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Asian Oriental

Asian Oriental

Something closer to home. Food from East and South-East Asia!
ZC Ong
ZC Ong
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It was rainy and this comes well spiced up for lunch! Just a tad too sweet for my liking, probably they added too much sweetened milk... $8.50 for a bowl with rice!

$32.90; can use burpple beyond! Soy chicken, checked; eggs, flying fish roe, checked; seaweed rice, checked! All the East Asian flavours in this fusion plate! Unfortunately our hotplate isn’t hot at all; but the taste overall for this dish just makes us want more! Not pricey if u have burpple beyond!

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$16 oh-jian! Expensive but delicious. Not much kueh (sticky starch), not really like those that are found along Taiwan night market food streets (which are usually doused with lots of sauce). Oysters are well cooked and at the right level.

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$8. The garlic sauce is used in many of Shin Teh’s dishes - it’s caramelised with garlic and sugar/ starch, very Taiwanese. Cucumber makes the pork roll much refreshing as an appetiser.

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$12 good for 3 pax. I’m sorry for the poor photo, but really, I love scallions with beansprouts (Tau Geh) fragrance, and the fish here is tender, plus the hor fun thick, chewy and full of wok-hei! 超好吃!

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Spring time feast! Love this $12.80 goodness! The meat makes you feel all homey in Japan. Tea is very appetising too! My noodles though were slightly overcooked but still a really nice meal!

Yet another Pork Cartilage Noodles ($7.80++) that I’m trying. Having the good impression from Tsui Wah, this Pork Cartilage sure can’t beat the Kagoshima recipe, but still decent enough as a hearty soupy noodles! Must have it with Legendary HK’s yummy chili sauce!

Meesua rice noodles tastes more authentic, and it symbolises longevity (like long white beard)! Love everything here, as the youtiao (dough fritters) are fried till crispy, not cloying, goes very well with the peppery Pork Bone soup! Also not forgetting new-age dry Bak Kut Teh which you should try too! And Old Street has been very consistent in delivering its product, so kudos to them!

So we heard the chef was from Din Tai Fung (DTF) and he opened his own LāMiàn (ramen) shop selling DTF variety of food. I don’t recall zhajiang noodles having green peas, but this bowl of $4.30 noodles satisfies your every craving for cheaper DTF-style food!

If my memory serves me right, $4.50 for the noodles, and I added $3 worth of cartilage, thinking that it could be similar to Tsui Wah’s. Disappointed that it wasn’t (it was heavily braised meat); service was quite meh (just a neighbourhood shop), but man, the taste of the noodles was otherwise fantastic! Economical noodles done right (‘cept the imitation scallop). Hope service level improves (just slightly to make my day) to make this a 100% comfort food!

Tasty bbq pork with Vietnamese rice noodles ($7.50)! I asked for a little more basil, mixing with the soup and garlic chili sauce, it makes the dish more wholesome. Somehow it reminds me of Hakka leicha... anyways didn’t really fancy its fried spring rolls within though...


Decent coffee, decent baked salmon, decent soba, with decent settings that remind me of Ch5’s Tanglin. A quiet place to chill especially if you are living in Everton/ Spottiswoode!

ZC Ong

Level 6 Burppler · 123 Reviews

IG @ ozc88

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