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SG Eats

SG Eats

Featuring Curious Palette, Antoinette (Penhas Road), Tarte by Cheryl Koh, Supply & Demand (orchardgateway), Barrio by Mex Out ([email protected]), SweetSpot (Hotel Lobby Tower 3)
Kate Mun Yi
Kate Mun Yi

Tacos Tuesday is always a fantasy but with the mindset like Emmett and the feisty cooks of Barrio by Mex Out; Taco Tuesday is a dream come true everyday! So everything is awesome! Barrio has a fantastic location which is really convenient with the MRT to Somerset and a short walk leads you to this brightly lit place that serves delicious Mexican fare!
After much reading and analysis of the menu, we decided to get the Tacos individually (SGD8 per piece) but you still can get those sets like Tacos for One, I’m hungry or Tacos Fiesta! But we went for the Pork Carnitas, Baja Fish & 6Hr Braised Beef.. The tacos are all freshly made and each of them are just out of this world! The Braised beef for me is the stand out as it just melts in your mouth! Effortless eating and the pork carnitas has some spice kick to it alongside with the tenderness of the pork!

Marina Bay Sands is a majestic building that has become one of the most recognisable icons of Singapore landmarks that truly house a variety of options which caters the appetite of the masses in any cuisine! They have an array of celebrity chef restaurants and also not to forget the amazing dessert cafe in the lobby level that has people coming for more of its sweets! The little cafe or kiosk is known fittingly as Sweet spot that offers a delectable yet scrumptious delights of both sweet and savoury! We had the sweet option which is the Raspberry Tart! The queue is fast moving and so do the beautiful tarts. So make sure to order it fast before someone else grabs it. The tart is a work of art with its delicately positioned juicy and plum raspberry that gives crunchy texture and sourish notes to the sweet based tart that was also layered with raspberry coulis.. A must try dessert place when you are in the Marina Bay Area!

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A trip to SG wouldn’t be complete without visiting an iconic dessert place which is Tarte by Cheryl Koh. This dessert place has been an icon for the dessert lovers to come and try out its beautiful creations and it sells like hot cakes!! Well when we arrived, the display counters was almost empty up but luckily we managed to order a Dark chocolate tart.. The cafe was really spacious and cosy with decorative items featuring their desserts.. It’s a great place to relax or chat with your girlfriend after a sumptuous lunch. We had a Dark a Chocolate tart which was made with 66% Cacao Barry from Mexico.. Appearance wise it was truly elegant with a glossy sheen towards the chocolate layer of the tart.. The tart was really smooth and well made that complements the dark chocolate notes without being overly sweet..

Antoinette is such an iconic french dessert cafe that just become a must try spot when visiting in SG! Well it was a pleasure for me to finally able to try out those sought after dessert offerings in the Penhas outlet.. Well it was after dinner and the cafe has a peaceful yet quaint french vibe to it that is nice to have a catch up or some quiet time alone.. The selections was mouth watering but sadly something falls really short of it which is the service.. The server was quite reluctant to accept us even though it was 9pm and we know that the closing time was at 10pm and after the server asked their superior; then we were allowed in to have some dessert.. The desserts that we had was the Charlotte (SGD9) & their signature milk chocolate mousse cake which was infused with earl grey tea.. Overall, the desserts looks really photogenic but sadly it didn’t wowed us very much as it was just plain too sweet and lacks the other flavour dimensions which will give the milk chocolate dessert more dimension whereas the Charlotte looks pretty in violet but it was just have a short moment of acidity and slightly sweet from the Strawberry jelly & the cremeux.

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Singapore truly has a wealth of food options that amazes you entirely! You can find in every corner something to eat be it cafe, road side stall selling you sandwich ice creams and not to forget malls that is filled with variety of restaurants! So in Orchard Gateway, we went into the Italian restaurant called Supply & Demand.. interesting name for an Italian restaurant but the most interesting part was their menu as it may look simple on the outside but it’s contents are filled with sections of dishes from ciccheti to dolce! They even incorporated local flavours into their pasta too. So I had their Nero di Mare pasta (SGD18) and they have this fantastic option for you to have it either tasting or full portion. I had the Tasting portion and it was truly a small portion so you can still have space for the pizza up till dessert! The pasta was made with squid ink and it was filled with succulent seafood and finally topped off with shaved grana padano.. The pasta is well made and it was paired beautifully with the inky and fishy taste of squid ink flavour!

In my adventures to the land of Merlions and fascinating architectural masterpieces came a quaint little cafe which exudes a very laid back vibe that just what makes Singapore an amazing city that just able to balance between the influences of the yesteryear and the modern and nouveau architecture.. This beautiful cafe has an amazing, warm and inviting feel to it with its comfy furnitures and the large spaces that was cleverly decorated with beautiful artwork and yummy displays of goodies! They also have an attractive coffee sections which shows that they are a coffee master with the endless display of gadgets and all the appropriate apparatus to craft a great cuppa! The service crew is really friendly and attentive! Their menu is really interesting from their beverages to the food creations! What caught my eye was their selection of teas especially the Chinese and also the brunch options. Finally, I settled on the Crabcake ($19.50) which comprises of a fried crab cake that is laid below with a beautiful ensemble of peppery and bitter arugula together with a sweet yet crunchy purple sweet potato mayo slaw and the cherry on top of the cake would be that gorgeous yet glistening pan fried sous vide egg all on top of a sturdy yet fluffy toasted brioche! It was a fantastic sight to behold! And thankfully it wasn’t hard to deconstruct them as you can either eat them piece by piece or have a go at it together! The textures of each element eaten together does wonders to your tongue actually with the crispy texture of the crab with the sour tang from the slaw that brought out the zing to the crab cake! The egg was done perfectly as you cut it open, the yolk would just oozes out seductively on the crab cake providing some umami taste to it! A must try and also not to forget their Sea salt chocolate ($6.90) a drink that you mustn’t skip!

A food ,dessert & wine lover Instagram: @kate_munyi18

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