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Hawker Food + Dim Sum  πŸ₯˜

Hawker Food + Dim Sum πŸ₯˜

Featuring Newton Food Centre, Dim Sum Haus, Red Star Restaurant, Cookhouse by Koufu (Jem), Chuan Kee Boneless Braised Duck (Ghim Moh Market & Food Centre), Sin Chew Satay Beehoon (Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre), Springleaf Prata Place, foodclique (SIM)
Food Diary
Food Diary

I like the Siew Mai , Char Siew Sou was definitely good ( pastry vs filling are balanced ) , Liu Sha Bao was melted and good❀ , Roasted Duck definitely stands out.

Har Gow and Char Siew Pau were both okay.
Egg Tarts that is said to be the signature turns out to be meh..

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My recommendation : BBQ Pork Pastry, Crispy Mee Sua Kueh, Watercress Honey Ice Jelly, Japanese Dumplings.

I made a visit yesterday to the Dimsum Haus, since i was so eager to try. So here it is my review (please note that this is subjective to me and my friends liking):

β€’ Steamed Charcoal Chicken and Shrimp
It is a combi of seaweed and tobiko inside with chicken. It is juicy, and tender. But that was nothing memorable.

β€’ Watercress Honey Jelly
This dessert really blow me up. It's sweet, but at the right amount. The lightness of this dessert slide down my throat, and bring nauseated feelings after a decent meal gone.

β€’ BBQ Pork Pastry
This is definitely the one you should order. This was crispy on the inside and tasty as well. When the order came, the smell was super nice. The pastry is kind of sweet and has the special taste on it. Definitely 5/5

β€’ Crispy Mee Sua Kueh
This is also a great must to eat. Super crispy at the outside but taste good on inside too! I think its quite oily but still torelable. I have to say i like this dish better than at any place.

β€’ Honey bbq pork bun
It just a regular bun for me. I didn't really like it because it tasteless. The bun is not fluffy enough and the pork inside was just meh.

β€’ Japanese dumpling
Super smooth skin! The dumplings were plump and full of ingredients. The coriander leaf was a great added into the smell and taste.

β€’ Pan Seared Mushroom
This is quite dissapoint me. I thought it would be some great dimsum. But i think it turns out to be just ori mushroom bun. They put like a fried mee, but it has no taste. The bun itself also not fluffy

The time i came, around 9 pm. the baked salted egg bun was gone :(. You rlly need to come faster to get it i think.

I ordered this Mee Pok Meatball Noodle for $5. The amount is just generous😭

They gave egg also!! I like the meatball because it's so big, and it is double meat πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I like itπŸ’žπŸ’ž

This satay beehoon from Sin Chew is quite popular. So i decided to give it a try. I ordered $5 (you can choose between $4/$5/$6), the ingredients inside are quite generous, contains of tau pok, pork slices, prawn, cuttlefish.

I like it to be more flavourful though for the satay sauce. I thought it was going to be a thick sauce but not really (in my opinion).

The dish was okay. Many people like it! So worth the try.

1. Oyster omelette ($10)

I'm not a fan of oyster (it has fishy taste in it), but the omelette was so great!

2. Popiah ($4.40)

It is a fujianese style fresh spring roll, skin was soft and the filling contains of shredded veggie etc.

3. 5 chicken satay and 5 pork satay ($7)

I like the sauce, it goes rlly well with the satay, and the meat itself was tender.

4. Chicken wing ( 5 for $7 )

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