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Exploration of food that is affordable and delicious!
Anna Du Toit
Anna Du Toit
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Love coming to crystal jade to eat with my family! Their dishes are so delicious but too bad the portions are quite small. However it is still affordable because their prices are worth it :) 🍥🍻

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Had such a great experience at Haidilao! Never fail to impress! First time trying their Mala broth and really liked the flavour of it, however, too much numbing sensation to properly enjoy the food so ended up not drinking the broth a lot. Will return though as the ambience is great and they offer free services such as manicure services etc.

Came here for a quick bite with a Friend and ordered their set meal which came with a ramen (I paid an additional $1 for an upsize as the set comes with a small ramen), edamame and salmon sushi. So worth it for the meal ($18). Ramen was amazing! The broth tasted very thick but didn’t make me feel nauseous at all, they also give generous portions of fatty char siew! However would’ve preferred some more flavour in the sushi roll, perhaps using sushi rice would be better :) will definitely be back!! :D


Came here for a bite to eat since I have the burpple 1-1. Really enjoyed their salted egg yolk soft shell crab pasta for its unique concept! Yet would’ve preferred it to have a stronger taste of the salted egg yolk as it would make the pasta more flavourful. It may just be my picky eater coming out, but the soft shell crab was quite difficult to eat and I ended up spitting quite a lot of the shell part out. The pizza on the other hand was soooo interesting I loved the crust and I usually don’t eat that part so this was really a plus for me! Also ordered a latte which came in a generous cup but went cold quite quickly! Food definitely on a higher price point but with Burpple 1-1 it’s very worth it (only ended up paying $13), would definitely come back :)

Such delicious food! Used my burpple 1-1 and saved $72!!! I’ve always been very picky with my ceviche especially when dealing with raw foods. However the ceviche (raw seafood) was absolutely divine. I had their olive octopus ceviche as well as their signature tiger milk fish ceviche, both ranging $22-$28. The portion of the olive ceviche was small when we received it but upon devouring the plate we could barely finish it (3-4 people!!) because the sauce was so thick and filling yet didn’t make us feel nauseous. For a lighter dish the tiger milk fish would be a better option as it uses a lighter sauce. Will definitely return, thus I’m praying #burpplebeyond will refresh the coupons! 😋😋

Was feeling rather peckish so decided to order their cheese and onsen egg takoyaki. The cheese takoyaki was divine but felt the cheese quality can be improved, however still delicious nonetheless. The onsen egg was a unique take at the classic takoyaki but took away from the crispness of the balls, becoming soggy after a few minutes. All in all I will definitely return as it is perfect for a light snack to fill you up for a decent price.

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