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Featuring Merchant's Lane, Chocha Foodstore, Vintage 1988
XingWei Cheang
XingWei Cheang
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📷 In frame: ⁣⁣⁣
Cincalok Fried Chicken [RM26]⁣
✨: The natural light-strewn interior of Chocha is, without a doubt; gorgeous. Prior to my visit, I've heard great things of Chocha's Cincalok Fried Chicken. ⁣

💬: After finally trying it for myself, I'm sad to report that it didn't quite live up to my expectations. The chicken was dry with a greasy and heaty aftertaste. The pairing of the chicken with the refreshing accompaniments of tangy salsa and sweet tomato chutney was appropriate but failed to compensate for the lacking texture of the chicken. ⁣

For fried chicken, Table and Apron will remain my go-to 🍗 ⁣

Nonetheless, I'd re-visit Chocha for their other menu options that caught my eye such as the Biang Biang Noodle 😋⁣

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📷 In frame: ⁣⁣
Chocolate Molten Cake [RM21]; Pomegranate Fizzy Soda [RM10]; Pineapple Fizzy Soda [RM10]⁣
✨: Vintage 1988 is a really photo-friendly spot located in the charmingly old streets of Chinatown. The ambience was great and I was glad to know they are plastic straw-less. ⁣
The molten chocolate cake we ordered tasted just alright. It had the texture of an apam balik. ⁣
💬: The food options are pretty limited, but I suppose that's a given for a cafe whose focus isn't food. ⁣

I'd recommend dropping by Vintage 1988 for the gram and because there are a couple of spots nearby like Leaf & Co. and Lim Kee that you can hit up as well. ⁣

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📷 In frame: ⁣
Kungpao Mantao [RM23]; Iced Organic Matcha Latte [RM15] ⁣

✨: Merchant's Lane is definitely a gem in the KL cafe scene, serving up palatable dishes in a charming space. ⁣

I was instantly reminded of Roller Coaster snacks of my childhood as soon as I tasted this dish. The smoky, peppery beef bacon was a great match with the crisp and fluffy mantao. The matcha latte, on the other hand, was accurately put by my friend @marsyakamarul as a liquified Matcha Kit Kat. ⁣

💬: Though I did enjoy the mantau, I wouldn't by any means call it Kungpao. I'd definitely rate it higher if it were just called a black pepper mantau 😂. The latte had good flavour, but it was slightly too sweet for my liking. ⁣

Nonetheless, the Saturday morning queue for a table at Merchant's Lane was definitely justified. Dining within its iconic old school interior and the hunt for its bright turquoise door is an experience unlike any other. ⁣

Eating my way through life!

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