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Featuring Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle, Beach Road Scissors Cut Curry Rice (Jalan Besar), Sungei Road Laksa, Ramen Bari-Uma (Tanglin), Jin Jin Hot/Cold Dessert (ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre), Blanco Court Prawn Noodle, He Zhong Carrot Cake (Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre), Swee Guan Hokkien Mee, 928 Yishun Laksa (九二八小吃店), Sandaime Bunji
Evan Mua
Evan Mua

Revelled in the pure decadence of the juicy strips of wagyu that were bathed in a mix of creamy avocado and flavoursome molcajete sauce. The thin slices of beef were delicately tender and allowed for a good interplay of textures with the charred tortillas which shattered like thunder, thanks to a lining of crispy mozzarella — quite shiok.

Relaxed atmosphere for a good cuppa, like this white made with single origin El Savador beans ($4.50) — balanced with charming fruity notes, and a velvety smooth mouth feel makes it a pleasure to sip on.

Thank God for queueing Singaporeans! Following the crowd, I discovered this great prawn noodle stall at Tiong Bahru.
Their secret is in that fragrant chili, which was easily coated on their unbelievably springy noodle-beehoon mix, for slurp after slurp of pleasurable umami. Alas, the accompanying bowl of prawn broth was, while still good, lightweight in flavour.

Their egg fried rice ($5.50) was fried to a nice texture and moistness, with robust whiffs of smoke mixed in. The fried pork chop boasts an immaculate crisp which wraps around tender and juicy meat. The tobiko (+$1) is just icing on the cake.

Farmers and Chefs is all about wholesome food, with no deep frying at all. This Kurobuta is a shining example of their healthier methods' effectiveness in drawing out latent flavours — so luscious and rich even with light seasoning. The dollop of red wine apple compote also added a magical touch of acidity and sharpness that helped cut through the heaviness, though it could be a tad sharper.

In awe of their massive coffee selection. Not to mention an absolutely stunning decor, complemented by crockery fit for royalty.
Loved their Sidamo Mountain single origin from Ethiopia, boasting an intense depth of flavour that gave way to dainty floral notes. More surprisingly, their flavoured coffee was great — the Royal Pistachio felt like a match in heaven, with the rich pistachio notes seamlessly blending into the fragrant coffee.

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That's what their pastries are — gorgeous art pieces. Almost couldn't bear to eat them, but I'm glad I did, because they are scrumptious; comparable with my favourite patisseries like Nesuto and Lee's Confectionery.
The Mango in particular, I could not rave more about. Besides that surreal presentation, once you break through the chocolate shell, you are greeted by some of the lightest and most fragrant mango mousse. That's not all, the centre oozes molten lychee-passionfruit jelly, adding a vibrant zest to the Mango's sweetness and fragrance.

Fat Prince is simply Middle Eastern cuisine done right, and I've found many gems on their new menu
Their Duck Pastilla, in particular, was a show-stopper. Not enough can be said about the heavenly blend of vegetables and almonds with some stunningly flavoursome shredded duck — juicy and devoid of any gameyness. Parceled within a delicate layer of filo pastry, which also imparted traces of fragrant butteriness, the dish was a sublime exercise in combining textures.

Honestly, I found the char shiu and egg pretty average, but it had me completely smitten because of the broth.
The usually domineering uni profile was toned down, but it still possessed an immense depth of flavour and sung with brilliant notes of briney sweetness and umami, finished with a comfortable creaminess. Elsewhere, the broth effortlessly clung onto the perfectly cooked ramen, whilst sharpness from the spring onions helped to cut through the robust flavours.

Discovered a few exquisite rums, which utterly satisfied my rum novice taste buds.
Bumbu was one of those — loved the very vanilla forward flavour, with strong whiffs of caramel and banana; unbelievably smooth and easy to drink.
Very logically, the folks came up with this intriguing Kakigori, mixing in banana cream, osmanthus milk and ginger crumbs. The strength of the rum was toned down, but the result was an enjoyable shaved ice dessert with a gratuitous amount of banana fragrance.

The highlight was in the stock that flooded the plate, encasing a richness comparable with the best prawn mee broths, with each strand of noodle trapping a hefty amount of robust flavours within; the chili and pork lard also helped to add layers.
However, wok hei was noticably weak — a shame for those who find it a crucial element for hokkien mee.

A food reviewer for fun.

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