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Beyond 1-1

Beyond 1-1

Featuring Park Bench Deli, One Man Coffee (Upper Thomson), Kogane Yama (Bugis Junction), The 1872 Clipper Tea Co., Umi Nami, Kajiken (Bugis), Nipong Naepong ([email protected]), MuYoo (Raffles City), Egg Stop (ChinaTown Point)
Shiqi Cheah
Shiqi Cheah
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Ramen was flavorful but I especially love the hard noodles!

Noodles covered with creamy tomato sauce. This was SO GOOD. It gets slightly jelat after so if you hate cream, you really wanna share this instead. But I can’t stop saying it’s SO GOOD.

A place that I already wanted to visit even without beyond 1-1! But since I have the 1-1, why not right lol. This sandwich (or rather burger) was realllly good but without the 1-1 it feels a little too pricey. Beyond 1-1 is only available for 4 flavors though - do take note! I wanna be back for the pb&j sandwich!

I don’t take pearls, but my friend had them and they are really chewy! The brown sugar wasn’t too sweet (we asked for less brown sugar). Drink was normal tho, but worth it with burpple 1-1! Only paid 2$ for each drink!

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And... I’m back again for the 2nd time! It was so enjoyable I really love the bowls here. I actually finished the rice before the sashimi (aka the proportion of sashimi to rice is a perfect 1:1, or maybe 1.5:1 :p) LOVE IT!

Super value for money! The chicken ham sounds really mediocre but it is surprisingly the better one out of the 2! The eggs supposed to be the star but I think the bread left me a deeper impression. Good for a snack/for sharing only!

Went there near the last order timing, sipping on my bubble tea.. and the server said no outside food and I need to keep my drink so I was all like.. okay no prob. Then when we were seated, he totally took my bbt into the kitchen LOL. I was so amused really. But the food is definitely worth it, I would go back even without the beyond 1-1!

Had a earl grey latte! The desserts were good (not too sweet) but I think it would be better for 3 maybe? 2 drinks and 2 desserts for 2pax feels a lot idky! Maybe not a super dessert person. Wanna try the royal tea latte on my next visit!!

Please try the gashouse eggs when you are there! Will 10/10 go back for it for sure! Prices were pretty reasonable for a cafe setting. Beyond made it even more affordable!

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Read reviews on the place before I visited, so I was prepared for the bad service. And true enough, when I asked the staff what was eligible for beyond 1-1, he said “you look at burpple” #ok

But other than that (which is not really a bother, just be prepared for it), the food is good! And 1-1 made it very very affordable. Will definitely revisit.

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