My Honest Reviews 🧁

My Honest Reviews 🧁

I don’t care if y’all judge how good or bad my photos are, I’m here to update and keep these here to myself so that next time I’ll know whether it’s all worth going for 2nd time or so again.

Frosty Vanilla, S$6.80 :
Not so bad, that’s only all I can say haha!
BBQ chix croissant, S$3.20? :
It tastes just all right. People said it reminded ʼem of Tim Ho Wan bbq pork bun but I think Tim Ho Wan one tastes nicer haha!
Sea salt dark chocolate croissant, S$2.60? :
I only had a small bite once because it was quite dry for me so in the end my friend had to finish it!
Salted egg croissant, S$2.60? :
The photo/video of this flavour on delifrance sg Instagram was totally a lie. It showed how a lot of oozing there was when tearing it apart. My friend and I got shocked at our croissant with very little salted egg. Not oozing, not enough to drip, the amount was like around a teaspoon. Lol, I’m serious. Bullshit, that cheated our feelings...
Hazelnut praline croissant, S$2.60? :
We both thought it tasted like Nutella but compared to the rest of croissants, we are satisfied with this flavour the most. The filling was a lot and we liked the crunchy topping as well!
Blueberry cream cheese croissant :
We really wanted to try this flavour too but the staff said it was out of stocks, or no longer available. Oh well...


Result :
I only definitely will come again for hazelnut praline croissant if I suddenly crave for some Nutella and crispy snack!

Laska with crab pasta, S$19 :
It isn’t mine, my friend ordered it and I tried tasting some. We both agreed it’s too dry, I don’t know about her opinion as she managed to finish a whole plate. In my opinion, I wouldn’t be able to continue eating if it’s this dry and it’ll cause me thirsty! Thanks god they provided the free water!
Beef Mac & cheese, S$18 :
It tastes nothing unique. Just like mac and cheese, duh. But I goddamn liked how soft the beef was! I finished all beef instead of pasta lol.. it shows which won me. BEEF LOR.
Chicken poppers, S$11 :
There’s nothing to praise about but we both somehow liked the sauce so we enjoyed dipping tiny poppers in the sauce!


Result :
We were somehow a little disappointed after seeing the menu. It was nothing much for us to order. I really wanted to come because I wanted to try the smoked salmon and Benedict egg but I guess they don’t sell it on dinner menu. We might come again but high chance, probably won’t. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Gashouse eggs, S$13:
I thought it would be amazingly good since I had seen a lot of reviews about it. However, it disappoints me because there was nothing amazing about it. It did taste quite not bad, but not very wow or anything unique. I enjoyed its egg & cheese combo since I’m a fan of egg and cheese! Bacon jam sounded a lil oddly scary to me but I took a courage to eat it and I was surprised it tasted okay but my friend commented otherwise. She hated it! 😂🤷🏻‍♀️

Maybe I’ll come again if I’ve a chance, for different meal. Maybe...?

Apple crumble pie & ice cream, S$11:
The Apple pie was all right, nothing much special about it. The vanilla ice cream wasn’t bad, I enjoyed the ice cream more than pie! 🤷🏻‍♀️

Maybe or maybe not, I’ll be back again...

European, S$24:
Overall tastes not bad, I had no complaints about it except it’s a little pricy comparing to other cafes, and luckily, the portion was just nice for me though!

Maybe or maybe not, I’ll come again..

Açai bowl with banana, granola & cookie dough sauce, S$5.90 (S):

Came back twice for the same menu, but I purchased small size this time instead of medium size as I wasn’t so hungry that time. Never like banana but just thrive won me and I kinda enjoy banana all thanks to the yummy açai.. if not for açai, granola and it’s sauce, I don’t think I’ll wanna eat banana! 😂

Definitely will come for it again when I crave for some berries! 😎

Tea king ice cream, S$2.80 :
It tastes okay, not very wow and not so bad too. It’s on neutral side but we were thankful that it was not so overly sweet as we aren’t real sweet tooth persons! We just thought the Milo powder on its top was a bit annoying as they flew onto our hands easily and we even coughed a little.

Bobo ice cream, S$? :
I wasn’t sure about it’s price as it was an order of my friend’s. She loved the bubbles so that was why she got it. The ice cream was the same as tea king ice cream. Nothing difference except bubbles and cup instead of cone!

Result :
I would try salted egg ice cream if I’ve a chance!

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Matcha pancakes w/ Azura beans, S$12.60 :
We chose 4 stacks instead and shared as we thought that was too much for one person to finish. So, I’d say that it doesn’t taste any matcha, the taste was not very strong but we both still managed to finish the whole tho. The pancakes went good with vanilla Ice cream and Azura beans! Glad they provided more honey, placed on our table so we could add a bit more!

Result :
I’d come back again to try mango pancakes! Hopefully, it doesn’t disappoint me as much as matcha pancakes did me!

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Lobster with cheese (without a set), S$16 :
We were awed at the taste, it was not so bad! However, my friend and I shared the same opinions that $16 is a little pricy for this size meal.

I definitely go for it again if I ever crave for lobster, since I’m seafoods’ big lover haha!!

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Mango Cheez, S$7.90 :
I got it at 25% sugar, it’s plain but thankfully, it’s mango flavour so taste was fine to me! I’ll try 50% and see which tastes better.

Oolong Cheez, S$5.90 :
my friend got it at 25% too and she complained it’s too plain for her taste that she regretted for picking wrong level of sugar. 😂

Result :
Aside from my fav Koi, this is gonna be my 2nd fav drink stop!

My friend and I like croissant, mushrooms and especially scrambled egg so thats obvious we got the same meals for ourselves.

Croissant: it tastes just like croissant lor, hahaha... I just like how crispy it was on the surface!

Mushrooms: the sauce and mushrooms were nicely fitting each other. My friend kept complimenting how nice it was and she liked it! I also agreed..

Scrambled egg: it was well done cooked and it was neither bland nor too salty. It’s somehow satisfying in the between..

Result: if my friends or family wanna try out this place, I won’t mind going again.

I forgot the price but I still don’t forget how it tastes!

It tasted goddamn not bad, and I liked how it oozed when being cut! And not to forget, I’m a freak fan of cookie and yes, cookie dough! Yum!

Result: if I have a chance to come again, definitely I would like to!


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I’m here to keep track of places/foods I’ve tried. I don’t go back again for bad foods, ew!

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