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Japanese Food

Japanese Food

Featuring Dumpling Darlings, Omoté, Rakki Bowl, Wheeler's Yard, Umi Nami, Old Hen Coffee Bar, District Sushi, Matsuya Dining, Lunar Coffee Brewers, Menya Kokoro (Suntec City)
Veronica Chen
Veronica Chen
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Ordered this since other Burpplers were raving about it and it turned out to be a good choice as the rice was actually tomato based and complemented well with the silky omelette. However, the limelight around this dish faded a little as the sirlorn beef katsu was too much of a superstar. Still worth trying for the thinly sliced beef that melts in my mouth. So thankful for the 4 more 1 for 1 that I have with Burpple beyond!!

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I have a confession: I went to Deli because most places I liked were closed during the long weekend. I didn't think much of the small plain looking stall tucked in the heart of sunshine plaza. Imagine my surprise when freshly grated wasabi was presented with this dish. Each piece was carefully breaded and the beef was so thick and juicy. I felt like each bite was literally giving me a taste of bliss and it was so close to ordering another bowl just to maximise my satisfaction. Super thankful to Burpple for discovering this gem of a place.

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My first instinct was that the salmon sashimi wasn't as fresh as I thought it would be. But the greatest disappointment has to be the rice as it wasnt well marinated and most of them came out in huge clumps which made it hard for me to even finish the meal. Then again, I got to give it to them as they do have a very generous portion.

I was so amazed when the thin slices of beef melted instantly and the flavours were well supplemented by the truffle and fried garlic pieces. This definitely gets a 10/10 from me and I am not even a beef person. The portion is super generous and I liked how the condiments did not overwhelm the freshness of the beef. Be mindful that rakki is a pop star now and commands a long queue during dinner. Be sure to be there early or be sorry!

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What's there not to like about a bowl filled with bacon, runny scrambled eggs and Japanese condiments which brought out the taste of the dish so well it felt like fitting the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. The bacon was so well simmered you could taste the char taste of the grease when combined with the pearly white rice was nothing short of a pleasure. Got to say they really exceeded expectations with what was initially perceived as a typical Japanese rice don!


Famous for their thick Japanese curry broth and insanely huge portions, this is literally goodness in a bowl albeit a enormous one. The dory fish was super soft and the curry complemented the rice well. My only complaint is if the curry sauce given could be more generous!

This stood out even though it was not one of the more popular dish. The broth was very soothing and perfect for a rainy day. The fishcake was cooked just right and it was soft and chewy. Highly recommended

I had really high expectations for this but was left disappointed as the chives were overwhelming and didn't go well with the rest of the ingredients.

Didn't paid attention when the chef was introducing the various fish because I was just too excited. If I remember correctly, it should be scallop and shrimp sushi. The sashimi was outstanding as expected and it would be perfect if the rice was more firm and had a sticky texture.

I was very pleased at the generous serving of foie gras and it was so well done that it can literally be considered meat butter as it was so rich and buttery. The only catch is that it was so overwhelming I could hardly taste the chawanmushi. It would be better if paired with something else.

The beef cubes literally melted in my mouth as it was so soft and chewy that it almost felt like sashimi instead. The beef is slightly charred on the exterior while retaining the tenderness on the inside. When paired with the fried garlic bits, the sauce on the beef was accentuated even further. Definitely the highlight of the omakase.

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My favourite dish of the omakase due to the wide variety of fish offered. I liked the blue fin tuna best as it was very succulent and juicy. The seabass really stood out for me as the chef added some salt and seasoning to it that it gave off a sweet and tart taste. That when paired with wasabi was the best combination.

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