👍🏼😋

Soo happy I finally got a chance to try this!! 😍 I loved eating chimney cakes in Eastern Europe, and finally I have a chance to try it here in Singapore! 😋 They offer a variety of flavours and toppings here (even savory chimney cakes??), and we decided to get their signature Chimney King! This comes with homemade Vanilla ice cream, brownies, nuts and is drizzled with salted caramel and chocolate sauce. I love how rich and creamy the ice cream was! However, the chimney cake was not as fresh and fragrant as the ones I had in Eastern Europe, as it was not made on the spot. Nonetheless, this is still a really yummy (and instragamable) dessert option!! Do try this if you haven’t had this before 😋

This is a refreshing blend of strawberry and jasmine green tea!! I love how the strawberry taste was strong, but not too overpowering or artificial. The cheese foam also complemented the drink really well! However, $8.70 is really quite steep for a drink. I would love to come back to try the other flavours again though!

The way to my heart is through my belly 😋

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