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Featuring Dumpling Darlings, The Salted Plum (Circular Road), Scaled by Ah Hua Kelong, Enjoy Eating House and Bar, Tai Cheong Bakery (Holland Village), Lokkee, Supreme Xiao Long Bao, Ding Tele, Kowloon Bay HK Cafe, Yi Jia South Village Seafood Restaurant
Seanna Lim
Seanna Lim

The salted egg crab comes in both creamy and crispy version. Not a fan of salted egg nor crabs in general, but the crispy version was not bad! Reminded me of cereal prawns. Didn’t really like the creamy version though. The sauce was a little too rich on the egginess for me.

I loved this because there was no porky stench at all. The meat, though could have been more tender, was super well-marinated and flavourful. Each bite was just bursting with a combination of sweet, salty and spicy. Even after i was done with the meat, i couldn’t help but continue sucking on the bones LOL

Loved the silky smooth tofu which had a crisp and not too thick skin coated well by a layer of viscous, yummy sweet sauce. Paired well with the saltiness of the chopped radish which also added some crunch to the dish. Would pair super well with some fluffy white rice!

The soup was sweet and flavourful, carrying a rather strong comforting herbal fragrance, much like that of coriander. I was surprised by the generosity of ingredients in the soup. Even after everyone had helped themselves to quite abit of chicken and the soup was almost all gone, there was still lots of chicken pieces left in the bowl. Good for sharing with a big group

Was told that this was the most popular dish and i can clearly tell why! The tangle of greens had a texture of crisp seaweed and reminded me also of salted kale. A super addictive dish that you must order, even if you’re not a fan of vegetables

They definitely don’t skimp on the ingredients here! There was so much seafood contained within the gigantic pumpkin, such as scallops, fish maw and clams. The broth was thick and full of the natural sweetness of the seafood and pumpkin.

Oh yes, do remember to not let the pumpkin not go to waste. It itself requires 20minutes to steam until the flesh is perfectly soft and tender

From the newly opened stall at the basement of 313 somerset. Seemed quite interesting and i think they have multiple branches but have never tried. They were having some promotion/discount so 10pcs of fishballs were going for $5.80. Wanted to just buy a few but i think a bowl of 10pcs is the minimum if you're not having their fishball noodles. Not sure if thats exactly cheap/value for money, but wanted to give it a go. All i have to say is that the fishballs were too fishy...😩

The prawns were huge, and the flesh was firm with a natural sweetness. Apparently, prawns are used instead of the usual crab because of the greater ease of consumption-you don't have to go through the hassle of having to de-shell and deconstruct your crab and make a mess.

I'm no expert on chilli crab sauce, but when its tasty enough for me to lick my fingers clean, i reckon it says something about how good it is😋 The sauce was thick and flavourful, with a nice tangy-sweet balance and carried just the right amount of heat for me.

Adding on an additional $2 will secure you 4 pcs of fried mantous to mop up your sauce with, though they are definitely good enough to be eaten on their own. The mantous were delightfully crisp on the outside, yet soft and fluffy on the inside. If only they were served free flow, it would be hard not to binge on them being the carb lover i am 😅

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Named the "ugly" cabbage because of the unaesthetic appearance of the dish, but don't be fooled by its unassuming appearance because the intensity of the flavours caught me off guard-in a pleasant way.

Though i've not had a very pleasant experience with fish sauce (had always found it too stinky for my liking), this dish fared surprisingly well with me. The cabbage was crunchy and soaked up the flavourful sauce super well!


A soup thats rather strong in the intensity of flavours, but didn't quite agree with me because i found it a little too fishy for my liking. They did say that the soup is cooked using fish bones over many hours, which i reckon is what results in strong flavours. Just a personal preference though; you might otherwise appreciate the taste of the sea 🤔

Usually prefer thick noodles but these noodles were surprisingly good with a nice bite. The dumplings were larger than expected and had quite a substantial amount of fillings. I also enjoyed the peppery soup which didn't leave me thirsty for water so i don't think there was any MSG involved.

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The black grouper sat delicately on a bed of sweet potato glass noodles in a style that was cooked cantonese-style, but with a twist, as sake is used instead of chinese wine. I loved how flavourful the resulting broth was, filled with the natural sweetness of the fish. The broth was really comforting, something I would definitely want to warm my belly with on a day when I'm craving for something more soupy and less heavy.

The flesh of the fish was firm and springy with a nice bite, yet at the same time tender and smooth such that every mouthful was so enjoyable. Not a fan of Lalas so i can't comment much about that, but my dining partner enjoyed them very much. The sweet potato noodles were also a great addition to the dish, cooked with a nice springiness 😋