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Featuring Tai Wai 大圍, Hong Kong Park 香港公園, Ma On Shan Plaza (馬鞍山廣場), Deluxe Daieiki Japanese Restaurant (極尚大瀛喜日本料理), Tai Wai Village 大圍村
Kate Mun Yi
Kate Mun Yi

Mango is a fan favourite for every Hong Kong people!! And they truly express their love for this fruit with endless creativity of mango inspired desserts! There’s a little dessert parlour which has an amazing array of mango desserts that just made your decision even harder as everything looks delicious! Finally we settled on a warm mango crumble which requires a waiting time of 20 minutes. The wait is totally worth it as the crumble is warm yet retains the smooth and meaty texture of the mango with a crumbly yet nutty texture from the dough.. finally it was topped off with a cooling yet creamy vanilla ice cream

Cart noodles is something that is hard to find in KL and a must try when you are visiting Hong Kong! It is actually a very simple yet hearty bowl of noodles that is bathe in a sumptuous and flavourful broth of with pork or beef stock! For my bowl of cart noodles is bathe with beef stock that is filled with oodles of jewels like fish cakes, cubes of pigs blood and pork intestines which is braised lovingly for a long period of time.. This is actually a fun bowl as you can choose to create your own bowl of noodles from the toppings right up to the type of noodles! A specialty in Hong Kong and every stalls has their own spin to it!

In Hong Kong, there is always something to look forward to in every city or street lanes. In this tiny island, you can find that their hearts always skips a beat when it comes to Japanese food! They truly love the cuisine that you could find it from sushi till bbq and even the style of coffee! In Kwun Tong area, there is a Japanese buffet restaurant that allows you to chow down their offerings without any limit for 3 hours in an affordable price of HKD188. You just have to order it online via their app and it would be conveniently sent to the kitchen for preparation! Service here is speedy yet accurate & their offerings are really unique yet mouthwatering for every Japanese food lover! The one to look out for is their endless array of fresh sashimi that is not only fresh yet generous in terms of portion. Delicious!!

HK is filled with amazing food that you can munch on or just devour it constantly in every inch! Every turn of each street, there is something yummy to eat and see! In Ma On Shan, there lies a seafood restaurant that just have plentiful of live seafood ranging from abalone that just crowds every inch of the tank to the fresh and feisty Alaskan king crab that just make you go wow!! For HKD188 per KG, you can get a huge Alaskan King crab which is steamed to perfection and they will crack open the monster. But there is more fun to it when they hand over the scissors to you to pry open the shell that reveals to you a succulent and sweet flesh of the humongous crab! It’s really a great way to celebrate with that sweet and succulent crab to share.

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HK start of the morning with a delicious treat of freshly made dim sum and together with some palm sugar Malay kuih! A must try in HK

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