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Chinese Cuisine

Chinese Cuisine

Featuring Dumpling Darlings
Ben Chia
Ben Chia
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Wow, yet again. We wanted 1 spicy dish in our array of dishes we ordered and this too did not disappoint. The skin of the dumplings were smooth yet firm. The pork fillings were tasty and balanced. The spicy Sichuan chili paste with the chili oil gave a minor spicy kick to the dish, but not unbearable (Those who are afraid of spice, I'd say this is safe to order). And of course, there was the numbing/ma effect from the paste. Love this alot!

This one was very unique. Out of all those on the list, the first choice I wanted to try was this. And it was da bomb. The skin was so smooth yet firm. When you bite down, you get some diced smoked duck with some other filling which I couldn't figure out. And if you swipe some of the vinegarette on the plate, Mama Mia!

Love it. so much.

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Enjoyed this dish alot! Very simple ingredients but when tossed together makes a dish with a great mouth feel! The noodles are springy and the overall taste of the dish is well balanced, not too overpowering with flavors from the different elements.

I even stole some chili oil from my Sichuan Dumpling dish to added a tinge of spice.

I live to eat. Mmm.

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