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1 For 1 Deals

1 For 1 Deals

Featuring Creamier (Toa Payoh), Kogane Yama (Bugis Junction), Maru Japanese Restaurant, Dim Sum Haus, etto (Handy Road), Yellow Cab Pizza Co. (CityLink Mall), Acai Beach Club, D'Zerts Cafe & Patisserie, Lai Lai Taiwan Casual Dining
Glendon Gan
Glendon Gan
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Respect to the owner for all his handmade ice cream! This little cafe has a homely feel with little Pokémon all around the shop. Desserts were nice and really VALUE-FOR-MONEY! Definitely looking forward to go back!

Happy days 👍🏻

Flavours ordered: Early Grey with chocolate sauce (top) and Salted Caramel with maple syrup (bottom)

Rating: 4/5
Price: $10.90

3 different types of food (in order of preference):
- Fried pork cutlet
- Tempura (Fried prawns)
- Fried chicken pieces

Basically a fried food lover’s dream. Curry is not spicy but it did go well with the rice and fried food. However, most of the food tasted ordinary.

Rating: 2.5/5
Price: $12.90 (exc svc charge)

The quantity of the food will definitely keep you full! Favourite item in this dish is the Pork Belly! Thick juicy pieces of pork which complemented the noodles really well! Pork ribs were ordinary.

Ratings: 3.5/5
Price: $13.90 (exc svc charge)

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Waiting time can be a little long but the this was a portion and definitely worth going back to eat.

Price: $12.50
Ratings: 3.5/5

Food was not bad. The mushroom bun and the congee was an added bonus compared to Swee Choon. But disappointed that the voucher can only be used for 1 item.

Rate: 3/5
Paid: $38 for 2 paxs (inclusive of 1 more congee)

Left: Cookie Sauce (+$1)
Right: Honey

Finally got the chance to try this thanks to Burpple’s 1-for-1! Rather interesting dessert that can be shared with friends. They charge $1 more for premium sauces but it’s worth a try.

Still prefer the honey flavour though.

Paid: $14.90 + $1
Shared with 6 people: $2.65/pax
Rating: 3/5

Very delicious and very affordable with 1 for 1!!! Staff are also very friendly:)

BAD!!!!!!! Went for the beyond 1 for 1 but was shocked to see that their 1 for 1 was a 9 course meal costing SGD 120???!!!! There were discrepancies btw the waiters where 1 of them said that we can order from the normal menu excluding some of the dons and drinks and the other waiter came forward shortly and mentioned about the 9 course mains that course 120++🙂

Ended up we just ordered without Burpple and paid $18 for this mentaiko pasta... Food was normal and ordered their truffle fries (very salty). Also sat in at 7pm and was told we had to leave by 7:45pm??????? Overall, not a very pleasant experience and was very disappointed. Food wasn’t worth without 1 for 1 deals.

Hope that the restaurant can make their options about the type of food that is available for 1 for 1 more clearly as it is clearly misleading from the reviews that were shown!!!

Quite valued for money!! Paid $19.70 for 2 sets of waffle ice cream (double scoop) and hot/cold drink.


$12. It’s similar to prawn paste chicken. Not bad 👍🏼

$26! Very generous with the crab meat 👍🏼

$25 but good deal for 1 for 1! The fish is very fresh and it is a good combination with the butter sauce. Will definitely go for it again 👍🏼

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