Featuring Birds of a Feather, Le Shrimp Ramen 乐虾拉面家 (Paragon), The Dragon Chamber, LeNu Chef Wai’s Noodle Bar 樂牛私房面家 (Bugis Junction), Tanyu (Tampines 1), TamJai SamGor Mixian 谭仔三哥米线 (Bedok Mall), Black Knight Hotpot (Millenia Walk), Jane Deer, HENLESHAN 很乐山
Maureen Yeoh
Maureen Yeoh

We went to the JEWEL outlet - Tanyu Exclusive. They have a free flow jelly dessert which you can pick and choose the condiments. Free when you leave them a google review.

Broth was really good. Companions loved it and staff were in the ball to constantly top up the broth. Sides were not great sadly. The bbq golden mushroom was quite bland and very disappointing.

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Tried this pretty new dessert place JANE DEER SUGAR WATER along Liang Seah Rd which took over a mala space I really liked. It seems to be a popular brand from China.

Their desserts are on the pricier side for sure. We got their The Bath Teddy Bear ($9.80), Super Multi-Awned Little Round Son ($8.80) and Original Flavor Double Skin Milk ($8.80).

Unfortunately all of the dessert fell short to our expectations and considering that there are so many other dessert shops in the vicinity I would really prefer the others.

The Double Skin Milk tasted like milk powder, the mochi balls were powdery in the middle and the mango sago were felt watered down. Same as the coconut milk in the teddy bear bowl. I have to say that their mangos and taro mochis were the only saving grace but nothing much to shout about either.

I will probably not be back again.

More reviews on IG @canihaveabitepls

Tried their new dish recently as I saw lots of people ordering this the last time I was here. If there lots of Chinese ordering this so this must be good right?

It's basically a pot with all parts of beef from tripe to tendon etc in a light beef broth that reminds me of 兰州拉面 but better. Really good and theyre having a great promo for this pot + 6 sets of skewers+ 1 dessert for about $55? Very value for money considering each set of skewer is already $3.80

More detailed review up on IG @canihaveabitepls


I have to say. This is probably my favourite Chinese skewer bar hands down. Of cos there are things for them to improve on or have a wider variety of skewers, it’s really really good.

Their skewers are all priced at 3 sticks for $3.80 which is not too bad but some items are a little smaller than usual skewers we see. They don’t have some of the usuals like golden enoki mushrooms and the chives felt like a low effort level dish where they blanched the veg and added some powder spices to give it some flavour.

Their chicken feet is sooo good. It’s 2 for $3.80 but the size is pretty big. And they are the ONLY Chinese skewer shop with 鸡中宝 which is basically the soft bone at the palm of the chicken feet. My favourite when I was living in China and can be found in almost all shaokao shops there but I have never ever seen it here till this place!! So I’m super overjoyed to find them again.

Their mixian is also one of the best I’ve had here in Singapore. I’m comparing to Chinese mixian which I used to eat a lot when I was living in China so this could be a bias on my end as it’s a comfort food for me. But the bite and texture is very good even for Chinese standards imo! I like their pig intestines one but Chinese do it a lot smellier so I don’t think it’s for everyone. ($11.80 for the noodles and good to share with 2 if you have skewers!)

More detailed review up on IG @canihaveabitepls


Surprisingly juicy and flavourful. Resembled that a little of what is served at wedding banquets but a very yummy version. I even dabaoed home the remaining cos it's so good I can't let it go to waste.

Probably the famed soup. For $30 it's a really small bowl. But I guess good for the been there done that? Tastes 10/10 quality soup too but I probably will not order again.

I wasn't expecting the food at dragon chamber to be this good. But almost every dish was a hit!

This was a simple dish but done very well. It reminded me of cai png but somehow elevated with lots of zhup. I will definitely return again.

Love Taiwanese mala soup as you can drink it. But probably not the best idea to get both peppery soups cos it was so spicy at the end for me.

Definitely not a cheap place for hotpot. It’s different from the usual haidilao as the soup are richer and comes with meat in the soup. The meat slices are expensive - but also one of the better ones I’ve had.

We spent about $300 for 5 pax. For similar style but cheaper I like txry. So probably will not return unless I want to have drinkable mala soup.

8.90 for 5 pieces. Slightly pricey but I will definitely order again if I’m in a group.

Very well cooked and well seasoned. Taste is nothing like what we can find here in singapore. I’m actually missing it now as I’m typing this....

12.90 for a bowl of guo qiao mixian which has preselected ingredients. We ordered one bowl each when we really shouldn’t. Were not expecting each bowl to be this big! I was struggling just to finish the ingredients.

I got the samgor special sour spicy soup in 1/10 and it was ok on the spicy level for me. Very interesting sour spicy soup which tbh was a little odd cos I can’t wrap my head around what it tastes like. That being said, i really liked it and very likely will order it again.

My dad got the mala at 1/5 spicy and for someone who can take spicy it’s really not a problem at all. The mala is really good too if you’re a fan of mala. Super fragrant but not overpowering nor oily.

My mum had the normal sour spicy which is also both bad but pales in comparison to mine. You can’t choose the spice level for the normal sour spicy soup.

Both my parents agreed that they will return for it so I would say it’s pretty good! But would suggest for small eaters to share one bowl instead.


I really liked this starter! The mantou was good and I loved the crust. The sauce is good and the eggplants were well marinated and tasty! I will re order this the next time I’m there again.

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Love their name! This was probably one of the best dishes that night. We ordered two servings of this! You really gotta look for the chicken pieces tho, there weren’t many but really juicy and crispy at the same time. It’s a must order for me.

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