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Featuring Uokatsu, PapaSan Canteen, The Fat Fish (Mont Kiara), Menya Shi-Shi Do (Jaya One), Isetan the Japan Store (Lot 10), Menya Hanabi (Sri Petaling), Mitsuyado Sei-Men, Marutama Ra-men (Empire Shopping Gallery), The Birdland & Fat Cow, Shin Zushi Japanese Restaurant
Joey Tee
Joey Tee

(rating:5/5🌟) Shinjyuku tsukemen (rm30) This was one of the best tsukemen I’ve had in a long while. Highly recommend this if you’re looking for something different than the pork bone broth common in KL. I’ll definitely revisit for this bowl of tsukemen 💯😍

(rating:4/5🌟) Shiro Ajitama ramen (rm19.5) Soup was quite light but flavorful. Simple yet nice 👍🏼

(rating:4/5🌟) Kuro aka chasu ramen (rm20.5)
I actually had high hopes for this place as it had incredibly high reviews on Burpple, and it really didn’t disappoint! The broth was nice, full of flavour and paired perfectly with thin noodles. The egg was cooked to perfection 💯

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(Rating:1/5🌟) Original Yuzu (rm25.90) Tsukemen’s main feature is to have really hot dipping soup and mid-cold noodles, however this soup was served warm :( The noodles were thicker than usual, almost like the udon, yet too chewy for my liking.

(Rating:4.5/5🌟) Nagoya Mazesoba🍜 (rm23) Love this dish not only because of the flavourful sauce but also the noodles texture quite smooth. The portion looked small but it’s actually quite filling. Their Ajitsuke Tamago (rm2.50) was much better than many other ramen shops’. Overall, a good dish! 😋

(Rating: 4/5🌟) Tori-paitan made from pure chicken broth and homemade fresh noodles. (rm23) I love their soup broth as it’s light and refreshing unlike other ramen soup base is oily and sticky. And I can’t deny that Marutama has the best soft boiled egg. Must try!

(Rating:5/5🌟) Calling all sashimi lovers 😍This was unexpectedly one of the best salmon sashimi I’ve ever had! 6 thick fat slices of salmon belly just for rm22. Super reasonable price!

(Rating:4/5🌟) One of the best place to get delicious and affordable Japanese food. The quality of sushi and sashimi were good despite the affordable price! The price of sushi is just around rm2-4. I’d tried a few dishes from the menu ans surprisingly most of them were good! Unagi nigiri and salmon belly nigiri were my favourite 😍

(Rating:5/5🌟) This place is my favourite place for Japanese casual meal. Absolutely delicious and addictive. Mentai Rice (rm19) Basically Pollock roe, the salted roe of Alaska Pollock on tamago on a bed of rice. Simply and yet delicious! I completely fell in love with this dish 😍 Grilled whole Japanese squid (rm24) was good as well. Teriyaki cod (rm50+) medium size was not bad but not worth the price.

(Rating: 4.5/5🌟) Wagyu gyuniku don topped with fried garlic and onsen egg. (rm35) Their rice was so good as it’s cooked in an iron pan called a kama, cooking the rice slightly burned which adds a desirable flavour to the rice. Love it!

Craving for some home-cooked style Japanese food? You should definitely visit this cozy restaurant 😉 Alr forgot the name of the dish but it’s basically a giant tamago with little rice and minced chicken in it. (rm18) Their special sauce is the main reason that made it tastes good! (Rating: 4/5🌟) Another dish, Bili Bara don which aka bara chirashi don. (rm24) Fresh ingredients and big portion. Lime can be squeezed in for a refreshing taste. yum! (Rating: 3.5/5🌟)

A fan of sushi? What about sushi pizza? 🍕🍣 A base of deep fried rice topped with salmon sashimi, tuna, scallions, spicy mayo and tobikko (rm22) is simply to die for 🤤(Rating: 4.5/5🌟) I’ll definitely come back for it! The salted egg yolk pasta with smoked duck breast (rm30) was just so so. It’s too salty and creamy for my liking. (Rating: 2/5🌟)

If you lost your appetite today, I think I have it 😉

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